How cancer commences

From a healthy cell to a cancer cell

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You wouldn’t believe how many emails we got from cancer patients who have gone through these three phases:

1. The patient had chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

2. The patient is said to have been cleared of cancer

3. A few months later, the cancer has returned and they called that a regression.

In this article will be explained what miscarried and how to disenable cancer to come back.

When we are talking about what creates a cancer we need to consider two different levels.

The first level is the system level, which shows what conditions in the body and the processes have an effect on the cancer growing again and getting out of control, how to have an effect on this problem.

The second level is the origin of cancer at the cellular level and the causes of its origin. In other words, why a healthy cell becomes cancerous.

These two topics are completely different!                   

Scientists can explore how to kill cancer cells or how they transform to the normal cells, but also researchers are interested in why the immune system was weak and why individual healthy cells became cancerous.

Discussion about what causes cancer at the cellular level is a different issue in relation to a story about what creates a cancer at the system level.

So let’s start the exposition of what creates a cancer at the system level.

What generates cancer at the system level

Everyone has cancer cells in its body, so how come that some people has never established diagnosis of cancer while others have?

Cancer always causes the same effects and the same consecutions.

Firstly, bad microbes and parasites enter the organs and make their habitat. Germs generally come from meat that has not been adequately done, but can come from other sources.

Secondly, these microbes intercept glucose which was given to the cells of organs.

Thirdly, the microbes excrete a mycotoxins, which have a high pH value and are entirely worthless for cells.

Fourthly, because the cells in the organs do not get the food they need and because they are overloaded with mycotoxins, the cells in the organs become weak.

Fifthly, the organs are made entirely of cells. If you remove all the cells of the organ, it will not even exist. In other words, if the cells in the body are weak,  the organ becomes weak too.

Sixthly, because one of the organs becomes weak and the immune system becomes weak. Microbes weak immune system directly and indirectly.

Seventhly, because the immune system is weak, it can not destroy enough cancer cells and the growth of cells goes out of control.

To sum up, the root origin of cancer are microbes and parasites that are in organs, colon or bloodstream that weaken the immune system.

Also, other things can cause cancer. For example, vaccination can weaken the immune system with the help of mercury and toxins.

Patients with cancer who have microbes in organs also have germs in the bloodstream. The question is how microbes that are found in the organs and the microbes that are found in the bloodstream will weaken the immune system. One thing is certain,  parasites in people with cancer are found in organs.

When we consider all these facts, there are three basic ways to cure cancer:

1. Secure destruction of cancer cells

2. Destruction of microbes inside the cancer cells and cancer cells return to normal

3. Destruction of microbes that make the immune system weak including microbes in the organs and bloodstream.

More specifically, without this third step cancer will certainly return.

The reader may wonder whether there are natural cancer treatments that are specifically prepared to identify and destroy microbes in the organs? The answer is YES. Photon protocol designed by Ed Skilling Institute is designed to identify the microbes that are involved in organs and in which individual case.

Experts from Ed Skilling Institute make individual nutritional protocol for every patient to destroy certain microbes so that the immune system can return all back to normal. The immune system can cope with cancer. They also combined electro-medicine protocol Photon,  a device that also kills large numbers of microbes, improves lymph system, restores energy weak cells to maintain patients in their lives or to reduce their weaknesses, creating nitrogen oxides. Photon protocol contains two Photon devices and an individual nutritional protocol. Each of these devices is extremely expensive but helps a cancer patients to solve microbes and also strengthen weak patients.

Arranging the original problem of the cancer occurence

While many natural treatments for cancer affect the cancer very well, what is missing is a natural anti-cancer protocol which resolve of microbes in the organs which are the main problem of the emergence of cancer. Liver cleaners and special preparations will be required to affect the microbes and parasites. The fact is that many natural anti-cancer treatments have a good effect on these microbes.

When we get rid of microbes in the organs, we also strengthen cells and the immune system, reduce the number of cancer cells, and we are on track to prevent the cancer to come back. The patient is cured because its immune system is recovered and the number of cancer cells is reduced. The cancer will not return as long as the patient takes care of its diet. From the perspective of modern medicine, the immune system weakens with the help of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. These methods create imbalance and even worse, these treatments affect the immune system and do little to destroy cancer cells and even worse job of destroying microbes in the body. The methods of classical medicine will also kill healthy cells, the lymph system. Almost every time the cancer has returned after radiation or surgery. This is called regression. The only question is, how the amputating of a breast affects the recovery of the immune system? Many times it was confirmed that the cancer CANNOT BE AMPUTATED!

For this reason it is no wonder that many alternative methods of treating cancer have a higher success rate compared to traditional medicine. Many natural treatments include boosters of the immune system, and treatments that kill cancer cells. Some protocols also include cleaning the blood from germs, which also can improve the immune system. Cancerous diseases can not be cut off and with cancer not coming back because you have not fixed the origin of cancer and the source of origin needs to be fixed. Even in natural medicine cancer may return. Many natural treatments for cancer, whether destroying cancer cells or returning them back to normal, have a high degree of regression.

