In the jungles of the Amazon a cure for cancer has been discovered

Is science going to disclose the plant graviola’s (Annona muricata) secret, pulling its origins from Central and South America, which is more and more used in alternative medicine for treating some cancers, professional and lay public are looking for response. According to expert estimates, graviola selectively kills cancer cells much more effectively than some drugs for chemotherapy.

Its healing properties

According to an American producer of drugs laboratory tests, graviola’s extract kills malignant cells of 12 types of cancer, among others, cancer of colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreas. Compounds which graviola tree consists of, according to some discoveries, are up to 10,000 times stronger than the adriamycin which is often used in chemotherapy. As opposed to conventional drugs, graviola does not harm healthy cells. While treating cancer graviola operates on multiple levels: it eradicates cancer cells, there are no harmful side effects, revitalizes the body, shields the immune system and so on.

Graviola grows in Mexico, the Caribbean, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. There is also a sub-Saharan African countries and Southeast Asia. This plant lives in areas of high humidity where the winters are relatively warm because it does not put up with temperatures below five degrees Celsius. Graviola has a pleasurable, sweet taste that is compared with the combination of pineapple and strawberry, and because of its composition reminds of coconut or banana. The fruit of graviola can be eaten in its original form, or as a juice. Leaves, bark, fruit and graviola seeds are all used in the treatment.

Except that it helps in cancer treatment, graviola has other healing properties – kills some types of bacteria, fungi and parasites. South American Indians who live in the area where it grows graviola use all the parts of this tree (the bark, leaves, root, seed), among others, to treat heart disease, asthma, arthritis and liver problems.

Hidden from the public

Right after discovering some healing properties of graviola, the pharmaceutical industry has tried to grab it for itself but they were facing a bit of a problem: under the law, natural ingredient or plant cannot be patented! Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry has lost the chance to get enormous amounts of profit from this natural drug extract, however, this industry has not given up on graviola – in their laboratories they are trying to synthesize the most powerful graviola compound which destroys cancer cells. However, graviola fruit, at least for now, cannot be artificially produced. After investing millions of dollars in research, pharmacists stepped back from the project, keeping confidential all information about the graviola benefits. Yet, research, although for years inaccessible to the public which was published in the Journal of Natural Products after a study conducted in South Korea, confirmed that graviola selectively kills cancer cells. The only possible side effect in graviola usage, which is connected with high concentrations of Annonacin, is associated with some atypical forms of Parkinson’s disease. Researchers have the task of fully investigating this interesting plant and, if they get positive results, to make this natural product – medicament, available to cancer patients. This herb also helps patients in a way that elevates mood and dispels negative energy. It is very good because it restores the damaged cells and increases the efficiency of cellular energy flow. It is highly recommended by science to use preventively this herb’s extract. After a short time even the healthy ones feel change, increased energy, better mood and better and quicker thinking. It is extremely efficient against depression, insomnia and many other psychological disorders.

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