Coenzyme Q10 Stockholm Protocol

The Stockholm Protocol is concentrated on Co Q10.

It comprises the following on a daily basis:

1.2 grams of Gamma Linolenic Acid

3.5 grams of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

58 mg (32,248 International Unit) Beta Carotene

2.8 grams of Vitamin C (The Vitamin C in this course of therapy is pretty small, and should in all probability be in the scale of 12 grams (3 grams 4 times every day).

2500 International Units of Vitamin E

385 micro grams of Selenium

390 mg of CoQ10

Moreover, this treatment strategy should also take in a good multi-vitamin, which must take account of an extensive range of trace elements as well as Vitamins of the B-complex family. Other treatment strategies should be united with this strategy to support in exterminating malignant cells openly and discontinue the dissemination of malignancy.  

The miracle remedy called Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is a dynamic antioxidant material which is existent in almost each cell in the human body. It is responsible for creating cellular vitality. It may do the following tasks:

  • Supports your heart
  •  Helps to steady your Blood Pressure
  • Assists your system of immunity
  •  Performs as an antioxidant, offering vast defense against free radical injury
  • Performs as a rescue nutritious supplement having almost miracle remedy position
  •  Enriches cardiac wellness
  • Overturns many age related health difficulties
  • Performs as a health complement in an effort to lessen the possibility of acquiring most malignancies, diabetic problems, and coronary disease.

There are two ins and outs of consuming Coenzyme Q10 supplements:

  1. Your body creates a lesser amount of this as you grow old.
  2.  Your body needs the B vitamins (niacin, folic acid, and pyridoxine) to construct this nutrient, and majority of folks fail to acquire people an adequate quantity of these B vitamins.


The mode of working of Coenzyme Q10:

The antioxidant Coenzyme Q10 motivates the heart muscles and the immune system in numerous diverse ways, chiefly through elevated antibody levels, and bigger figures / undertakings of the phagocytic cells called macrophages and T lymphocytes that have to do with combating malignancy.

The chief thing that requires to be emphasized is the prescribed amount. In tryouts where the quantity was merely 90 mg, consequences were erratic. Nevertheless, when the prescribed amount was around 400-600 mg, and possibly greater, the outcomes were significant.

The CoQ10 Merchant:

In belated 1993, Dr. Folkers organized the main clinical trial of Co Q10 at a health center in Copenhagen, Denmark where Medics dealt with 32 patients plagued with radical, breast malignancy. Besides applicable surgery and orthodox treatment, each patient was granted 90 mg of CoQ10 every day. Every patient also obtained the following:

Additional vitamins



 Essential fatty acids

 While on this routine, six out of thirty-two patients displayed fractional tumor deteriorations, which were noteworthy in those who were afflicted with progressive malignancy. Subsequently in October 1993, a peculiar thing occurred i.e. one among these six ladies, augmented her prescribed amount from 90 to 390 mg every day. By the succeeding month, her medics penned the following facts, ‘The tumor was no more palpable and in the ensuing month, a mammogram ascertained the disappearance of her tumor. Afterward, another lady in the group also intensified her prescribed amount, to 300 mg. Her tumor also quickly disappeared and a clinical inspection displayed no indication of the previous residual tumor, or of remote secondary malignant growths at a distance from the primary site of tumor.’

 Antioxidants against malignancy

The significance of this study is dual:

Primarily, all such patients were administered chemotherapy alongside the Co-Q10.

Secondarily, the prescribed amounts of Co-Q10 administered by the medics were quite stumpy (90 mg).

Coenzyme Q10 motivates the immune systems, showing the way to greater levels of antibodies, superior numbers and/or undertakings of macrophages and T lymphocytes, and bigger opposition to infection.

Coenzyme Q10 also upsurges the levels of IgG antibodies as well as the CD4 to CD8 T-cell proportions. It may not be out of place to mention here that CD4 and CD8 are proteins found on the exterior of T lymphocytes. Decreased CD4 to CD8 T-cell proportions have been attested for patients afflicted with malignancy.

An ensuing investigation displayed a noteworthy affiliation between the level of plasma coenzyme Q10 insufficiency and prognosis of breast malignancy.

Depleted blood levels of this coenzyme Q 10 have been testified in patients plagued with the malignancies of the following types:

  • Breast
  • Myeloma
  • Lymphoma
  • Lung
  • Prostate
  •  Pancreas
  •  Colon
  •  Kidney
  •  Head and neck

CoQ10 liquefies in fat and is consequently most absorbable when consumed with a tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil.

A word about antioxidants:

An antioxidant is a bit that inhibits the oxidation of other particles in biological arrangements. Oxidation includes a comprehensive variety of chemical reactions and alterations, e.g. the scorching of fuel, the corroding of metal. In natural science, oxidation reactions include both essential reactions, e.g. the sweltering of foods for energy, the breakdown of several chemicals, the oxidative stress etc.

Antioxidants assist the body utilize oxygen more powerfully.


 Although Coenzyme Q10, on its own can cause malignancy cutback, yet almost every single study with Co-Q10 implicated collaborating Co-Q10 with chemotherapy, hence commanding miscellaneous results. The Stockholm protocol could easily be united with the Budwig diet.

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