One of the reasons is one that we have already been discussing, the microbes in the organs and bloodstream are not identified and destroyed. In other words, even carcinogenic natural treatments that kill cancer cells or return them to a normal state, may have a relapse of cancer! If natural treatment does not cure the root of cancer by cleaning the blood and organs, especially which are infected by microbes and parasites, cancer can return.

What causes cancer at the cellular level

Until now we have analyzed what is causing cancer at the system level. We will now analyze the factors which are affecting the individual cells to become cancerous. Many cancer cells are created by stem cells dividing and creating two independent cancer cells. The following is an explanation of how normal cells that are not cancerous becomes such. In normal cells, the molecules of ATP are producing electricity for cell. ATP molecules are produced in the mitochondria that are within every human cell. There are thousands of mitochondria within each human cell.

The only definition of cancer cells is low ATP energy. Normal process of creating ATP molecule has been simplified:

1. The glucose enters the blood stream cells

2. Part of the glucose is converted to pyruvate

3. Pyruvate enters the mitochondria

4. Once you enter the mitochondria, pyruvate begins two chemical reactions. In these chemical reactions ATP molecules are created in normal cells. Cancer cells take 15 times more glucose than normal cells.   It would be expected that cancerous cells produce 15 times more ATP molecules.

But the real situation is that cancerous cells produces zero ATP molecules! Cancer cells almost no ATP molecules. Why cancer cells use 15 times more glucose and produce neglecting amount of ATP molecules? What blocks the production of ATP molecules is very unique pleomorphic bacteria that is located inside the cancer cells.

Independent research cancer Foundation believes that the microbe Helicobacter pylori in some cases Fusobacterium may be involved, since we know that it is located inside the cancer cells.

Since we all have H. pylori bacteria in our bodies, how comw that H. pylori is inside healthy cells? In fact it does not enter healthy cells.

Another way that these bacteria can enter the cell is because of tobacco which has a lot of substances that deplete the cell membrane they can settle inside the cell. Do not forget though we all have cancer cells, we also have the immune system.

So how do the bacteria blocks the production of ATP molecules and turns the cell into a cancerous?

In 2004. It was found a model that is still topical.

First, bacteria is feeding on glucose in the cell and it takes more and more glucose. This means less production of pyruvate because there is less glucose. It also means there will be fewer ATP molecules produced. Second, microbes release mycotoxins, which are highly toxic and that would be useless for the organism.

Instead of mitochondria swimming in the sea of pyruvat, it swims in the sea of microtoxins!

Both cycles have shown that mitochondria do not receive a sufficient amount of pyruvat. Both cycles block the production of ATP molecules in mitochondria.

This microbe is different in size and shape. This microbe can literally be smaller than viruses. Many people think that microbes and fungi produce cancer, but the truth is that a cell wall permeability and a large concentration of pleomorphic bacteria create cancer.

Scientists claim that the damaged DNA is a source of cancer, and damage was inflicted by the actions of a large number of microbes. This is similar to the claim and that the smoke creates fire. Damaged DNA of cancerous cells originated from the high concentration of pleomorphic bacteria that blocks the production of ATP molecules. In particular, this bacteria affects many processes that transform healthy cells into cancerous cells, it protects cancer cells from the immune system, and spreads the cancer throughout the body.

Claims of scientists, which finance the pharmacological industry, are that DNA damage is not cause cancer. In any case, since they do not have enough energy cancerous cells are very weak. Since cancer cells steal glucose rest of the body and healthy body cells becomes very ill.

Many cancer researchers, whose work was started 100 years ago far in 1890, isolated and proved that cancer is caused by microbes, but at that time they could not understand how microbes actually affect the cell to become cancerous.

Cancerous microbes are found inside and outside cancer cells. One reason is the multiplication of cell by division and in that occasion microbes are leaving cancerous cells. Germs travel through the body creating new colonies of cancer cells from the parent colony. Melanoma, uterine cancer, and sarcomas are spreading around the body in this manner.

This is just the beginning.

Cancerous microbes also emit enzymes outside the cancer cells. These enzymes block the immune system to identify cancerous cell.

It has been discovered that pancreatic enzyme produced by the pancreas can block the enzymes of bacteria so the immune system may identify and destroy cancerous cells.

When the patient takes pancreatic enzymes he should not eat meat and dairy products as well as sugar.

Scary is the observation of Dr. Matthias Rath, who discovered that these microbes and their enzymes destroy tissue and prepare it so the cancer could spread more easily through tissue.

The sum is that the emergence of cancer at the system level is caused by an imbalance between the power of the immune system and the number of cancerous cells. At this level, many things can cause cancer, especially those that weaken the immune system. Weak immune system is almost always caused by microbes and parasites that live inside the body, but it is not the rule that they are inside the cancerous cells.

The cancer at the cellular level is caused by the very special microbes which are within the cancer cells. These amazing microbes do many amazing things that help cancer cells to harm the body nut also protect themselves.

It may also be noted that cancer cells release large amounts of lactic acid, and take high amounts of glucose. Lactic acid goes directly into the bloodstream and reaches the liver. The liver converts glucose into lactic acid. This is a real ping pong ball which goes in a circle, where cancerous cells convert glucose into lactic acid and liver converts the lactic acid back into glucose, it is also called milk circuit.

