Forgotten recipe for cancer treatment

Like I formerly have written about products and plants that come from other cultures, including Indian and Chinese plants used in traditional folk medicine in those countries, in this article I’m about to stress out complementary therapy of artemisinin, and in the forhcoming articles we will concentrate on the combination of protocols of eastern plants and our traditional medicine. For there were many stories about artemisinin as an anticancer agent from sweet wormwood plant, I should make some place for some of our domestic plants also helping with severe cancer. Artemisinin has proven itself as extremely effective in the treatment of  breast cancer, cervical and ovarian diseases, which we will write about in this article and it also proved to be extremely effective treating colon, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer as well as leukemia and other malignant illnesess. More on the treatment with artemisinin can be read in the article Sweet wormwood plant remedy for tumors and cancer.

Breast cancer, cervical cancer and ovarian cancer are all illnesses which in majority of cases originate from the same disease and these are hormonal disorders. In this article there’s gonna be more about the herbal method of treatment of these three diseases and how to prepare medicines from medicinal herbs that can be found in the region. Hormonal disorders can be followed by irregular or heavy periods and can also be very expressed in the transitional years. To reduce excessive menstruation and also to influence preventively, use the following mixture of tea: 25 grams of sage, yarrow 25 grams, 25 grams of lemon balm, 25 grams of Icelandic moss, 50 grams of valerian root, 25 grams of Arnica flowers. Add a small spoon in 250ml of water. The tea should stand for three minutes. Women need to drin this tea even when they normalize the situation and when they reduce the outflow. More information about the outflow of blood and other methods of treatment of hormone imbalance in women and the regulation of levels of estrogen and progesterone can be read in the article Profuse bleeding during the menstrual cycle – Herbal Treatment.

HPV virus, which can be one of the most common causes of cervical cancer, can be treated with various types of drugs, and you can read more about it in the article A plant that cures HPV virus.It should also be noted that artemisinin successfully removes nodules and cysts on chest, a wide range of bacteria and also strengthens the immune system and purifies the body. If the cancer is already under way, there are successful methods that have already been mentioned in the previous texts such as the Scientific Research of artemisinin as a potential cure for cancer, but it should also be mentioned to us very affordable method that we have found in some long documented writings in which the author claims that this treatment successfully cured a large number of women for a short period of time. This is the forgotten treatment for curing the cancer of ovarian, uterine and breast:

The place where there is cancer lubricate with grease from calendula. It can also be used a compress of mashed plantain which should be placed on the breast. Compress is very easy to make by chopping 100 grams of plantain plants.

Marigold ointment is made this way:

Very finely cut 300 grams of complete plant of marigold (without root). Thereby heat about half a kilogram of organic lard. In the hot lard put chopped  marigold and keep it until the lard starts to boil. When it starts boiling, remove the complete mixture from the stove and leave it to stand for one day. The next day the entire mixture should be reheated and strained through a cloth or draining filter. This is how you get ointment from marigold, which should be in a clean dish and left in the refrigerator.

In the next period the deseased person should use a large amount of tea that is made from 300 grams of calendula, 100 grams of nettle and 100 grams of yarrow. Tea is made from one bucket of this mixture that is added to 3dl of water. The daily amount that should be used in a single day is  about 2 liters of tea. This tea should be consumed throughout the day and drunk in small sips.

If you feel pain at the place where the cancer develops it is recommended to use steam packs of horsetail.

Steam wraps are made this way:

250 grams of horsetail put in a cloth and mate it above the boiling water; in this case, you can use a pot. This herb should soften from the fumes from the pot and so it should be held above that pot for  about half an hour. This herb should be wrapped in cloth, preferably cotton, and put a compress on the place where it hurts. The most important thing is to put the compress while it’s still warm. You should sleep with this compress.

For uterus cancer, ovarian cancer and breast cancer you should have sitting baths of yarrow three times a week.

Sitting baths can be made this way:

About 200 grams of yarrow, which is freshly harvested, should be left during the night to stand in cold water. Tomorrow,  put it in the oven and heat it to boiling point. Prepare a full tub of water into which you will pour yarrow that has already boiled. Sit in the tub for about half an hour. These baths can be used on a daily basis if there is a need for them.

Every day in the evening you should take one spoon of Sweden bitter. You can always buy it in pharmacies but you can and make it yourself with the following ingredients. When purchasing this preparation you should pay attention to whether it is the original package.

Sweden bitter is made this way:

These are plants that should be mixed, and this is the ratio for a small dose of Sweden bitter. Sweden bitter in a greater amount, can be made in this ratio that is listed:

1) 10 grams of Angelica’s root

2) 5 grams of Carlina acaulis’root

3) 10 grams  of Theriaca andromachi’s root

4) 10 grams of Manna

5) 10 grams of Turmeric’s root 

6) 10 grams of camphor

7) 0.2 grams of saffron

8) 5 grams of Mira

9) 10 grams of Aloe 

All these herbs should be placed in a glass container of 2 liters, preferably a large jar, and poured with 1.5 liters of fruit brandy or brandy from grain, strength from 38% to 40%. This mixture should  stand for 14 days near some source of heat and in the sun. The mixture should be well shaken every day. The complete mixture should be strained and put into small bottles. These bottles should be tightly closed and stored in a cool, dark place. In this condition Sweden bitter could stay for many years. The longer you hold it the more healing it will be. This composition cures many diseases and keeps you vital and long-lived. The preparation has been found by a Swedish doctor Dr. Samst, who welcomed old age and who died in the age of 104 when he fell off a horse.

Every day, people who have cancer, should take three tablespoons of this mixture diluted in tea, which we have already mentioned above. Also, this composition can be used by patients suffering from other types of cancer, not only from breast cancer, cervical cancer and ovarian cancer. Women suffering from cancer of the uterus and ovaries may place on the stomach a lining of the Sweden bitter. After a short time, there should be an improvement of the situation in the form of increased appetite. Also with breast cancer the same composition can be used for coverings on the affected area. These are the recommendations from some of the most famous herbalists and forgotten recipes that help people who are suffering from cancer of the breast, ovaries and cervix. Combined with conventional medicine and some compositions such as artemisinin, MSM powder and high-quality diet, can give surprising results and a complete healing. More information about the diet that should be used, you can read in the article Diet for the treatment of  cancer and what can be eaten.  

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