Body cleanse within 10 days

In the following text, I’m going to explain how you can cleanse your body and which food you can eat for this purpose. Body cleanse can also be used by people who want to lose weight because this kind of procedure is extremely efficaciousfor weight loss, fat loss, and also for detoxification of the body. Send this page to your friends, family or anyone who wants to cleanse the body and initiate to attach to the elementary rules of healthy subsistence. The very first step to weight loss is detoxification, elimination of toxins from the entire body. Toxins collect and store in fat cells and it is very perplexing to get rif of them from the body. In this program, we will concentrate on weight loss and also on detoxification of the body, which will increase the energy in your body and speed up many metabolic processes, ameliorate your health and increase the quality of your life. Fresh greens are very salutary and healing. You will detoxify your body by eliminating certain food within ten days. With this protocol you will never have to count how many calories you have entered and to measure your food. By entering healthy food, your body will create all system processes for weight loss by itself.

The ten-day plan for body cleanse; systems and stages in this protocol:

– Full cleansing – enter only green shakes, snacks, water / tea

– Customized cleansing – enter two green shakes for breakfast and lunch, a meal for dinner. Snacks, water / tea

– Cleansing break

– Repeat and keep up with cleansing

– Continued weight loss.

A full cleansing

This part of the diet and food intake, consist of three types of food shakes or porridge, snacks and water / tea. Through this model you will increase the vitality of the body and lose between 5 and 7 kilograms. Do not stay on this treatment longer than two weeks.

Greens for the shakes that should be used during this diet: All ingredients should be fresh and so you consume them. Use only the green leaves of vegetables, fruit and water. Use dark green leafy vegetables: arugula, green beetroot, carrot leaves, swiss chard, kale, dandelion, green, send, cabbage, parsley, spinach, watercress.

By removing the stems, you will achieve a better taste. Circle all the greens in the diet so you do not increase the concentration of certain harmful alkaloids. Green shakes may be consist of about 40% of the leaves as a source of protein. If you feel a greater requisite for protein because of heavy training or high physical activity, you can add a tablespoon of powdered protein sports in your blender when you are making shakes. This quantity should be used once a day. These shakes will help in speeding up your metabolism. Make the mixture without milk and use the protein powder that is of vegetable origin of rice, soy, hemp and not of whey protein powder that is derived from cow’s milk. All of these proteins can be found in nutritional stores. Add fruits: apples, bananas, blueberries, grapefruit, mango, peach, pineapple, strawberry. If you are diabetic or have Candida, using fruits with a low concentration of sugar, check your blood sugar. Consult a physician before this diet. Fruit with a low concentration of sugar that are recommended are: apples, grapefruit, lemon, cherry, blueberry and plum. Fruit with a middle concentration of sugar are: peaches, oranges, apples, pomegranates and plums. Fruits with high sugar concentration are: apricot, melon, kiwi, mango, papaya, banana, pineapple, dates, figs, dried and fresh grapes. Do not include too much fruit.

Fruit can be fresh or frozen. Use ripe fruit, if it’s not ripe let it ripen before you put it in the blender. Superfood can also be added, such as acai berries and poppy. Ground flaxseed can be used in the diet. Stevia is used as a sweetener in this diet. Use organically produced food as much as possible. If it’s possible, find a permanent source of organic foods, fruits and vegetables and properly wash foods from pesticides under running water. You can also use ozonizers for even better washing fruits and vegetables. Use bottled water when you’re making your shakes and also use it fordrinking.

Instructions for green shakes and their usage:

Every day drink two liters of shakes that are made of greens. Use shakes of the above written fruits and vegetables, and not juices. Puree or shakes have more fiber than juice in itself. The fibers are exceptionally good for the digestive tract. Prepare enough shake for the whole day in the morning and, if it’s necessary, a certain amount to carry with you. Keep these shakes in refrigerator as much as possible. Drink 1/3 of your daily dose every 3-4 hours or diminish the time gaps if you become really hungry. Chew your shake-porridge food as much as possible to avoid gases in the stomach as well as bloating. It is very consequential that you enter them every three or four hours in order to maintain your metabolism running. You will bring down the need for food but again you will in this way put in fuel into your body while maintaining a level of energy that is needful for your daily activities. Use the blender (1000 watts of power) to make a shake porridge. You can nibble on apples, celery, carrot, cucumber during the day. Other high-protein snacks are unsweetened peanut butter, hard-boiled eggs and various seeds (eat them in slightly quantities).

Day-to-day procedure:

Commence each day by drinking several glasses of water to compensate for fluid that you lose while sleeping and to hydrate the body. Drink a cup of tea of your choice to detoxify your liver and kidneys. Add stevia as a sweetener. It is significant to drink plenty of water during the purification of the body. Drink at least 8 glasses a day; in this protocol can as well be included various types of fruit tea. For the first few days you will feel hunger and it will annoy you. Take some snacks to trick the hunger and stick to strict diet. If you’re snacking on anything you will not lose a lot of weight.

