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Terms of use

1.Shop services store provides online shopping of large variety of herbal origin products and delivers them on the territory of Serbia and other countries in the shortest time possible. also obliges to provide free support through email or online support, and there is also telephone option available for customers and which will provide, in the interest of customers, the best option for the purchase, delivery and recommendation of certain products. Also our store’s staff provides nutritional support and suggestions for the users of our products.

2.User registration

To purchase anything in the store, registration of the customer is required. The customer can register through social networks (faster way) or through classic registering in which leaving all the necessary data is demanded.User is obliged to leave truthful data and not to present himself falsely. If we notice that users are registered under a false name or false data their accounts will be terminated.

3.Privacy protection policy

While registering and buying the user leaves the data which will be stored in the website database. obliges not to abuse information left by the customer, for the purpose of any marketing harassment unless the customer requested to receive information about all the news from our website.

Our shop obliges to keep information about all of our customers safe, it is also obliged to respect customer privacy and confidentiality while shopping. will reveal personal information and / or IP address in those cases:

- Collaboration in investigation of unlawful activities at the request of the official authorities;

- Identification of individuals participating in illegal activities, notices, agreements and contracts of, third parties rights or some other way of illegally using store.

 - The protection of property and copyrights

- On request or at the request of the esteemed customer.

4.Shopping in the store

When buying a product user is required to check the contents of baskets and products before confirming the purchase. Shop is not responsible for products bought and delivered by the customer’s mistake or wrong-doing.The purchaser is obligated to give truthful information for order and delivery. In case of not providing valid data store is not responsible for difficulties while delivering the product or not delivering it at all.In the event of not delivering the products because of the store’s mistake, we obligate to refund all shipping costs and deliver the product in shortest period of time possible.

5.Speed of the delivery

Delivery speed has nothing to do with store, it almost solely depends on the delivery service or if the order is in the customs is obligated to send all the products in no more than 2 days from the payment for abroad orders or 2 days from the moment of order in is obligated to provide all necessary documents to the customs if it’s required.

6.Return of the shipment

Shipment can be returned if it’s damaged or flawed or if the products sent are not the ones that were ordered.In the event of returning please contact us on +381612938915 or email with shipment number, waybill number and name, as well as the explanation why the shipment is returned.When the return of shipment happened due to an error of our store, it is possible to refund the cost of the entire shipment, including the transportation costs.


All copyrights are reserved by store. Any rights abuse such as copying the texts, images and content of the store will be resolved through legislation and legal means.Copying the content of the store or the website look is prohibited as well as the misuse or copying the logo for purposes of any kind.