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Cordyceps sinesis pure 525mg


koridceps 525

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Product cordiceps sinesis is the only true one on the market and a semi-finished product is produced nowhere else than Tibet. Cordyceps is a extremely good immunomodulator which boosts durability and strength of the body in a short period of time.

Quality guaranteed, tested in laboratory.

90 capsules

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 The mesmerizing Cordyceps mushroom called Cordyceps Sinensis is a type of parasitic fungus located essentially in the Tibetan highlands and Himalayan constituency amid the mountainous prairies. Cordyceps Sinensis has been labeled as a medication in the ancient books of Chinese and Tibetan medicine. This old-style medicine is also referred to as Caterpillar fungus and originates at heights exceeding 4500 meter in Sikkim-----a noncoastal Indian state situated in the Himalayan Mountains.


 The notion of Chinese Traditional Medicine


 The Caterpillar fungus has been consumed in Chinese medicines for many epochs as a remedial energizer.Despite the fact that the use of Cordyceps is known to have existed since the fourteenth century, it wasn't until the 1993 Olympics in Beijing, that this undisclosed weapon began getting a lot of consideration.  According to the trainer of the three Chinese track racers (who established new world histories during the Games) their achievement was not only due to rigorous training but also on account of the use of a tension- releasing energizer concocted from the Caterpillar fungus.


 Health benefits of Cordyceps Sinesis


1.It is frequently used as a common remedy for all kinds of issues such as toothaches, aches and pains in any part of the body.

2.Research experts have ascertained that Cordyceps Sinesis mends adenosine tri- phosphate (ATP) in our cells. This in turn increases our body's consumption of oxygen and the absorption of various nutrients. The result is a full improvement in our liveliness and endurances.

3.It is widely used for the reason of its energy boosting characteristics; therefore it is said to assist in doing away with lethargy and perk up the energy and vitality in the person who uses it.

4.It can treat any type of protracted illness as well as opium dependence.

5.It can treat dizziness and ringing in ears.

6.Cordyceps Sinesis helps with troubles such as cough, long-lasting bronchitis, bronchial asthma and other respiratory troubles.

7.It is declared to be remarkable for treatment of leprosy.

8.Its usage results in improved liver function, particularly in patients affected by Hepatitis B and Liver cirrhosis.

9.People with kidney complaints are observed to feel retrieval in the capacity of their kidneys, on account of its usage. Those afflicted with nocturia can also benefit from it.

10.Its use can have an encouraging impact on the wellness of our cardiovascular system. As testified by some investigations, it could be beneficial for treating several heart conditions e.g. irregular heartbeats. It supports us to improve our blood circulation and adjust our blood pressure by hindering the amount of bad cholesterol in our blood stream, triggering a better flow of blood flow and oxygen deliveries to the body and diminishing the likelihood of heart diseases and stroke.

11.It is also well-thought-out to be operative for womenfolk suffering from various menstrual problems such as distressing menses and disproportion menses.

12.It is deliberated to reinforce the immune system by galvanizing the N.K. cells and T-cells. It is even believed that Cordyceps Sinesis can intensify spleen restoration and eventually increase immunity, as the spleen holds an eminent status among the protective organs of the human body.

13.It also possesses anti-aging qualities.

14.Research scientists have revealed that the Caterpillar fungus possesses features of antibiotics also.

15.It is successful against the symptoms of diminished sexual desire besides other complaints of the procreative system. Lots of Chinese devour Caterpillar fungus for alleged medicinalcauses, or for the reason that they accept as true that it will boost male sexual energy. Moreover, those suffering from malignancy of breast or gastric carcinoma (stomach cancer) are really treated subsequent to consumption of 500 gram of caterpillar fungus. Males suffering from impotency and troubles of procreation are advised to simmer the fungus with a chicken to prepare a soup, and drink it one time every week. As a result, not only will they become sexually resilient, but are sure to have a splendid sex life with no difficulties in generating a child.

16.The caterpillar fungus comprises the following constituents:

Vitamin A, Zinc, Extracellular polysaccharides, Intracellular polysaccharides, Cordycepin, Adenosin, Mannitol, Sterols, Cordymin, Myriocin, Melanin, Lovastatin, Cordysinins, Gamma aminobutyric acid


The anticancer properties of Cordyceps Sinesis


Given that this fungus has been revealed to yield some powerful anticancer mediators, therefore it is known to possess anti-metastic properties. It assists those with immune insufficiencies by motivating particular cells and chemicals in the immune system. There is a definite indication that it also plays a part in decreasing the dimension and quantity of malignant growths in the body. Some researchers have established that the fungus displays tumor subduing features and also hinders the propagation of lung cancer cells.Hardly a few years back, have research investigations conducted by scientists at the University of Nottingham exposed that cordycepin---a drug derived from the caterpillar fungus displays potential as an anti- malignant medicine. The reason for this is that cordycepin is a potent anti-inflammatory drug; given that not only is inflammation, the normal response of the body to harmful provocations but is also a fundamental fragment of the resistant system of the body. Malignancy as we all know is the result of disorganized regulation of inflammation of the body. Cordycepin functions by interrupting the manufacture of messenger RNAs. By stopping the production of mRNAs, cordycepin generates a trivial cellular reaction. 


The  medicinal powers of Cordyceps Sinesis supplements


Many biotechnology companies have efficaciously nurtured this fungus, using their state-of- the-art skills. The significant aspect of these supplements or dietary additives is that they are more potent and consistent than the wild variety. Unlike the rough and barren fungus, they are cost- effective and can be taken regularly in reasonable amounts. Supplement producers are able to acquire an adequate amount of the product to trade because Cordyceps replicates in the research laboratory. They indeed are a universal cure for the damages incurred by advanced years, for health matters extending from contamination to swelling, tiredness to mucus to malignancy. Exposed in temperature-regulated glass containers, the premier quality caterpillars are utilized in the supplements. A bottle of a supplement of this fungus is no less than a paragon package of health.


Method of use:


Take one capsule once or twice daily.

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Cordyceps sinesis pure 525mg

Cordyceps sinesis pure 525mg

Product cordiceps sinesis is the only true one on the market and a semi-finished product is produced nowhere else than Tibet. Cordyceps is a extremely good immunomodulator which boosts durability and strength of the body in a short period of time.

Quality guaranteed, tested in laboratory.

90 capsules

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