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Countries in which products ordering and shipping is enabled:

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Spain, Finland, Greece, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, USA, Norway, Australia, Ireland, Israel, Romania, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Estonia, India, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria.


In Serbia, the delivery is executed via Post Express service provided by the state post.

When you enter all information required make sure to provide current and valid mobile phone so the post employees could contact you in the event of shipping. Also, in case we don't have some of the products in stock at given moment we will contact you to discuss the possible delay of sending and we will make sure the fastest delivery is provided.

Packages must be well sealed in a way no damage can occur. Of course if you notice any damage, contact us by following phone +38161-293-89-15

For shipments of larger value than 100 EUR, delivery is free.

International shipments

- Products are sent vie DHL international courier service and the price of delivery depends in all on the package weight and country to which the mentioned is sent.

- Shipments are rapidly delivered to the customers outside Serbia. Delivery speed depends on the distance and can differ from one to three days, depending on the zone in which you live.

- Shipments sent by DHL arrive in no more than one to two days in EX - YU countries while in other countries delivery goes from two to three days

-There is a cheaper option of shipping and that is the EMS mail. This way of shipping is a bit slower but on the other hand a lot cheaper than DHL service. Delivery speed can be between 4 and 7 days.

- Shipments are sent in no more than 2 days since the order payment. holds no responsibility in the event of not giving good information provided you enter an incorrect address or some other wrong information and delivery disables due to that cause.