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Payment systems


Payment is executed in the moment of reception of the shipment by courier service. Payments are carried out in dinars at the exchange rate on that day.



PayPal is one of best and most famous payment systems in the whole world with money transfers at extremely reasonable prices. Momentous payments are protected by the PayPal server on which all financial transactions are executed. For PayPal payment system, select the option offered on the payment page of our site. After a successful transaction is done specific confirmation will be put forward to your email.


Skrill or electronic payment is an option in Serbia and internationally. At very reasonable prices, transfers from only 0.9% + € 0.19 per transaction, with eval option Skrill is one of the cheapest online payment systems available. For payment via Skrill select the icon while ordering the product and later on you will be able to access the creation of account which is quite alike the paying with PayPal. At any time, on your online Skrill account you are in possibility of adding funds and through their accounts you can execute the payment in store. Skrill payment is not carried out on our website, instead it is executed on a secure Skrill server. 

Wester Union

Western Union payment can be done in any bank. During the payment you receive MTCN number. Western Union counters can be found in the majority of post offices or banks. Locations search for payment through Western Union can be found here

A copy of the payment sheet with the number you need to send on following email: or pass forward to us the number on 00381612938915 with specified number of order and the name of the purchaser.

After you successfully executed your order you will be able to see payment information on the conformation page, this information will be sent via email as well.

Bank wired

Bank wired or bank transfer payment system is the way of paying from the foreign currency account in euros onto our foreign currency account. This payment option is the longest lasting one of all mentioned above.

This payment method can be executed at your bank or online via e-banking. It is required to send us a copy of payment and transaction number.

After the order is successfully made, payment information put forward to you through email.