Homeopathic medicine and DNA

Homeopathy is beneficial in that it deals with the causes rather than indicative symptoms that are particular to the various ailments. The symptoms are merely used as a clue to pick out the precise therapy for the patient. Homeopathy cures an individual as a whole rather than his discrete body parts. Ailments ranging from a straightforward cold to malignancy can be treated by means of homeopathy.

Genes and  genome

Homeopathic therapies work together with the genome——- a comprehensive collection of heritable guidelines of any person. Every genome encloses the whole data required to sculpt any person and permit them to develop and progress.

The body of each person comprises millions of cells such that every cell has its own absolute group of guidelines. This collection of guidelines is referred to as their genome and involves the DNA. In the interior of DNA is a distinctive chemical program that controls the development, progress and wellbeing of every individual. This program is regulated by four nucleotide bases (adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine.)

The human genome encloses two types of genes:

Those which upkeep health

Those which produce an ailment when their manifestation is amplified

SSHD or Sequence specific homeopathic DNA

It is now recognized that homeopathic therapies interrelate with the heritable link and intensify the manifestation of many genes.

To develop the drill, the homeopath Drs. Jenaer and Marichal ascertained that DNA molecules with detailed nucleotide arrangements could be utilized to aim at and upkeep the action of genes that endorse health. These fresh discoveries have shown the way to the evolution of SSHD.

 SSHD therapies take notice of lately revealed health-related technical discoveries and outcomes of the Human Genome Task in addition to novel features of DNA that have arisen in latest years.

Role of homeopathic remedies

 Remedies associated with homeopathy modify the health status of folks in quite a few dissimilar ways e.g. they can sort out various symptoms of adverse-health. They also uphold many unrelated configurations of adverse health.

 By and large, homeopathic remedies do not hold any pharmacologically performing substances; as a result, they ought to modify the health features of a person by interrelating with the quantity of genes that are put across in any specific cell or tissue and re-organizing the expression of various genes that influence those particular changes in the health status. This fact is of vital concern for the reason that, in the preceding years, scientific investigations have radically upgraded our perception of genes that promote symptom arrangements of various forms of adverse-health when their manifestation is constrained as well as genes that stimulate symptoms of adverse-health or ailment when their manifestation is amplified.

Nearly twenty years back, the idea that homeopathic remedies could interact with the summation of all the messenger RNA molecules put across from the genes of an organism and induce the manifestation of various genes began to be formerly tackled. Subsequently, various investigations have established that homeopathic therapies do have the ability to upsurge the manifestation of many genes.

Saha and associates learned that specific therapies such as Condurango and Hydrastis Canadensis have the capability to re-organize the manifestation of more than a hundred genes.

 From the viewpoint of health care, this is a very significant statement because, the human genome encloses countless genes that cause ailment as well as those that uphold health and defend against ailment. They also established that each of these remedies can re-organize the expression of a range of quite unalike genes. Dr Jenaer validated that DNA molecules with demarcated nucleotide categorizations, could be used to focus and control the action of numerous health promoting genes.

About Homeopathic DNA

As a matter of fact, DNA has long been in use in order to concoct homeopathic therapies. It is counted in Materia Medicas piled up by practitioners of homeopathy e.g. Dr Julian, Dr. Jenaer etc. {Homeopathic Materia Medica is reference works of resources, which may be used to formulate homeopathic medicines.}

DNA is also incorporated in numerous Homeopathic Pharmacopoeias e.g. the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States

A number of homeopathic DNA therapiesconcocted from DNA of fish (e.g. isolated from the sperms of salmon and herring) or livestock (e.g. isolated from the thymus of a calf) have been subjected to the attesting practice by a number of doctors e.g. Dr Jenaer, Dr Julian, and Robbins etc. Since numerous symptoms of adverse-health are prompted by application of homeopathic DNA products, it appears that homeopathic DNA has the competence to affect various genes that stimulate symptoms of ailment.

On the contrary, subsequent to application of homeopathic DNA, lots of health benefits have been documented by doctors e.g. Dr Suvarna as well as those mentioned earlier. These results sanction that homeopathic DNA can also influence genes that encrypt proteins that sort out many symptoms connected with various configurations of adverse health.  

Ascertained on the influences of application of homeopathic DNA, a mode of acclimatization of the utilization of homeopathic DNA (to affect particular health promoting genes) was established.

