Dandelion root can cure cancer

Dandelion is not difficult to find in our area so it would be worth to know its medicinal properties. Dandelion as a medicament for the first time comes to light in the writings of Arab doctors in the 10th and 11th century. Today in many parts of the world this herb is used for eating and treating various diseases. The plant is eatable in the whole (root, stem, leaves and flower), so numerous traditional folk recipes are existent which include some parts of the dandelion. Dandelion (Taraxacum) belongs to plant genus of the family Asteraceae. Dandelion includes perennial herbaceous plants with yellow flower heads complex behind a great number of tubular and ligulate flowers.

It was once believed that the root of dandelion is extremely beneficial for the weak stomach. But during the scientific research, especially in England, it has been proven that, besides strengthening the stomach, this herb has influence on the liver and bile secretion because it’s helping in better gall bladder squeezing and thereby injects larger amounts of bile in the intestine. Even the French physician-scientist Leclerc claims that in patients with clogged or diseased bile ducts dandelion helps in bile passing through ducts in the intestine, and in the same way sand and stones passing from the bile. At the same time, it also heals the damaged liver. In the light of all of this, it can be concluded that dandelion can eradicate the gallbladder attacks and better the overall state of the liver and bile ducts.

Furthermore, according to new scientific research, dandelion root cures cancer! Yes, you have read that right. To be specific, Marijan Jost, one of the leading experts in the field of genetics and plant breeding in the region, claims that there are studies that prove that dandelion kills malignant cells in the human body. He added that it was previously known that  tonic of dandelion has beneficial effect on the liver but the fact that it can cure cancer was discovered recently at the University of Windsor in Canada. Dr. Caroline Hamm of the aforementioned university while examining blood samples of patients with leukemia, found that dandelion root extract destroys leukemia cells, while on normal cells there’s no deleterious effect. In other words, dandelion root extract seemed detrimental only to cancer cells, unlike today accepted methods of chemotherapy or radiation which kill all cells. Even the researchers from the university applied for Canadian authorization in order to continue with clinical trials, but it is very likely that these positive results will be slowly covered with oblivion. Why? Simply because natural remedies cannot be patentable and if the pharmaceutical industry does not find a way to synthesize the active substance dandelion, then in this business cannot make a profit.

So, if there is no patent – there are no large profits of the pharmaceutical industry, and if there is no profit, there is no interest. The power of the pharmaceutical industry is huge. Unfortunately, arises the question of whether the cure for cancer is being concealed! Fortunately, if you pass the knowledge, dandelion will always exist, and even if they ban its sale, we will be able to pick it from the meadows. (God forbid!) Dandelion root, dried, beaten into powder and used half a teaspoon a day with a glass of water removes all the cancer cells from the body. It is known that the content of bitter apricot kernels, peach, plum, cherry etc. contains vitamin B17, or laetrile which helps to successfully treat cancer.

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