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About us is an online store operating in the field of selling herbal supplements, nutritional products, vitamins and minerals. We are situated in Novi Sad, Ulica novosadskog sajma 42.

All the products we have in the store are tested in the original package as well. Products are not manufactured in Serbia, and our company is not a manufacturer but only further distributor and adviser for usage of herbal preparations.

Vitamins, nutritional products, minerals and products of plant origin are imported directly from well-known nutritional companies which produce mentioned products. Considering this fact any possibility of product counterfeiting is prevented.

Online Shop care about its customers and for us the most essential thing is you to be happy and satisfied with our services. We are giving our best to deliver the products you ordered in as little time as possible and also we have desire to ensure you with the highest quality products from the best producers from whole wide world.

We collaborate with great number of companies and individuals who work with alternative and conventional medicine so any suggestions on acquisition of new products are always warmly welcomed.

We always recommend customers to use medicines which would provide the optimal result for their particular physical condition or the segment of your health you want get better. All consultations and advisements are free of charge and we are constantly grateful for all the positive feedback related to good functioning of our products.

Various methods for treating and improving the patient condition are existent and there are always products for preventive purposes. With every purchase, we recommend you to contact us for advisement with our nutritional advisor. All products we sell have a specific purpose and are not randomly chosen. When properly combined they give extremely good results.


cms-img is also publishing brand new articles and novelties concerning medicine and alternative methods of treatment. On our site you will find many interesting news as well which are directly related to the fields of ecology, developing and improving the environment. All news are published and collected from reliable foreign sources or written by our authors. On our blog you can also find plenty of translated medical studies and trials which we publish and translate from world known foreign scientific journals.

Our team of translators and authors wants you to be, in every moment, provided with information about the latest methods of treatment, recent medical studies and the latest achievements in the field of medicine, alternative medicine and ecology. Stay informed with news.

For more information about our service and products please contact us at +381612938915 or via email



Purchasing can be done in our online store both on English and Serbian. Our company executes personal delivery on the territory of Novi Sad as well. Delivery on the territory of Serbia is done through Post Express services.
Delivery is executed worldwide via courier services DHL and EMS.
We have enabled our customers the best electronic payment systems including PayPal, Skrill, Western Union for the purpose of safe and fast money transfer as well as safe purchasing from the comfort of your home, without any need for going in the store personally.

In every moment our customer support can answer all your numerous questions. We have raised this service on the highest possible level by enabling you with communication via Skype, Viber, home telephone and mobile as well as the communication through e-mail and various social networks