Value and Justification of SSHD Therapies

The effectiveness of therapies formulated from homeopathic DNA molecules with demarcated nucleotide categorizations has been acknowledged by the international scientific society since the presentation of DNA molecules with specific arrangements in a homeopathic setting has been allowed a Copyright Likewise, the research of acceptable homeopathic remedies by using DNA molecules with particular arrangements has also been authenticated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulation Agency in the UK.

Centered on these progresses, a wide assortment of SSHD therapies has now been established. The use of these firsthand therapies takes benefit of an extensive assortment of essential methodical breakthroughs that have been revealed during the current years.

Properties of DNA used for the Preparation of SSHD Remedies

Every one DNA molecule that is used to formulate SSHD therapies is in double tressed arrangement. They have an approximately specified size of two hundred to four hundred source duos. They are mass-produced by making use of the classical DNA synthesizing technology in those molecular genetics laboratories, which are best in world; these laboratories make use of the typical DNA manufacturing technology referred to as the polymerase chain reaction.

{The polymerase chain reaction is an expertise in molecular biology that is used to intensify a solitary replica or some replicas of a portion of DNA through numerous orders of enormousness, creating innumerable duplicates of a specific DNA categorization.} The pcr are of particular arrangement, dimension and intensity; as a result, the preparations are regulated and capable of being absolutely replicated. Dissimilar to homeopathic DNA arrangements, they are ensured hazard–free for the reason that they do not hold any DNA categorizations of alien source. The categorization of every single of the SSHD molecules is controlled by reference to the arrangement of the affected genes testified as a result of the Human Genome Project and other trustworthy technical narratives.

The latest SSHD molecules are made potent and absorbed in a watery solution to take benefit of freshly revealed innovative features of DNA. For instance, researchers have established that binary plaited DNA molecules have rare collaborative features in that, in a liquid mixture, they can interconnect with and be fascinated to other DNA molecules with the matching categorization. When automatically motivated, they can also give out sequence specific electromagnetic indicators that can be accepted by DNA molecules with the same arrangement. This DNA facilitated marking cannot be calculated when DNA solutions are thinned more than six C. That is the reason; the SSHD therapies are made use of precisely at strength of six C. It is vital to make out that these extraordinary innovative features of DNA have only been established in DNA molecules that are in binary plaited form and in liquid form.

Remarkably, over countless years, encouraging work by Goodman and contemporaries has revealed that manifestation of several genes can be eagerly increased by the application of electromagnetic marking.

Advantages of the SSHD Remedy System

Constructed on a huge bulk of exploration, SSHD remedies are premeditated to be entirely harmless since they only aim for genes that have been revealed to uphold health and defend against ailment.

Innovative heritable health care detections commonly take between ten to twenty years prior to being transformed into a new formula of management, typically in the form of a medicine. In comparison, the SSHD system is capable of transforming appropriate latest innovations into a harmless mode of treatment without postponement.

 Yardsticks of selections of therapies

There are numerous diverse ways in which genes can stimulate symptoms of adverse health e.g. numerous ailments are triggered by inborn or attained changes in the DNA structure of a gene; and these are referred to as mutations. These mutations (alterations) trigger symptoms of adverse health owing to the creation of a protein that does not operate fittingly.

SSHD cures cannot put an end to ailments initiated by DNA mutations for the reason that they are incapable of changing the hereditary arrangement of DNA.

Conversely, symptoms of many ailments are created when a gene mislays the capacity to create a sufficient quantity of a normal protein; in other words, the gene is not elucidated effectively.

When are SSHD therapies recommended?

SSHD cures are suggested judiciously on the causal process of symptom arrangements that are created when the display level of a specific gene is less than the best possible. They are also commended on the footing of the recognized functions of the genes that they have been premeditated to aim at.

Causes for manifestation of  genes which are less than the highest standard

The manifestation of some genes regresses with age for example KL. Ever since its detection; researchers have revealed that the KL gene (which manufactures the hormone Klotho) performs a very vital part in decelerating the practice of getting old. Scientists have revealed in an animal dummy that decreased action of KL gives rise to speeding up the maturing of various parts, and precisely, disintegration and creasing of skin. These features are absolutely overturned by increase of cellular content of KL.

