How to make the Budwig diet mixture ?

Here is an account of the focal point of Budwig modus operandi known as the Budwig Muesli (a concoction of oats and other cereals, dried fruit, and nuts, consumed with milk at breakfast.) Here is the simple formula. It must be made fresh every day and can be fine-tuned in various regards to suit individual taste.

Ingredients of Budwig diet

Two tablespoons of recently milled entire flax seeds

Three tablespoons of flax oil

100 gram organic cottage cheese containing little fat; you can also attempt to employ cheese prepared from cow/ goat milk; or low-fat yogurt prepared at home. One more choice is Goats milk which is stress-free to assimilate.

One tablespoon of uncontaminated unprocessed honey

Numerous seasonings such as vanilla, cinnamon, lemon juice, orange juice, bananas etc.

Half or full mug of varied fruits existent in any season particularly berries which contain Ellagic Acid (which defends the body against materials which produce malignancy). It also assists to eradicate malignant cells, preventing the development of malignant growths.


Initially, place the crushed flax seeds in the lowermost of a container. The flax seed should be pounded to a level less delicate than a powder. In another container (using a soaking food processor) combine the flax oil with cottage cheese to the stage, when no oil is apparent in the concoction. The oil must be entirely melted into the cottage cheese. A standard mixer should not be used for the reason that the blend will get caught underneath the edges of its knives. It is better to blend by means of your hands which should be clean. In case the blend is excessively dense, never put in water / juice while mixing; instead add honey and blend thoroughly. Subsequently, include other seasonings like cinnamon, vanilla, uncontaminated cocoa, ragged coconut, apple sauce or lemon juice (without sugar). Dish out this jumble over flax seeds and fruit. You may relish with the following:


Brazil nuts

Macadamia nuts


Don’t use peanuts at all.

By no means use any sort of sugar.

At no time, use corn syrup.

Don’t use aspartame (not only it causes loss of sight but also destruction of nerves)

Eradicate any additives comprising tough fat in your food.

It is preferable to use everything organic (including organic cold pressed flax seed oil)

Make certain to breathe in fresh air (because delivering more oxygen to the brain through enhanced breathing mends intellectual functioning)

Ensure sun bathing for ten to twenty minutes every day.

This blend is worthy for the brain as well as the body owing to the simple reason that the flaxseed oil is permitted to go into the blood circulation from where it is disseminated to all the cells of the body. In the body, this blend serves to re-establish the electrical charges of the cells causing them to be strong, resilient and more efficient. This is because when the strings of the body are exhausted of proper electrical charges, the whole body begins to operate below par. Revitalizing the body mends the dynamism of the system and thus the temperament and intellectual aptitudes. It also increases the performance of lungs, even if somebody is distressed with respiratory ailments. The reason is that the blend of oil/dairy products serves to hydrate the dehydrated lubricant in the lungs and the secretions which were stuck in the lungs earlier are then expelled.

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