Alzheimer’s and Dementia


Alzheimer’s is an ailment that deprives individuals of intellectual abilities. It is the only ailment in the uppermost ten that have no treatment, no avoidance, and no U-turn. It is

Alzheimer’s is not an obvious disease, but is a group of symptoms of which there are diverse causes. A number of reasons that cause Alzheimer’s consist of the following:

Huge quantities of microorganisms in the body which expel highly acidic excreta which serve to obstruct the message system of the brain

Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, aluminum etc.

It may not be out of place to mention here that the sources of mercury are dental amalgamations, consumption of fish and shell fish {which tend to store mercury in their bodies in the form of methyl mercury which is a highly poisonous compound of mercury} vaccinations, etc. Lead is present in chocolates whereas other heavy metals may originate from well water.

Aluminum originates from immunizations or other resources.

A four year investigation observed 535 personnel, who had eight years of work-related contact with lead. Not only were the blood and bone levels of lead calculated, but neural examinations were carried out and contrasted with one hundred and eighteen persons{from the same locality} who were exposed to lead. It was found that the workforces related with lead, had greater deteriorations in test marks as well as normal age-linked degenerations in performance of their brain.

Another cause was found to be Over the Counter Drugs and Chemicals {especially Aspirin and Tylenol }


 STEP (STriatal-Enriched protein tyrosine Phosphatase) is a neuron-specific phosphatase that controls N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) and α-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionicacid receptor (AMPAR) operating, as well as other activities. STEP is overexcited in numerous neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative complaints, counting Alzheimer’s disease.

Anything that hampers the signals of brain.


Exhaustion of the system of bodily resistance by microorganisms and other bugs in the organs

Illegitimate medicines

Certain recommended medicines

Food rich in bad fats (such as trans-fatty acids) and stumpy in good fats (such as omega-3).

Nutrition containing an abundance of polished foods and refined sugar. As a matter of fact Alzheimer’s has been hesitantly nicknamed type 3 diabetes mellitus. Though our brain creates insulin needed for the persistence of our brain cells, yet a lethal protein known as ADDL{amyloid beta-derived diffusible ligands}  eliminates insulin receptors from nerve cells, and in so doing makes those neurons insulin resilient, and as ADDLs assemble, our memory starts to decline.

Aspartame, Monosodium Glutamate, Human Papilloma Virus, cysteine and other contaminants

Deficiency of magnesium and other necessary minerals/vitamins.

Add-ons {Supplements} to be taken every day for avoidance of Alzheimer’s and forgetfulness

Here is a list of add-ons or supplements to be taken day-to-day when remembrance and recollection is a concern.

Coconut Oil and Zinc supplements:The human brain requires wholesome fats

Mineral water: The human brain needs minerals

Two eggs every day: The human brain necessitates good cholesterol on a daily basis and the egg yolk is the best source of good cholesterol

Turmeric: It has been verified to reinforce brain cells.

Purple Grape Juice: Preferably organic ones are good for brain’s health

MSM: Brain requires MSM{Methylsulfonylmethane}

LIPH: It acts to slaughter the microorganisms

Vitamin C and D: Brain also needs vitamin C and D

Ginkgo Biloba: Not only does it mend intellectual functioning but also defend against

Iodine Supplements such as kelp, Potassium Iodide etc.

Fish Oil Supplements

Cod Liver Oil: One tablespoonful each day is sufficient

Folic Acid : It cleans the junk out of our body cells

Colloidal Silver: It executes microbes in the bloodstream

Magnesium Supplement: In the form of Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc supplement

Chromium Pollinate:

Vitamins of the B-complex family: Examples are Vitamin B1, B2,B3, B12

Bacoba: A herb that serves as a treatment for memory problems

Beta-1, 3D Glucan(it is good for boosting your immune system)

Clorox Bath: It is a home-made detox bath and is used as a remedy that can assist to radically lessen the infections {especially those caused by staphylococcus aureus} and conceivably decrease the need for antibiotics.

Sweating: can also remove some toxins from the body, provided the technique being used is safe for the patient.

Ozone therapy: An unmatched technique of oxygenation; essentially ozone reestablishes oxygen permeation to the tissues of the body. With any type of sickness, the levels of oxygen drop and if they rundown forty percent less than normal, many health problems crop up. Not only is ozone therapy an unsurpassed manner of oxygenation but is a partner of hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

 Food Allergies: A known cause of brain evils is food allergies. In order to assess one’s food allergies, you should go on a very limiting diet which comprises foodstuffs which you do not customarily consume. This is for the reason that one or more of the foods you desire may turn out to be the root cause of the evil.

Chelation: A technique of eradicating particular heavy metals from the
blood circulation, used specially in handling lead or mercury poisoning.

An extra approach is to chelate mercury and aluminum from the brain since  these are a principal cause of Dementia and Alzheimer’s in the majority of cases.

Following is a list of these substances:



Both Chlorella and Cilantro are able to remove almost eighty percent of harmful substances e.g.  Heavy metals.

Lithium orotate—a salt of orotic acid and lithium

Chelation with EDTA{Ethylenediaminetetraaceticacid}

Memory hitches

 A malignancy research scientist recurrently tested the security of investigational items on himself. However, while doing so, he completely underrated the authority of one item which was employed to exterminate microorganisms in water treatment factories.

He was analyzing its role for his sinusitis and placed nine drops of this item in a quart bottle {32 ounces} and thought it was a very small dose and that he would require more than nine drops before it would become operational.He was mistaken because he found …………………….the quantity of this product sufficient enough to slaughter billions of microbes.

Not identifying how powerful this item was, he placed some water from the quart bottle in a nasal nebulizer and spewed it up his nose. What he experienced was a huge amount of excessive forgetfulness and a feeling as if his brain was lifeless.