During recent times, Dr Witkowski and co-staffs revealed that diminished KL action is linked with lessened resistance and amplified vulnerability to growth of misapplied immune reactions.

The Age Well and the Super heart therapies

These researchers revealed that KL performs a significant part in steadying CD4+ helper T lymphocytes, cells that uphold and regulate the movement of the system of resistance of the body. Consequently, in order to safeguard against several ailments, everybody would take advantage by captivating the KL gene targeting SSHD therapy on a perpetual basis, chiefly as they become old. This therapy is referred to as the Age Well therapy. One more KL aiming therapy is known as Super Heart therapy. It is premeditated to upkeep well-being of the heart. There are lot many SSHD therapies in this grouping. In opposition, there are numerous therapies that are advantageous to the whole world when consumed on a perpetual basis without interruption e.g. the amino acid homocysteine, when in extraordinary intensities in the blood, intensifies predisposition to promotion of migraines, heart ailment, atherosclerosis etc. Blood levels of homocysteine are elevated when the activity of the protein MTHFR is diminished. Consequently an innovative SSHD therapy has been established to influence the MTHFR gene to regulate serum levels of homocysteine.  There are various SSHD cures in this classification counting some that are premeditated to assist individuals shun undue increase in weight. In comparison, other therapies are merely needed on a temporary basis e.g. with the inception of bronchial asthma, recommendation of two reasonably dissimilar therapies is justified. One fresh SSHD therapy is premeditated to influence the IL-10 gene. The latter has been revealed to subdue immune constituents of allergy.  The encouraging properties of medicines meant for treatment of bronchial asthma e.g. triamcinolone and montelukast are owing to their capability to intensify the manufacture of IL-10. Conversely, a totally dissimilar non-inflammatory form of bronchial asthma has been exposed lately. More or less a half of bronchial asthma patients may undergo this type of bronchial asthma. It is on account of the decline in the intensity of a protein known as sphingolipid in the confines of the airways. When the volume of sphingolipid in airway cells is decreased, the fences of the airways shrink leading to the commencement of a non-inflammatory type of bronchial asthma that is absolutely non-reactive to immunosuppressive or corticosteroid treatment. Production of Sphingolipid is amplified by the STP1 gene. Consequently co-direction of the therapies that aim at the IL-10 gene, plus the STP1 gene is justified in patients who portray bronchial asthma.

For several years, researchers have sought genes that are implicated in downheartedness. Lately, researchers from the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Germany crafted the exhilarating breakthrough that the gene SLC6A15 was associated with unyielding melancholy.

They established that manifestation of the SLC6A15 gene {which controls glutamate—— the excitatory transmitter of the brain} was decreased in individuals who were rigorously disheartened. Consequently, the SSHD therapy Depress Aid product was established. It aims the SLC6A15 gene which is essentially found in those associated with dejection.

Doctors have often interrogated why it is vital to recognize the function of the genes that are affected by unalike homeopathic medicines. There are numerous explanations, principally since the human genome holds genes that cause an extensive assortment of ailments or make them eviler. Such genes consist of those that encrypt causes that encourage inflammation. The importance of this empathy is demonstrated by orientation to home genetic studies by Hofbauer and contemporaries in book form in Homeopathy. These personnel have revealed that the two homeopathic remedies Nux vomica and Calendula officinalis, therapies frequently recommended to patients with gastritis, diminish manifestation of the HB-EGF gene in gastric cells diseased with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

In order to understand the likely clinical implication of this discovery, it is vital to consider the evidences that H. pylori infection is a source of gastric ulceration and HB-EGF performs a vital part in restoration of injured gastric tissue. Consequently, since Nux vomica and Calendula officinalis have been displayed to decrease the manufacture of HB-EGF in gastric cells diseased with H. pylori; it is likely that application of one or both of these preparations may decelerate the curing of H. pylori prompted gastric ulceration.


The human genetic outline or genome holds almost twenty-five thousand genes; numerous of these trigger an array of ailments or make them poorer when their manifestation is less than the most favorable ones.

 Since homeopathic therapies have been revealed to have the dimensions to modify the manifestation of many genes, it becomes significant to be mindful of which genes are under attack by what therapies. Particular genes that sort out ailments and decrease predisposition to ailments are able to be seeked out by the use of homeopathic DNA molecules that have certain arrangements.

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