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Frequently asked questions

How much time can I expect to wait for my shipment to arrive?

From the moment of payment we need a no more than 2 days to prepare the shipment. Depending on the courier service you choose, depends delivery speed as well. For DHL courier service, it takes one day for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd delivery zone while with EMS courier it takes from 3 to 7 days.

When it comes to deliveries in Serbia, from the moment of sending the waiting period is one day for larger cities, while for some very small and remote ones a couple of days is needed because in these places the mailman does not come by every day. Serbian Post Office delivers packages on Saturdays as well, so you can expect your delivery up until 12:00 every day.

These are ideal conditions in which shipments are not subjects of customs procedures.

Is my shipment going to be stopped and detained by customs service?

We send each shipment with the statement indicating it is a gift of minimum value. Products are factory sealed with a protective foil and on each product there is a notion saying exactly what the content is. In 99% of cases, our shipments are not intercepted and charged by customs service but they are subject to control and can be inspected by customs officers.

Why is the price of DHL courier services so high?

Price of DHL service is so high because when determining the price of the services DHL does not take only the weight into account but also the volume of packages or volumetric weight. Whichever value is greater is considered the final price. Also another reason for the price to be high is the speed of delivery and other services provided by this international shipping service. In all EX YU countries products arrive in no more than one day.

Are the products I’m buying safe?

All products are imported and have passed quality tests and health safety checks. All products are original and manufactured by world famous pharmaceutical and nutritional companies. To be noted that we are not in charge of production, we import those products directly from the producers.

Why orders ordered outside Serbia must be paid in advance?

These orders must be paid in advance because there is no payment traffic between Serbia and other countries, and in that case courier whose shipping costs are very high is not capable of paying the money to us. DHL is the only one who provides this service but the fee for it is very high and we need to pay for it in advance, including shipping. In case the customer rejects the package or in any way changes its mind we are not able to charge our costs.

How to make an order?

You can make an order via our online store or telephone call. We recommend you place your order through online store because your data remains for the next order. Also there is the fact that it is a lot easier to keep track of your order and arrange delivery this way. Creating an account in our store gives you the chance of getting certain discounts and numerous other benefits.