Essiac Tea and Malignancy

The narrative of Rene Caisse’s unconventional cancer therapy:

History of Essiac tea:

Despite that given name of the tea, Essiac, was borrowed from writing/saying Rene’s last name Caisse rearward, she was not the inventive introducer. The components and method were derived initially from an Ojibway indigenous American witch doctor in far-off northern Canada. Rene Caisse was a registered nurse in a Canadian sickbay in the year 1922. There, she came across an aged patient who had outlived malignancy of breast thirty years previously. At that occasion, the aged lady existed in far-flung northern Canadian mining town with her spouse. She was hospitalized for the treatment of breast malignancy which required being detached. She opted in opposition to surgery and went back to the mining town. In the base camp area, she had previously encountered an Ojibway witch doctor, who declared he could treat her malignancy. Upon her revisit, he displayed to her the particular herbs which were to be used and taught her the way to choose and cultivate them, and the manner to organize the herbal tea. She followed his directives and during a period of quite a few months the patient got completely healed. She survived with excellent health for a period of an additional thirty years. Since Rene had an aunt as well as a step-dad plagued with malignancy at that time therefore, she was fascinated by the herbs and the manner of preparation of tea and cured her malignancy-stricken relatives. Subsequently, she met so much achievement that in 1933 the miniature settlement of Bracebridge permitted her to use the outdated British Lion Hotel as a health center with the so-called rent of one dollar every month. She sustained her work in the health center from 1934 to 1942. Lots of malignancy patients were dealt with effectively, at the same time as she did not ask for any consultation fee. What she would do was to grow the herbs, infused the tea in the kitchen, and dispensed it orally as well as via injections. Not only did she gain reputation and prop up from the Town Council of Bracebridge, quite a few prominent doctors, plus her healed patients (one among whom was restored to health despite being plagued with two diseases i.e. malignancy and diabetes mellitus. Owing to this prop up, Nurse Caisse was allowed to take care of malignancy under stringent conditions. Notwithstanding so many effectively treated malignant patients’ authentications, the broad-spectrum community was kept ignorant on the subject of Essiac Tea. Caisse made an attempt to get the Essiac out into the community illumination in nineteen ninety-seven, a year prior to her passing away. She made an accord with a company called Resperin, whom she considered had the power to authorize her Essiac tea. But Caisse was informed that she was not considered anymore following the accord. The venture vanished, and the formula seemed fated to anonymity. After that arrived a booming practitioner of non-conventional medicine from California Dr. Gary Glum, who was dedicated in treating world class sportsperson of all sorts. He had taken notice of Essiac’s curative features and commenced his exploration for the prescription and the formula. Rene deceased in the year nineteen seventy-eight.Dr. Glum ultimately came upon somebody in Detroit, from whom he acquired the formula and started writing a book tagged Calling the Angel, regarding the curative services of Rene.

Essiac Tea is an extensive confirmed course of action of healing malignancy. But again, the superiority of the herbs, and the worth of the handing out, is the most vital matter. It should be declared that it is the Sheep Sorrel which is the chief cancer murdering herb in Essiac.

Essiac tea comprises four chief herbs that cultivate in the wasteland of Ontario, Canada. The innovative method is supposed to have its ancestry from the indigenous Canadian Ojibway Indians.

The four chief herbs that comprise Essiac are as follows:

  • Burdock Root (It may simultaneously perform the following functions:

As an antibiotic

As  a material that prevents the growth of fungi

As a substance that tends to increase the flow of urine

As a serene purgative

  • Slippery Elm internal Bark (It may assist with sore throats and as a supporter to appease the gastro intestinal system)
  • Sheep Sorrel (It may assist to afford diuretic traits, and should not be acquired by those with a record of kidney gravel.)
  • Indian Rhubarb Root (It has been used in conventional medical practices as an annihilation mediator, as well as a caustic and stimulant. It should never be used if you are expecting a baby or nurture a baby.)

