Green tea prevents the spread of the cancer

Study and research in which is shown how green tea changes the metabolism of the pancreas cancer cells, opens a new window for fighting this severe disease. Scientist considered green tea and its extracts, for a long time, as potential treatment for cancer, as well as the cure for several other diseases. Scientists were having a tough time, even though they knew about healing properties of the green tea, and how green tea and its extracts affect the decrease of the cancer and slow down the growth of cancer cells.
Recently published study offers some explanations by means of which, the new chapter in the field of research and fight against the cancer, can be opened. In the research it is stated that EGCG, biological active ingredient in green tea, changes the metabolism of pancreas cancer cell and suppresses the increased concentration of enzymes which are directly related to development and the spread of cancer.
“Scientists believe that solution is influence on molecular mechanism of the cancer cells, and this study shows that in this way it is possible to change the metabolism of the cell and influence development of the cancer.” Wai Nang Lee, the leader of the research and author of the study from LA BioMed Institute said. “By explaining how active component in the green tea can prevent the cancer, this study will open the door for a new approach and way of treating the cancer and it will help us to understand how various other biological active substances can affect the prevention and slowdown of the growth of malignant cells.”
Scientists have proven that active ingredient or EGCG directly influences the reduction of enzymes which increase the activity of the malignant cells, and that in this manner they can disrupt the processes in cancer cells and even prevent their further development and duplication. In this way, it impairs the balance in the cancer cells as well as their metabolic functions.
“This is an entirely new approach to treating the cancer” Mr. Lee said, “now we know how to affect the metabolism of the cancer cell and how deranged this process can be. In the future, we can use this knowledge and in this way we can change development of the cancer and prevent its formation.”

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