Herbal method of treating uterine myoma

There are various approaches to treating uterine myoma. Most frequently, surgical intervention treatment is used, but there are several other methods such as ultrasound operation, etc. Also, various herbal ways of treating the uterine myoma are at hand. These herbal remedies effectively mitigate symptoms such as abdominal pains and profuse bleeding. However, it is not proven that mentioned herbal treatments remove myomas.

Herbal remedies for uterine myoma:

Vitex (Vitex Agnus Castus)
Vitex reduces the level of estrogen by increasing secretion of progesterone. For optimal results, Vitex should be taken over the period of no less than 6 moths.
Marian thistle(Silybum Marianum) is a very effective herbal remedy which successfully helps  regeneration of liver cells. It helps the liver to function normally. For even better results, extracted active ingredient Silmarine is used. It is recommended to take 140 milligrams of Silmarine, 3 times a day for a period of no less than 3 moths.

Common nettle (Urtica Dionica)

Common nettle is an ultimate remedy with a wide range of action. It consists of iron and other natural elements which increase production of new red blood cells in which matter it confronts the anemia in case of profuse bleeding. Common nettle is safe when it comes to amount of ingestion and it can be ingested for unlimited period of time.

Rumex- The docks and sorrels.
This herb improves the function of liver by stimulating bile and it has mild performance of laxative. This herb acts like tonic which increases the production of red blood cells and consequently improves anemia due to profuse bleeding.

Raspberry is used for control of disproportionately menstrual bleeding while strengthens the muscles of the uterus. Raspberry effectively brings both the organism into equilibrium and the reproductive organs into balance. Raspberry is a rich source of nutrients including calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosporus and vitamin A, B, C and E. This represents a very useful protection for women who suffer from very severe menstrual problems.

It should be noted that these herbal methods for treating uterine myoma are not clinically approved. Before starting with the treatment you should consult your physician.

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