Jointly, it is declared that the aforementioned herbs can assist to stabilize the body by getting rid of contaminations the blood, clearing out the pollutants from the system and aiding the amendments of cells. The constituents are also alleged to assist reinforce the immune system, which could facilitate the body to combat malignancy. Owing to these claimed immune- enhancement features, the tea has been used to deal with many other illnesses and ailments, such as AIDS, diabetes mellitus and degenerative disorders. People who have been using this tea assert that it can ease the symptoms of skin evils, digestive complaints and thyroid problems. Regardless of the spreading out of six and eight herbs, it has an established proof of healed patients ever since the late nineteen twenties. Preparing your own Essiac tea is the way chosen by the majority of people when they request the herbs, which are occasionally wrapped up separately/ already combined into one sack.

The standard recipe for preparation of Essiac tea originally formulated by the nurse Caisse is as follows:

Six ½ cups of slashed burdock root

One pound of minced sheep sorrel herb

¼ pound of pulverized slippery elm peeling

One ounce of minced Turkish rhubarb root

The aforementioned total constituents come together to create eight quarts (two gallons) of the tea. Slashing each quantity in half formulates one gallon separately. The herbs should be simmered without a cover for ten to twenty minutes,; then, wrap with a cover and immerse over night on the cooking range/furnace. In the morning, reheat it up to scorching hot (not steaming), then allow it remain and decant into glass / ceramic cistern. Always make use of stainless steel/ cast iron containers for boiling, and glass or ceramic containers for stockpiling. Store the containers with the tea covered in a shady cold area awaiting its usage. Once ajar, don’t forget to keep it chilled in a refrigerator. When you purchase Essiac tea, you have to keep in mind that it is a meticulous prescription. Four ounces of the desiccated Essiac herbal tea mixture will make a total gallon of fluid Essiac tea.

Main purposes for which the Essiac tea is used:

It is believed that the Essiac herbal tea may help out to mitigate pain, and reinforce the system of immunity of the body. It also assists to remove toxic substances from the body.

Routine dosage of the Essiac tea:

The prescribed amount relies on the ailment being treated e.g. If used as an immune energizer or being used for meek complaints, tow ounces should be used one time on a daily basis. The rate should be increased to three times per day with up to three ounces every time in agreement with the ruthlessness of the complaint, such as any kind of malignancy. The chilled tea can be totted to hot water or warmed up for expenditure. Malignant patients going through other therapies (even with allopathic drugs) have also utilized the tea.

A word of caution:

If you think that you are suffering from a medical ailment, it is best to ask for the recommendation of a doctor prior to initiating the use of Essiac herbal tea.


NO unconventional management of malignancy should be used without a high-quality pattern of eating which does not nourish the malignant cells.

Keep away from making use of plastic and aluminum when making this recommendation or stockpiling this prescription. In case a green fungus comes into view, the ingredients should be thrown away.

Sunbeams also wipe out various features of the prescription.

Do not chill or ice up this tea.

Presently, Essiac’s tea is well thought-out to be a Phase III malignancy treatment (i.e. it is not measured forceful to be at the nucleus of a Stage IV healing) owing to the manner, some of the products of the Essiac Tea have been desiccated, dealt with and stocked up. This does not convey, though, that it would not be a useful toting up to a Stage IV management.

The significance of Essiac Tea would be very much improved by merging it with the Bill Henderson modus operandi. The Bill Henderson set of rules, on its own, is a Stage IV management, and it takes in the regime that should be employed while using Essiac Tea.

When Rene Caisse was taking care of patients, she would prepare her individual tea and provided it to her patients typically during forty-eight hours of preparing it. Conversely, when you arrange for Essiac Tea by dispatch, it may be more than a few months previous. This healing would be upper-valued if public cultivates their own herbs.

Essiac Tea is contraindicated in the following:


Patients afflicted with brain malignancy( if some momentary inflammation would not put them at threat)


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