Detoxification symptoms are headache, nausea, fatigue, muscle aches, and sometimes skin rashes, irritability. If the symptoms are very intense then apply the following: Change the proportion of fruit and greens – at the beginning eat 30% of greens and 70% of fruits and as condition ameliorates, change this with consuming more greens and less fruit. Hydrate yourself – drink plenty of water to improve the cleansing process. Progressively adapt your body to this feeding system. Start with a breakfast of green shakes and healthy main meal of salad for lunch. Avoid sugar, meat, dairy products. On the second day take a green smoothie for breakfast and lunch and salad for dinner. And on the third day take green shakes that you will drink the whole day.

Food that is avoided during the full cleansing:

Avoid potatoes and vegetables without green leaves.

Avoid refined foods such as refined sugar, refined pate, white bread.

Avoid meat and dairy products.

Avoid products that will make you dehydrate: coffee, beer, and soda.

Customized cleansing

Customized cleansing is contained of two green shakes or purees, one for breakfast and one for dinner and a very healthy meal for dinner, snacks, water / tea. Customized cleansing is used by people who are not able to endure the full cleaning all 10 days or those people who do not want to lose too much weight or want to detoxify the body. Losing weight will not be as visible as in the full cleansing but you can expect to lose weight between 2.5 and 5 kilograms in the first 10 days. The same food is consumed as with the protocol above but there are some differences which I’m going to mention. For breakfast and lunch, two green milkshake and a healthy evening meal. It is recommended to take the green shake in the morning and evening, a healthy meal for dinner, but you can substitute places, it is important that you follow the two shakes and one meal a day. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Drink tea each morning. A healthy meal that you eat once a day may include a salad, boiled vegetables, fish or chicken. Food that should be avoided is identical as in the full cleansing.

Cleansing intermission

Don’t eat solid food right away after cleansing. It takes 3 days for organism to adapt to former way of diet. Salads are very good for a beginning. Continue with drinking green shakes and watch your body and the impact of food on it. For the first two days of adjustment after cleansing, drink a green shake for breakfast, and for lunch and dinner, eat a salad with steamed vegetables. The goal is to enter the food that is easy to digest. If you immediately start to enter solid food, your stomach will be bloated and you maybe feel the cramps. On the third day you can start with a green shake and easy-to-digest meals, salads and healthy meals that we have already mentioned in the previous text. On the fourth day you can start entering solid food but make sure that at the beginning, your meals are easy to digest. It is a good habit to start every morning with green shake for breakfast in order to maintain weight loss if that was the aim of this method of cleansing the body. Only one green shake a day in exchange for a meal will improve your health and help you to get rid of excess weight. It will shake up your metabolism and accelerate it and will also give you more energy for the tasks you perform during the day.

Repetition and continuing with the cleansing

It’s recommended that full cleansing take longer than 14 days. If you keep up to run the risk that you slow down your metabolism so you need to make a break with this treatment and re-start solid food intake. If you continue to run the risk to slow down your metabolism, it is necessary to take a break with this treatment and re-start solid food intake. In the following, we will explain how to successfully reduce overmeasure weight after interruption program of full cleansing. This treatment is only the beginning of the program for weight loss. After the 10 days of cleansing, the loss of two kilograms a week is normal and healthy, all over that can cause serious health problems and is not healthy for your body. Detoxification should not be used as a long-term diet, it is only a prelude to a diet for weight loss.

How to carry on with weight loss after ten days of cleansing

To continue with the loss of one kilogram a week, combine the 2 green shakes a day and a healthy high protein meal. Other recommendations for weight loss:

Eat a large portion of salad every day which contains a lot of vegetables and greens. Drink a minimum of one green shake every day. You can add proteins, spirulina, coconut oil and pollen to enhance the immune system. Take proteins with every meal. Even if you are eating carbohydrates, take proteins with them. The rule is that have to be 50% of the proteins compared to the entries of the carbohydrates.

Avoid sugar, salt and unhealthy fats.

Limit the intake of red meat to 2-3 times a week,

Enter at least 30 grams of fiber a day.

Eat 4-5 times a day.

Buy organic foods as much as possible.

Drink plenty of clean water.

Drink more green tea instead of coffee.

Do not get too upset!

Weight loss – what to eat to reduce weight.

Animal proteins:

Fishermen catfish, bass, halibut, herring, sardines, shrimp, trout, tuna, salmon.

Seafood – squid, mussels, lobster, oysters.

Birds – skinless chicken, turkey breast.


Asparaugus, avocados, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, garlic, zucchini, tomatoes, green peppers, radishes, peas, parsley, olives, mushrooms, lettuce, green beans, garlic.


Generally all the fruit is healthy. If you want to lose weight, and you are a diabetic, it is the best to consume fruit with lower sugar concentration.


Barley, buckwheat, coconut flour, oats, wild rice.

Seeds / legumes:

Black beans, beans, chickpeas, peas, white beans.

Dairy products:

Egg whites, almond milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, goat’s milk, vegetarian butter without milk.


Almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower.


Olive oil, coconut oil, fish oil, flaxseed oil, sesame oil.


Stevia, agave syrup, honey.


Apple cider vinegar, black pepper, hot pepper, onion, oregano, rosemary, thyme, turmeric.

This diet reduces the risk of allergy, constipation, intestinal slow, lack of energy, headache, insomnia, chronic pain, infection in the organism.

During the beginning of this diet, consult your doctor.

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