What actually happened was that this item murdered substantial numbers of microorganisms {which while dying broke apart filling his brain with excrement of microbes.} Not only were these excrements found to be exceedingly acidic but also choked up his brain. He also discovered that the brain does not merely passes signals via chemical reactions but also interconnects through electrical influences. The feces of microbes instigate damage by mingling with the blood and are very valuable at hindering brain signaling and go to the extent of liquefying the nerves. Even if the body reconstructs these nerves yet missing memory is never re-established.  

The criminal microorganisms

Chlamydia, pneumoniaand Helicobacter pyloriare the criminal microorganisms that can trigger Alzheimer’s. Also, Herpes simplex virus 1 is connected with Alzheimer’s disease in persons who retain the APOE4 form of the APOE gene (APOE4 permits the herpes virus to go into the brain).The excreta of the protozoan Toxoplasma gondiihas been also been allied with Alzheimer’s. These microbes predominantly subsist in the liver which serves as a raising arena for them. Their discarded excreta are distributed by means of the blood circulation and also reach the brain.  As a matter of fact, the brain of Alzheimer’s patients is factually drenched with innumerable excreta. In the presence of all these lethal substances, it is not less than a miracle that you brain is able to operate.

How to do away with these microorganisms and their lethal substances?

There are two most important techniques:

  1. The first technique is the Photon Protocol—a directed approach that converges on the particular microorganisms which cause the Alzheimer’s disease.

A liver flush is part of the Photon Protocol, and as such it becomes essential if an individual does not use both the Photon Protocol and the Bob Beck Protocol. The Bob Beck Protocol is very low-priced and some of its essentials can essentially be prepared at home. This procedure unquestionably scrubs the microbes from the blood and is meant to support Alzheimer’s patients impressively, but it may not do away with some of the chief liver bugs.

Jointly with the Bob Beck Protocol, a liver cleanse as well as a gallbladder cleanse works wonders. The gallbladder cleanse is essential to safeguard the gallbladder from what is cleared out of the liver.

  1. The second technique is the Bob Beck Protocol—an approach that launders the blood of microorganisms not like something else on earth.

Ed Skilling —- an innovator scholar and discoverer in electro medicine

A unique approach to accord with the microbes is to work with the Ed Skilling Institute. By means of a talking session they can identify the specific causes of Alzheimer’s. If the unruly is mycotoxins, they will probably endorse a Photon Protocol (which is generally used for malignancy)

There are two Ed Skilling strategies, the Photon Genie {about $4k} and the Photon Genius {about $25k.}  The Photon Genie can be positioned under the air bed at night or be fastened to the body, even when chauffeuring. It can factually be used round the clock in order to invigorate cells and perform additional affairs.

 The Photon Genius is six feet in height and five feet in width. It is really a powered up Photon Genie (The Skilling Institute refers to it as a Photon Genie on steroids), but then again it essentially does other elements for instance infra-red.

Owing to its authority and magnitude, the Photon Genius is immobile and needs a 40-amp steadfast trail.

Since not only is the Photon Genie an all-rounder device but can assist to stimulate nerves, therefore if an individual or a residential institution {where old people are cared for} procures a Photon Genius, they should also buy a Photon Genie.

 However, it is better to initially have a discussion with the Ed Skilling Institute to discover the core cause of the Alzheimer’s.The discussion/chatting session will evaluate the exactly cause of Alzheimer’s.

Vitamin D in relation to Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia

You are therefore recommended to use 5,000 International Units each day. During a study, the researchers observed 1,658 grownups aged 65 or more and tracked them for six years. None of them suffered from dementia, cardiovascular ailments or stroke when the research started.

It was found that:

Those who were reasonably lacking in vitamin D had a 53% advanced danger of acquiring dementia of any variety; also they were more expected to acquire the ailment.

 The danger rose steeply to 125 percent among those who were rigorously undersupplied with vitamin D.The researches declared that intake of vitamin D assists to inhibit dementia and Alzheimer’s.

ALDEHYDES and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Aldehydes are the organic compounds that are formed by the oxidation of alcohols for example Ethanal, also known as Acetaldehyde {a pale impulsive liquid aldehyde acquired by oxidizing ethanol} appears to strengthen the symptoms of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis—- an gradual
ailment that distresses nerve cells in the brain and the spinal

Your diet has a lot to do in order to deal with Alzheimer’s

The following should absolutely be removed from your diet as well as the diet of a person distressed with Alzheimer’s disease:

o   Aspartame

o    MSG

o    Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP)

o    Cysteine

o    Others

The probiotics and the Alzheimer’s disease

Besides doing away with evil microorganisms and their discarded excreta, it is also compulsory to accumulate the good microorganisms in the body. Soon after doing away with bad microorganisms, one should use a probiotic so as to acquire good microbes back into the body. Although the discarded excreta of the good microbes are not essentially alkaline, yet they do generate a good milieu in the brain.

The aluminum containers and the plastic bottles

All aluminum containers and pots should be eradicated from your house; all plastic should be eliminated. Also be aware of the fact that the base of all plastic containers is a trio with a number in it.You should never drink a product from a plastic bottle with a number of 3 or more. Merely a 1 or 2 are beneficial for you.  In case, there is no trio with a number, you should never use it.Besides all this, mildew and mold should also be slayed by using numerous supplements.

 You ought to do away with all sugar, polished flour and dairy merchandises from your diet.


The media works to make the general public sightless and prohibits them from identifying what goes on inside

As far as Alzheimer’s (or any disease in which the intellectual function is compromised) is concerned, something serves to hinder cellular liveliness in the brain cells That something could be aluminum, mercury, microorganisms in the liver etc. Identify that something and try to avoid it.

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