Diabetes mellitus and the role of homeopathy

Diabetes is principally of two categories:

Diabetes insipidus:This variety of diabetes results from an insufficiency of vasopressin ——the pituitary hormone that controls the kidneys; and is featured by protracted elimination of large amounts of pale watery urine giving rise to great thirst and lack of fluids.

Diabetes mellitus (Type-I and Type II)

A hormone known as insulin (produced by the pancreas) is accountable for regulating the headway of sugar, through the blood stream into the specific cells of the body. This glucose inside the cells is their energy without which they are not able to work.

In diabetes mellitus either the pancreatic beta cells are unsuccessful, and thus insulin is not created; or the body becomes unresponsive to the action of insulin with the same outcome at the end. So diabetes mellitus is actually a condition of famine in the core of abundant, where the glucose masses up in the blood stream and leaks into the urine, yet the singular cells go short of glucose.

The soundless killer known as Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is an ailment that causes greater than normal blood sugars in its preys.In this disease, the normal process of the body for adjusting the level of glucose in the blood stream has gone off-centered.

Inheritances and surroundings perform agreat part in who acquires diabetes mellitus and who doesn’t.

It is of two types:

  • Type I diabetes mellitus: It normally disturbs young individuals. It comes about when your body fails to manufacture an adequate amount of insulin to rid itself of spare sugar. The solitary way to treat this ailment is to make insulinavailable to formulate the insulin missing from the pancreas—–a bulky gland behind the stomach that discharges digestive enzymes into the duodenum. Islets of Langerhans are inserted in the pancreas; these liberate the hormones —— insulin and glucagon into the blood.Type I diabetes mellitus is virtually at all times managed by insulin shots. This is for the reason that no insulin is being discharged by the pancreas; therefore it has to be substituted.
  •  Type II diabetes mellitus: It usually upsets grownup individuals. In this ailment, though your body formulates insulin yet the cells of your body fail to answer back to that insulin/ insulin manufacture in your body is damaged and tissue opposition to insulin builds up. Fatness as well as bad eating practices performs a big role in the progress of this sort of diabetes.Such sort of diabetes is frequently managed with reasonable changes in your food, daily modest exercise and usage of oral medicines; the latter are those that make the cells of the body retort to insulin (being provided by the pancreas) in a better way. Such diabetics may also be treated with medications that act to depress the blood sugar levels candidly.

Amid fruitful treatments, homeopathy has demonstrated its competence than others in handling the ailment short of any side effects. The situation with homeopathy is such that any person can carry on the homeopathy treatment without enduring any side effects. When speaking about homeopathy treatment, it is to be kept in mind that it works incongruently by treating the patient such that his/her body manufactures adequate amount of insulin and also upkeeps the cells to answer back to insulin. Homeopathic treatment is a good choice for diabetic patients to abide a healthy life by regulating their blood glucose levels. Homeopathic medicines are suggested on the norm that ‘Like cures like” in a miniature attenuation.

Uran (Uranium nitricum): This metal serves to decrease the amount of sugar as well as the amount of urine. It is when diabetes is secondary to irrationalities of absorption of food and its incorporation into the tissues of the body, that Uran serves as the cure.

Syzygium jambolanum: is a homeopathic medicine prepared from the noxious seeds of the Syzygium jambos Alston tree. It is used in homeopathy to cure diabetes mellitus. To produce this medicine, seeds are crumpled into fine particles and thinned several times with lactose powder/alcohol/ distilled water. It is said that Syzygium jambolanum is so potent that hypoglycemia may happen if blood sugar levels are not cautiously supervised.

Phos (Phosphoric acid): Thisrelates to diabetes mellitus of nervy source. The quantity of urine becomes greater than before, conceivably milky in hue and holding considerable sugar. It conforms to cases due to misery, anxiety and nervousness. It is undeniably remedial of diabetes mellitus in the primary phases, excessive enfeeblement and battered sensation in the muscles. There will be beating of hungriness, occasionally voracious thirstiness and possibly the patient is distressed with sores. This remedy works very well when the patient disseminates huge amounts of watery pale urine or when there is much phosphatic sediment in the urine; this is the typical scenario in case of diabetes insipidus.

  Plumbum: Thisis one of the most essential therapies in diabetes mellitus.

 Causticum, Scilla and Strophanthus: These are useful in diabetes insipidus.

 Lycopodium: This serves to cure those cases of diabetes mellitus in which the patients sense a feeling of fatigue, thinness, augmented desire for food and thirstiness and passes watery, abundant urine.

Phos (Phosphorus): It is beneficial in diabetes mellitus and pancreatic ailments, particularly in those with tuberculous or gouty predisposition.

Natrum sulphuricum: It relates to the hydrogenoid structure, with thirst.

 Arsenicum: It is useful in patients afflicted with diabetic putrefaction, dehydration and skinniness. This remedy works best when patients pass black watery stools, recurrent, copious urination and a predisposition to flare-ups in skin.

Lact (Lactic acid): Usage of this medicine frequently leads to worthy consequences.

This serves as an exceptionally upright medication in the gastro hepatic variant of diabetes mellitus, the symptoms of which are as follows:

The patient passes light yellow colored sweet urine liberally.

 Feels intense thirst



 Greedy hungriness

Parched skin

Desiccated tongue

Neuralgic type of pain in the stomach/epigastrium

Acetic acid: is also a valuable diabetic remedy, and it has cured diabetes with sugar in the urine / without where there is excessive need for liquids, feebleness and sallowness and loss of complexion.

These are the common symptoms of diabetes. Where is the individualization?

Carbolic acid: It is one of the acids used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus

 Bry (Bryonia):It isuseful when liver is aggrieved in a diabetic patient, with symptoms such as:

Insistent unpleasant sense of taste

The patients are lethargic, depressed and dejected; their need for liquids may not be great. Also their hungriness may not be insatiable; moreover, the patient may mislay power through incapacity to consume food.

Podophyllum: It has a spiteful flavor, and is useful in diabetes mellitus. This influential agent causes softening and shedding of the outer horny layer of skin and is lethal to living cells owing to its biting action. It sets off from stems and roots of Podophyllum peltatum (Mandrake/ May apple). It openly distresses the metabolism of layer of cells that line hollow organs and glands (the epithelial cells) causing disintegration and halt of mitosis——a method of cell division in which a cell splits and creates matching imitations of itself.

Chionanthus: This therapy is used when there are signals of dehydration, intermittent profuse urine, and constipation with light colored stools, which lack bile.

 Argentum metallicum: This metal has a definite use in diabetes insipidus. It is also indicated to bring about increased/excessive production of urine; it also treats muddy and abundant urine with sweet stench, polyuria (creation of unusually huge volumes of watery urine) and repetitive urination.

Natrum sulphuricum (Sulphate of Sodium-Glauber’s salt): This is a mineral that serves as atissue remedy for diabetes. It not onlysuggests upkeep for the pancreas and kidneys but also mends diabetes mellitus and insulin ailments.

Insulin:We are well aware of the fact that in case of pancreatic beta cell disaster, insulin is the single likely treatment, and must be given frequently by injection. It may not be out of place to mention here that there is no homeopathic substitute to insulin, even though some therapies may assist to decrease the necessities for insulin.

The bottom line:

Homeopathic treatment can assist to mend the overall health of anybody distressed with diabetes mellitus/diabetes insipidus. Though, homeopathy is recognized to be harmless and operative, yet diabetes is a very severe disease, therefore everyday life adjustments, beating of weight, workout, alongside the correct vitamins, add-ons, and homeopathic medicines, can bring about a great change in the life of a diabetic.

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