Astragalus and malignancy

Astragalus is among the hefty types of herbs and minor vegetation, having its place in the legume clan Fabaceae and the sub-clan Faboideae. It is the leading genre of plants in terms of designated types and develops up to three feet in height. It is an antique Chinese herb known as ‘huang qi’ which denotes ‘yellow leader’ owing to the fact that its yellow root has several remedial uses.

This herb is found in the following countries:

  • Mongolia
  • Korea
  • China

This fantastic herb has been used in old-fashioned Chinese medicine for very many years. Chinese reports reveal that Astragalus mends the value of life and the general resistance of patients (afflicted with malignancy) undertaking chemotherapy.

The roots of the Astragalus plant are supposed to motivate the creation of interferon a vital chemical that prompts the appropriate performance of the defense system of the human body. The same chemical is also operative in combating cell metamorphosis and growth of malignancy.

The mode of operation of Astragalus:

According to a research investigation carried out at the University of Texas, Astragalus has been found to be an herb which permits the following to be acquired by the locating system of the system of resistance of the human body (the immune system)



Malignant cells

Furthermore Astragalus is able to reestablish the defense task of the body in almost ninety percent of the patients afflicted with malignancy.

This potent non-explicit modifier of the defense system controls the resistance of the body by aggregating the numbers and action of macrophages the wandering white blood cells that consume the assaulting microbes.

Results of research investigations:

When an individual is detected to be plagued with malignancy, the undulation influence on the rest of his/her health can frequently source more suffering than the ailment. It is here that the old-fashioned medicine comes into play.

All through the course of a research investigation performed in the US, the investigators explored the influence of Astragalus on patients plagued with malignancy (and with their respective immune systems put in jeopardy) owing to the chemotherapy they had received. Those who were administered Astragalus supplements underwent a quicker rescue and upgraded existence. Similarly, during a research investigation carried out in Italy, those individuals who were afflicted with malignancy of breast were provided a mishmash of ligustrum and astragalus; they displayed drop in death rates from 50 percent to 10 percent.

Researchers surveyed the influence of Astragalus among patients with tiredness which was associated with malignancy. They learned that the band of individuals who was in receipt of unpolluted Astragalus extract displayed noteworthy progresses; the researchers thereby established that Astragalus is a favorable helper remedy for patients troubled with malignancy and the patients distressed with malignancy, who make use of Astragalus twice over their chances of existence.

When cancer patients go through chemotherapy, most frequently, the medications used cause the body to create a smaller amount red and white blood cells. This causes cancer patients to become more vulnerable to septicity and overall sickness that can rapidly become severe.

Astragalus permits the human body to do the following:

Upsurge its count of white blood cells

Create more antibodies

Yield natural eradicator cells

Reinforce its antiviral defense

Intensify the production of interferon

Established on investigation piloted at the University of Houston, the use of Astragalus augments the capability of T-cells and NK cells to terminate cancerous lumps. It triggers interleukin-2, which slays malignant cells and aids dismiss the undesirable effects of chemotherapy.

Dosage of Astragalus:

Astragalus is available in numerous diverse forms, such as:



Liquid alcohol extract

Injectable formulae

Topical formulae

The commended dose of Astragalus is one gram to thirty grams of powdered root every day, in the capsule form.

Though the intake of Astragalus is usually thought to be harmless, yet it is imperative to seek the advice of your doctor prior to start using it.

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