14 Best Ways to Lose Weight

Every year, millions of people make desperate New Year’s weight loss resolutions. For first three months people starve themselves and till spring, it all comes back with a gain. By the sixth month of that desperate resolution year, they give up and just accept to be destined as overweight.

Obesity and over weight is a problem of every tenth man on global and every 2nd man in western countries. It has to be considered a hazard as it shortens life and lowers its quality. Continuous research and studies are carried out to tackle this problem which finally resolute as every human has their own metabolism and fat storage system, therefore not every diet is suitable for every man. However a new science of nutritional genetics revealed how we can turn off our fat genes which tend to lose weight automatically. This is called 14 ways to lose weight in 14 days. 

1. Take a Brisk Morning Walk

The a.m. ritual surely works on two levels. The early morning sunlight reduces the risk of weight gain by synchronizing into your metabolism and reduces fat genes. Secondly, the physical activity before breakfast is like you are burning calorie in fastest state. You will use up all the energy stored in form of fats in your body, instead of using energy from the food you eat.

2. Have Oatmeal in Breakfast

Oatmeal is enriched with fiber and energy booster nutrition. It will give a good amount of energy required for the day and helps in losing all that cholesterol due to it insoluble fiber and provided nourishment to the healthy gut bacteria–surely satisfies the sweet tooth of you too. Best way to have it is top your cooked oatmeal with some fruits and honey. A Canadian study revealed that the insoluble fiber diet rise the levels of a hormone named gherlin that is responsible of controlling hunger.

3. Eat Red fruits

While you are on your New Year resolution, have red fruits instead of other as they are higher in levels of flavonoids –the compound responsible to give red fruits its color and helps in slowing down fat-storage cycle. Cherries, red grapes, water melon, plums and strawberries can trigger phenolic compounds that are found effective in revising the fat genes.

4. Avocado and Apple–the wonder weight loss fruits

Avocado comes with monounsaturated fats –the healthy nutition for your heart and diffuses the hunger switches. Eating avocado as your midday snack can help you lose belly fat faster.

An apple on the other hand contains the advantage of being red fruit and brings a different aspect to your weight loss plan. Due its chemical composition, it takes more calories to digest than it contains. This factor leads to lower the hunger switch and give you a full feeling for hours. With apple your body burns calories more.

5. The Veggie Smoothie as your diet supplement

Proteins are essential for building muscles and losing fats stored. It is recommended that instead of going toward commercial drinks, use fresh veggie smoothie as your fat-burning supplement which gives you all the goodness of protein and nutrition without bloating your belly.

6. Eggs for Energy

Farm fresh eggs are enriched in Choline. It is a micronutrient that can enhance the muscle building property of your body. Try having eggs in breakfast for 3 weeks and see the result for yourself.

7. Magic Drink

Flush all the toxins and stimulate your liver enzymes with Instead of spending huge capital on commercial weight loss drinks and teas, you can make a simple green tea with few drops of lemon for yourself which can work to enhance your metabolism and regulates your immune system. Those who are not much fond of green tea can make “weight loss spa water” every morning, by filling a large water jug with fresh water and adding whole sliced lemons and grape fruits. This water should make at least 12 glasses and you should end it up by the night. 

8. Add the goodness of protein bar

While you feel a bit lethargic and crave for those commercial mixes , think of the extra sugars, whey, oils, and salt that can only increase the flab and ruin all your weight loss strategy. For that crave you can combine your desired selection of unsweetened and unsalted dried fruits, dark chocolate chunks and if you are not allergic, add peanuts to get micronutrients that helps in diminishing the fat storage genes.

 9. routine-adjustable Workouts

Taking the time out for workouts from your hectic routine with 1 hour of gym and then shower and dressing-up gradually slower your enthusiasm towards your weight loss regime. And you can skip workouts from it –we have the best solution for it. Try squeezing sit-ups before dinner in your home. The half hour stretch and sit-up workout for six weeks will get you in shape without the hassle of gym.

10. Weight Loss Supplements –think again

Commercial weight loss supplements are effective till their usage. Just as you end up using them, you will gain more than previous. A simple B-complex multivitamin is enough for your daily supply of probiotics and vitamin. But excessive of multivitamins lessens your immune system and kills healthy gut bacteria, so use wisely.

11. Avoid Synthetic food

Synthetic food is never good for your health, gut and metabolism. If you are in desperate for it, you can have a cheat meal once a month, the only thing you have to do is to keep it low in artificial flavors.

12. Go Green 

Vegetables are the best source of minerals and vitamins. All they do is to give good health to your body. Salads are the best choice for weight loss regimes. To make it healthier, avoid commercial salad dressings and make your own by adding apple cider vinegar, pinch of salt and crushed black pepper into olive oil. Drizzle this salad dressing on your boiled chicken and green vegetables salad for dinner and feel its taste with the glooming health.

13. White Meat –the Beat weight loss protein

Fish is a very good source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fats. It is the lean meat that can reduce fats and boost metabolism. However, it is recommended to use wild catches instead of farm fiches. Farm fish are breed on synthetic feed which cannot bring the desired results of yours.

14. Homemade instead of commercial food

Cooking your meal at home is the basic of avoiding all the additives, preservatives and extra oils, sugars and salts that you can end up in your belly from all that commercial food. Use sunflower oil or olive in your cooking, fresh vegetables and good spices and you will never have the problem of being overweight.

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