This circuit kills about half of all cancer patients because a lot of energy is spent on each end of the circuit. The patient becomes very weak and eventually dies.

Influencing the milk circuit is the main effort in the treatment of cancer. In that may be included hydrazine sulfate Methyl-Sulphonal-Methane which helps to expel the excess of lactic acid, D-Ribose to bring and increase energy in healthy cells.

What causes cancer at the cellular level 2

In ‘’What causes cancer’’ chapter – cellular level part 1, we talked about how microbes descend ATP energy, which represents the basic definition of cancer cells.

There are other things which can put down ATP energy. In this section we will talk about a few things that can create a cancerous cell.

The first thing are chemicals. When the chemicals enter the cell, they damage or destroy a large number of mitochondria. There are other ways chemicals can affect the production of ATP and that is their involvement in the chemical chain reactions that produce ATP.

Another thing is DNA damage. Classical medicine claims that all cancerous diseases are caused by DNA damage. That’s total nonsense. Cancerous diseases caused by DNA damage are not at all common.

We agree that some cancerous diseases are caused by DNA damage.

For example, let’s take BRCA2 genes. Assume that BRCA2 genes are damaged by chemicals or GMO food, or from any other causes.

When individual DNA divides, all daughter cells will have the same genetic disorder.

In the cells genes are the chart according to which enzymes and proteins are produced. If the genes are damaged, enzymes and  proteins will be defective. Everything that happens in the cells is controlled by a protein. There are proteins workers,  monitor proteins and so on. If their roles are disturbed, one or more chemical reactions in the cell can be disrupted. This means that the ATP production is also damaged.

If ATP production is disturbed and decreased that means that the cells became cancerous. So how deformed genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 cause cancer? We do not know how and where their deformed enzymes block production of ATP.

They cannot block the entire production because the cell would disintegrate.

Immune system part 1

A normal person would be diagnosed with cancer for a lifetime. The reason is that there is a normal balance between his immune system and the number of cancer cells that are not out of control.

What most people do not understand is how sophisticated immune system actually works. In fact, it is very rare that someone’s immune system is fully functioning correctly, which is why so little is known about the power of the immune system.

Natural medicine can raise the immune system to a very high point. Classical medicine is never overlaps with the work of natural medicine, but modern medicine controls 99.99% of the money that is allocated for medicine and research. Although much is known about how one can improve the immune system with the help of natural medicine, very little is known about how the immune system actually looks like when it is brought to the maximum.

When the immune system is fully functioning that person CANNOT GET CANCER! This is the scenario that modern medicine doesn’t want to see.

What we know is that the immune system produces two main anti-cancer molecules interleukin and interferon. These molecules are also called neuropeptides and nerve proteins. There are over 2000 different types of neuropeptides in the body, many are completely unknown.

Interleukin and interferon, and a number of other neuropeptides are completely lethal to cancer cells.

The biggest problem is when human body doesn’t produce the optimal amount of these neuropeptides or when it produces a very small amount.

The reason are microbes, but not those same ones which live in the cancer cells, they live outside of cancer cells. A healthy person has about 900 grams of microbes in the bloodstream and other parts of the body. These are microbes that affect the immune system to produce the neuropeptides.

Immune system part 2

For many years it has been known that some herbs and natural substances help in building and improving the immune system. Many fungi and mushrooms have been proven to be boosters for the immune system.

One of the promising compositions is a Beta-1, 3D Glucan

This preparation contains:

Beta-glucan – polysaccharide that build the immune system

Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms – antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, support the work of cells

Cordyceps – polysaccharides, sterols

Insitol Hexaphosphate – anticancer

Beta Sitosterol – phytoserol

Olive leaf extract – the antivirus, antifungal, antibacterial

This is a list of other boosters for the immune system:

1. Beta 1,3D Glucan

2. IP6

3. Organic germanium

4. MG3N / MGN-3

5. AHCC supplement

6. Immune FX

7. Zeolites

8. Aloe

9. Moducare

10. Garlic

11. RM-10 Ultra

12. Oncolyn

13. Artemisinin

14. Liquid oxygen for oxidation

There are several ways to cure cancer:

1. You can very easily destroy cancer cells by using artemisinin or vitamin B17

2. You can very easily kill microbes with DMSO, MSM also read more about DMSO / CD protocol here

3. You can kill germs in the bloodstream by increasing the production of interleukin and this can be done with beta-glucan

4. You can destroy microbes in organs in order to strengthen the immune system

5. You can improve the immune system with herbal dietary supplements and their compounds which destroy parasites and microbes.

6. You can block the circuit of lactic acid with hydrazine sulfate and Methyl-Sulphonal-Methane.

7. You can enrich the healthy cells with vitamins and minerals, you can also increase their energy with D-ribose.

8. You can destroy the protection around cancer cells with pancreatic enzyme.

The classical treatment for cancer may comprise three or four items from the list, but in the ideal case all eight of them.

Cancer is a system disease. It emerges with the help of microbes found in the organs which weaken the immune system and also with microbes inside cancer cells which reduce production of ATP.

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