DMSO/CD protocol for cleansing the organism from microbes

DMSO/CD protocol for cleansing the organism from microbes

This is one of the best anti-cancer protocols which is used by many clinics for the treatment of cancer treated naturally. The purpose of this protocol is to transform cancer cells into normal cells using a mixture of DMSO and chlorine dioxide. By purification of the cells from the microbes they exceed the deformed cancerous and mutated forms to the normal ones and become healthy.

Before you read this article, it is important to read How cancer starts.

This protocol, as it was stated so far, not only destroys the germs in the body but also reduces the pain in a given area. In that way you can directly affect the disease such as rheumatism or arthritis and reduce pain and symptoms in these diseases. With cancer pains DMSO reduces pain in a few hours.

Its use has been emphasized in sports medicine. In case of severe injuries it is applied to the skin in a form of sprays or creams. Its base property is to regenerate damaged cells, reduce pain and bring more blood to the injured place and therefore torn muscle tissue heals faster and body rehabilitates the injury more quickly.

More about the preparation DMSO you can read in the article DMSO and its anticancer properties.

Preparation DMSO you can buy here.

DMSO MAGICAL BULLET and chemotherapy

When using a PET scanner a radioactive glucose to the patient, cancer cells take greater amounts of glucose and in this way they are identified and become visible in X-rays. DMSO chemotherapy protocol works similarly.

DMSO combined with chemotherapy is also called the magic bullet in which DMSO chemotherapy is focused exclusively on cancer cells. In this combined case, only low doses of chemotherapy are needed because DMSO leads chemotherapy exclusively on cancer cells,

 Also it was noted that in this case there are no negative effects on other healthy cells. This effect of DMSO with chemotherapy increases its treatment from 3% to 90%.

How DMSO with chemotherapy acts:

1. DMSO is connected with chemotherapy and the medicine

2. DMSO affects cancer cells and finds them

3. DMSO leads chemotherapy to cancer cells

4. Chemotherapy kills cancer cells

DMSO can be combined very well with many medicines like haematoxylonola, Adriamycin, Cisplatin, 5 Fluorouracil and Methotrexate and with many others.

In some scientific studies it was observed that patients taking DMSO with chemotherapy do not have side effects such as dry mouth or hair loss and they  tolerate chemotherapy better than  people who did not use DMSO.


DMSO combined with MSM turns cancer cells into healthy ones. These two compounds are destroying the microbes inside the cancer cells and bring back anaerobic metabolism to the normal ones.

DMSO and cesium chloride

Cesium chloride, by itself, successfully enters cancer cells through their aerobic membrane but h DMSO also helps in making and increases its efficiency. DMSO is extremely good with brain cancers as it penetrates the blood-brain barrier very well. DMSO should not be taken orally unless it’s mixed with half a liter of juice or water. Also during the use with cesium chloride, these two preparations should be taken in through the skin. DMSO will literally squeeze cesium chloride into the skin and in this way you can literally target the exact location of the cancer. Through the skin DMSO can reach tumors in as little as 15 minutes.

Warnings when using DMSO

Do not bring DMSO near your eyes and do not let it get into your eyes.

When using and preparing it do not use plastic or latex gloves or any other type of gloves because due to the contact it is able to transfer part of the material from a glove into your body because some of the plastic materials are degradable in contact with DMSO.

So, DMSO should be poured directly from the bottle into a glass cup and stirred in it. Also it should be applied directly from the cup onto the skin where the cancer cells are and gently rubbed with some glass or wooden object.

DMSO can always be used with glass, wood, ceramic or metal.

DMSO/CD protocol

This protocol is most effective with melanoma because this type of cancer has a standard cell structure and a typical way of spreading through the organism. But this protocol equally affects other forms of cancer and tumors as well.

Children under 12 years should not undergo this treatment. Also, this treatment should not be used by pregnant women and women who want to become pregnant in a period of few months after undergoing this treatment.

This treatment should not be used together with a multivitamin, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, boosters of the immune system, or any other preparations containing anti-oxidants. Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizer and can neutralize all of these anti-oxidants and automatically reduce its performance and efficiency.

The best way to use this treatment is not to apply great amounts of DMSO / CD on the affected area and skin but to split it into several smaller doses. In our case, we recommend 12 doses which are applied every 60 minutes.

What is used for this 12-hour protocol:


2. MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement 28% sodium chloride)

3. 50% of citric acid

DMSO usually comes in bottles of 99.99% purity. It must be mixed together with 30% water which produces a ratio of 70/30. So, order it pure and mix it with 30% distilled water.

Here, I will explain how to make chlorine dioxide from the MMS and citric acid.

To make one drop of chlorine dioxide mix one drop of MMS with a drop of 50% citric acid.

For every 60 minutes treatment, a guide to make three drops of preparation DMSO / CD:

1. Put three drops of MMS in a small cup

2. Add 3 drops of citric acid

3. Stir them around for 3 minutes and then close the cup or pot lid, but stir them gently, do not swish them (do not add water)

4. Add 6 drops of DMSO

5. Mix all together for about one minute, in a sealed vessel. Do not shake.

6. Apply the mixture and rub it on the area where the cancer is. Rub it gently on your skin so there is a thin layer.

Do this every hour for 12 hours but be accurate. Note that DMSO is mixed with other ingredients just minute prior to use. Also, do not add water to this mixture.

During this protocol you should avoid intake of fluids and large amounts of food. When you finish 12-hour protocol you can drink purified water and eat healthy dietary food.

Severe patients with progressed cancer this mix can be used 2x or 3x stronger. In very severe cases it can be used even 5x stronger. How many times stronger will it be, depends only on the amount of substance applied to the skin.

This mixture can be applied directly to the skin on area where the tumor or cancer is and also on the skin around the tumor. If the skin becomes inflamed or starts to itch you should change the rubbing place but it should be close to the tumor.

If you use this treatment from Monday to Friday, you can pause it for the weekend so you can enjoy nature and physical activity.

This treatment should be used between 4 and 5 weeks. A two-week break is in order in which blood tests are performed and development of cancer is controlled. After two weeks, this protocol may be repeated.

If the cancer is located in the liver, this method of application may be focused on the hands or feet. This also applies to certain other organs.

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