Herbal remedy for tumors

In the ancient herbalist notes many successful results of treating malignant and benign tumors with herbal treatments were recorded. Unremembered writings which were source of help for many people are now truly available for those who demand quick and effective aid.

Horsetail is a plant which decreases all types of tumors with great success. For ones who suffer from benign or malignant tumors steam packs of horsetail are just perfect. Recipe for making lining of horsetail can be found in the text Forgotten prescription for the treatment of cancer. Horsetail should be placed in a fabric while it is still hot and softened and should be used for covering the spot where the hematoma, papilloma, melanoma, adenoma, cyst, abscess, tumor or a fibroid is. People whose condition is rather severe should start with these linings from early morning and the lining should remain placed for two hours on the affected spot. This process ought to be repeated in the afternoon and once again put coverings at night. Painful place should constantly be warmed up and steamed with horsetail. The same lining can be used several times.

At noon on the painful place should be kept a covering of Sweden bitter for 4 hours. For more information how to make a compress can be found in the above-noted article, and simplified Sweden bitter you can make by yourself or buy it at a pharmacy. A place where is placed a covering of Sweden bitter should be smeared with lard or with grease calendula. Recipe for fat calendula is in the text above. Over this surface put a covering of Sweden bitter, a cotton wool soaked with this herbal drug, over wetted cotton sheets put dry cotton wool to protect the surface of the heat, and over that put sheeting of plastics, and over that bind patch or bandage, which will complete covering of Sweden bitter keep in place. When you remove the compress, skin that has been exposed to Sweden bitter should powder to remove possible itching.

For sores and tumors placed on the surface of the skin, put wraps of fresh leaves narrow-leaved and broad-leaved plantain. If these wraps are used regularly, you can expect improvement of the situation for 5 days already, and after two weeks you can expect a very good result in the alleviation of the disease. This wrap is made by taking plantain leaf and mix with fresh leaves of Heracleum sphondylium. Complete mixture should be squashed and choped, and the resulting mash should be placed on the affected area together with the juice that you get out of it. The mass should be covered with plastic wrap and tied with a bandage or cloth so it does not fall off. Keep it a few hours and change several times during the day.

It can also be used juice of wood sorrel. Fresh leaves should be squeezed in the juicer and obtained juice should be put on the affected place. For oral use should be used, half an hour before breakfast and half an hour before dinner, tea from horsetail, and during the day two litres of tea which is a mixture of 100 grams nettle, 100 grams of yarrow and 300 grams calendula. You should drink this mixture six times a day and put into this 10 drops of juice of wood sorrel, which has already been mentioned. This method of treatment showed very good results.

A girl named Danijela, is suffering from a malignant tumor that has spread throughout the body and eventually began to block the aorta, and with its scope also expanded throughout the abdominal cavity so it started to block the secretion of bile. In the beginning doctors said that there’s a chance for healing between 3% and 6%, and later all her chances were reduced to zero due to the treatment by radiation and because of unsuccessful operations. Because of the critical condition, an urgent operation was required to provide that the bile is excreted artificially because of the possible cancellation of liver function. The child’s operation was postponed for ten days due to renovations of operation theatre in the clinic where the girl was. Due to such development of situation parents asked doctor to take child home for those few days on the continuation of treatment because besides operation there was nothing that could be done for the little girl. The girl started to use before mentioned therapy and after 5 days tumor’s grip relented on the blood vessels and girl began to feel her legs because her blood started to circulate in the lower extremities.  After a few months the girl was taken back to the control and it was found that tumors are no longer visible in the images, you could only see patches of congestion.

This is just one of the many successful healings with this protocol which is, to stress once again, in combination with a healthy diet, which we mentioned in the article Diet for the treatment of cancer and what can be eaten.  Also in combined therapy with these outside compresses and teas, you can apply the therapy with artemisinin, a derivative of sweet wormwood, which has shown successful results with benign and also malignant tumors and it can that be found in this article Sweet wormwood usage.With persistence and long-term enforcement of these methods, you could get very good results in very severe disorders of the organism and diseases. Also, in many cases, timely treatment with herbal medicines, as it happened in case of young Danijela, could drastically better patients’ health and it might lead to the complete recovery.

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