Hidden cases of Ebola in Europe

Rome, Italia- If you’ve been surprised when you heard that United Nations official died in Berlin in Tuesday, from the deadly Ebola virus, perhaps you would be even more surprised if you knew how many other patients, infected by this virus, is in Europe.
Word Health Organization confirms that there are 8 death cases caused by Ebola on the European soil as part of the current Ebola epidemic: two dead missionaries in Spain, one dead doctor in Germany, one cured man and one doctor, still treated in Germany, two doctors for tropical diseases still treated in Holland and Spanish nurse Teresa Romero Ramos on treatment in Spain. Romero Ramos got the virus from one dead Spanish missionary. There are still about 10 cases and numerous suspicious cases widespread through European hospitals which can prove that Ebola epidemic has, indeed, started on the European soil.
Spain is the first country who has accepted important patients in Europe. It is the first country in which the first Ebola case, out of western Africa, was reported. There is at least one nurse in the quarantine in Germany, who has treated one of deceased doctors. If he was infected, than she will be the fourth medical professional outside the western Africa, who has been infected by this deadly disease, beside Teresa Romero and Nina Pharm who had gotten the disease from Thomas Eric Duncan who died in Dallas last week. On Wednesday, other medical worker who treated Duncan was diagnosed positive on this deadly virus.
Maybe a little bit less surprising than the real number of patients diagnosed with Ebola throughout the Europe is the number of false alarms and suspicious cases in Europe and capital cities. From Wednesday, there were numerous suspicious cases being reported in hospitals on Cyprus, Rome, Brussels, Paris and London. Corps of one British man, who has died in Macedonia, was transported to Frankfurt for Ebola testing. More than 100 people who were in contact with Spanish nurse are under surveillance. Also their temperature is tested twice a day. Sixteen people are in quarantine, including her beautician and housekeeper.
Cases of racism connected with the virus are frequent. Footballer Michael Essien, who plays for AC Milan, was the subject of rumor which is directly connected with the fear of this virus.
Italian Sports Magazine published the rumors of his teammates who claimed that he was Ebola positive and that they said that they are extremely nervous to play alongside him on the pitch. He wrote on his Twitter account the following: “Ebola virus is a very serious problem and people shouldn’t joke with it.”
In Rome in the settlement Poruenese in which the main hospital for infective dieses Spallatani is situated, residents are extremely cautious. “I’m sure they’ve got everything they need”- Maria Christina Galo said to the Daily Best while she was carrying her baby through this street. She also noted:” What if a person infected by Ebola asks me or anyone else here how to find a hospital? What is happening with that person before she enters the “isolated” area? We are all in danger.” Galina’s concern is increased by ever so frequent news reports. In the past 48 hours in Italy occurred 5 suspicious cases of Ebola. Those people were in western Africa in the past two weeks. These cases are being checked in many emergency rooms throughout Italy. One man had the epileptic attack, one had the nose bleeding, while one had the symptoms alike African malaria and one man was diagnosed with a simple flu. That is only in Europe, while similar scenes are noticed throughout whole Europe. In every one of these cases, suspicious patients were isolated in quarantine where they were momentarily tested on a virus, even in the cases when they do not have any symptoms of Ebola. “It is hard to curb the panic.” stated the general secretary of the police syndicate, Flavio Tuzi. “We are not ready, our staff receives numerous calls for control of infective diseases, but we don’t have bio-suits so we could protect ourselves.”
In Tuesday afternoon, the plane from Istanbul to Pisa was forcefully landed, and Italy was put on the test when it comes to control of Ebola epidemic. According to the information directly from airport, travelers from Bangladesh, mother and daughter started showing symptoms of Ebola. When they said that they were in western Africa, the alarm was turned on and the flight war redirected. They were removed from the plane with help of the staff which was dressed in bio-suits. Airplane was landed in Rome and they were transported to the specialist hospital Spallanzani on control in the special infirmary. On the other patients, the control test on Ebola virus was performed, and also they were taken under the examination in which their temperature was tested and signs of other symptoms were traced.
Panic caused by Ebola virus was stated in the Glasgow airport as well, where one Dutch traveler on the KLM flight got sick. After the emergency intervention from the security workers who hurried to secure the area and examine the traveler, in was established that he has the common flu. Travelers from the most endangered places of the world are regularly examined before entering, on many European airports and while exiting the plane as well. Airports in larger cities has all required measures ready, as well as the methods for stopping the spread of this disease, even special infirmaries within the airports. It was concluded that the temperature check is useless if the carrier doesn’t show any symptoms.
Part of the panic comes from the various information which come from many media. In Italy and Spain, for instance, transparency is not always the part of national psyche, so the information tend to spread from the sources which are not relevant at all. From every false alarm new fears arise. In the very subtle way, panic enters the population, while whole Europe awaits and wonders what will happen next.

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