Dichloroacetate slays malignant cells

This man-made remedy known as Dichloroacetate slays malignant cells, in vitro as well as in human beings. On the other hand, whether it can overturn growth of tumors with no harming is yet to be observed.

The primary clinical test, concerning patients plagued with malignancy of brain (referred to as glioblastomas) were quite hopeful.

An appealing feature of Dichloroacetate is that it is an economical, non-copyrightable molecule; these features formulate it to be of negligible value to pharmaceutical corporations that profit by copyrighting pricey novel medicines.

Merely four years back, there were three quantifiable tests concerning the utilization of Dichloroacetate to take care of malignancy.  Several of these research investigations anticipated to merge Dichloroacetate with other chemotherapy medications along with radiotherapy.

The metabolic course of action of malignant cells versus that of healthy cells

Two important ways are employed by our cells for the purpose of conversion of sugar into energy i.e.:

The process of glucose oxidation

The process of glycolysis

Glucose oxidation or Cellular respiration: This is the main energy metabolism in normal cells and occurs in our mitochondria—– the tiny power plants within our cells. This process necessitates the existence of oxygen which is essential for our respiration as well as for the beating of our heart to move oxygen all over our body. Glycolysis happens in the cytoplasm of our cells and it can come about devoid of the existence of oxygen. Though not as much resourceful for normal cells, the process of glycolysis is the cancer cell’s chosen way of power metabolism for the malignant cells and it banks on the ease of use of sugar.

Pyruvate the end-product of glycolysis is necessary for glucose oxidation. An enzyme known as pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase operates as janitor to adjust the surge of pyruvate into the mitochondria. When this enzyme is energetic, it curbs the transportation of pyruvate into the mitochondria, and our cell is strained to have faith in glycolysis, despite the accessibility of oxygen. If the aforementioned enzyme is dormant, pyruvate is ferried into the mitochondria, even if oxygen is stumpy.

Contrasting normal cells, malignant cells are skilled at gaining energy from the process of glycolysis owing to the fact that they have very energetic pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase. The technique to make a malignant cell gloomy is by blocking out the enzyme pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase coercing the cell to make use of the process of glucose oxidation, as a replacement for the process of glycolysis. This is referred to as the Warburg hypothesis of malignancy. It is here that Dichloroacetate performs its role by setting off bulk self-murder among malignant cells.

Dichloroacetate blocks out the enzyme pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase, and

This excites the mitochondria of the cells; and this compels the malignant cells to discard their chosen metabolic course, and it turns over the cell’s control of self-annihilation. This comes about for the reason that mitochondria are the chief controllers of cellular suicide and are burdened with sensors that act in response to anomalies by pressing on the self-annihilation switch of the cells.

When the mitochondrion of a malignant cell recognizes itself be a malignant one, it impulsively murders itself. That is why the end-results of chemotherapy and radiotherapy are horrifying side effects.

Our fit cells essentially expire much more effortlessly owing to this self-annihilation knob.

The cause of such a swift-growing malignancy is that the mitochondria have been turned off, so the cells avoid being competent to cherish, when there is the dearth of oxygen. Dichloroacetate overturns this and toils harmoniously with other anti-malignant remedies like radiotherapy, gene remedy, and viral treatment.

Dichloroacetate Malignancy exploration assessment

More than a few research explorations have been carried out, together with the clinical test concerning patients plagued with malignancy of the brain. In the latter clinical test, the exploration panel chose five patients afflicted with Glioblastomas tumors that commence from astrocytes the star-shaped cells that comprise the supportive tissue of the brain. The research explorers in the panel treated them with oral Dichloroacetate for a period of one year and three months.

Tumor tissue was evaluated in 3 out of 5 patients, previous to as well as post-Dichloroacetate remedy. In all the 3 of them, there was evidence that the tumor development had become sluggish, and more malignant cells were going through programmed cell death after being treated with Dichloroacetate. Regrettably, one among the 5 patients expired while another had debulking surgery prior to completion of the full course. Mentioned underneath are a few of the other malignancy explorations, in which Dichloroacetate was found to have successful consequences:

Endometrial malignancy

Prostate malignancy

Malignancy of breast

Colorectal malignancy

Malignancy of the cervix

Side effects of Dichloroacetate:

Dichloroacetate is an offshoot of another chemical referred to as trichloroethylene an explosive organic compound believed to generate malignancy.

Trichloroethylene may produce the following side effects:

Skin rashes

Nerve scratch

Kidney harm

Weakened function of the heart

Weakened function of the immune system



Harmless substitutes for cancer:

  1. The following food items cause the malignant cells to self-annihilate themselves:

Coenzyme Q10

Curcumin (located in turmeric)

Capsaicin (located in hot peppers)

Methylselenocysteine (present in broccoli and garlic)

Ellagic acid ( found in pomegranates and other fruits)


  1. Various natural approaches for prevention of malignancies :

A beneficial way of life embraced by us is the best support for suitable illustration of our genes such as

Our feelings, our ecological revelations as well as our food preferences

The most excellent treatment of malignancy is to put a stop to it from taking hold in our body.

Our tough immune system goes a long way to keep us healthy.

Our food regime is tremendously significant in maintenance of our immune system

Plant foods, especially cruciferous vegetables, flax seeds, several spices and herbs prevent malignancy

Favorable fats for avoidance of malignancy are omega-3 fatty acids as well as omega-9; these successfully cause the tumor development to become slothful. They are very effective against malignancies of the colon, prostate and breast.

As a matter of fact, our food regime should comprise the following:

Unrefined vegetables, meats, uncooked dairy, nuts, and that originate from vigorous resources like miniature organic farms.

Vitamin D (especially that acquired from exposure to natural sun) may slash our jeopardy of malignancy by half.

Physical activity and aerobic workout can also gash our danger of malignancy.

Acquiring suitable sleep  between 10 pm and 6 am is beneficial for our health

Managing of our anxiety and pressures appropriately is highly beneficial for our health. Prayers, meditation, yoga etc serve as the de-stressors in our life

Harsh chemicals such as soaps, cleaners, air fresheners, insect repellents etc should be shunned and should be replaced with green, non-toxic substitutes

The bottom line:

The whole lot in the cosmos is linked with Mother Nature, so why not cultivate friendship with Mother Nature ?

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