Indole 3 carbinol cures hormonally induced cancer

It represents a fact of great interest that some pharmaceutical companies in the beginning of 2010 invested great amounts of money in the discovering and producing synthetic compounds which would be similar to indole 3 carbinol. In the future this compound ought to be the primary medication in treating various severe illnesses such as arthritis and even cancer. In the future, indole 3 carbinol ought to be much more effective and it might even represent a more suitable replacement for tamoxifen. “Indole 3 carbinol” you quite possibly don’t find interesting as a name and quite possibly you have never heard anything about it, but it is extremely significant in the treatment of the cancerous disease and in the following you’ll see why:

In one of the latest research the hypothesis was successfully confirmed which states that women who consume tamoxifen are quite able to ingest lower dose of this drug under the condition they take indole 3 carbinol with it and the exact same results can be achieved. In this way, patients have decreased adverse effects while taking tamoxifen. Indole 3 carbinol finds its place in broccoli, cauliflower and other vegetables. This compound possesses various anticancer effects but during the cooking various anti-cancer effects are simply lost. Countless studies have proved anti-cancer properties of indole 3 carbinol. From 1990 to the present day, was made about 120 scientific studies on the preparation indole 3 carbinol and its impact on cancerous diseases such as breast cancer, respiratory system and certain types of female cancers such as cancer of the uterus and ovaries caused by increased concentration of estrogen. By using between 200 and 400mg per day in the early stages of the disease, 8 out of 17 women, were completely cured! Beside the indole 3 carbinol, there’s also another highly effective preparation DIM about which we wrote in one of the previous articles Profusely bleeding during the menstrual cycle – herbal treatment that has an effect in line with the previously mentioned preparation. Combining both of them, it was increased the amount of indole 3 carbinol in the blood system compared to the situation in which wasn’t consumed DIM. Both preparations are antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. During the research it was found that these two products very well neutralize the negative effects of the HPV virus and reduce the risk of cancer in people who have this disease. These two products can also cleanse the body of chemicals that appear due to HPV disease, that are called dioxins, and prevent the occurrence of DNA damage. This damage is one of the reasons for deformation of cancer cells and we’ve written about it in the article What causes cancer.

The activity of these two products does not end here. These two products affect cancerous diseases,  that are caused by elevated levels of estrogen and hormonal disorders, reversibly. With these cancerous disorders oestradiol tied to cell receptors, and made the breakdown inside of cells, altering their structure and transforming them into cancerous. Indole 3 carbinol and DIM change oestradiol from very aggressive structures, which I mentioned above, to the bearable and much fainter form that does not distort micro cellular set and cell metabolism. Oestradiol is a carcinogen that affects the creation of cancerous cells and also affects the development of cancer and is directly linked with prostate cancer, cancer of the breast, ovary and uterus. Also, these two products directly affect receptors and modify them on the cell membrane so that during detection of oestradiol these receptors do not create chaos inside the cells and do not alter their structure and also do not contribute to any changes that cause the formation of cancer cells. These two products have many effects on cancerous diseases in which estrogen is not directly involved as an initiator of cancer. Just to note that DIM has the ability to, with already formed cancer cells, indicate again the activity of p21 gene that prevents DNA synthesis when creating new cancer cells. In this way, the DIM prevents the formation and growth of cancer. Also, the impact of both products decreased HIF-1 alpha, which is directly associated with angiogenesis and the formation of micro-capillaries. These two preparations reduced development of cancer in breast cancer, prostate cancer, lymphoma and liver , impacting directly on the Cdc25A molecule which is responsible for the progression and development of these diseases. Scientific research has successfully demonstrated that these two compounds equally affect the cancers caused by some other factor compared to cancerous diseases caused by estrogen.

Indole 3 carbinol very effectively suppresses the operation of the HPV virus in the pre-cancerous stages of the virus. There is evidence that this product affects the development of respiratory papillomas. Researchers have proven that it protects the liver very well and its most significant discovery is its reversible effect on the development of liver cancer in which cancer cells become healthy and tumor development is completely reduced. Indole 3 carbinol has also impact on the decrease of the production of many enzymes that are directly connected to certain carcinogenic processes. This composition reduces the concentration of alpha toxins in the body that are distinct carcinogen and that directly affect the occurence and development of cancer. Also indole 3 carbinol affects apoptosis – the process in which cancer cells are doing the self-destruction. As mentioned  above types of cancerous diseases that have both direct and indirect connections with hormone imbalance and that indole 3 carbinol and DIM have a strong influence replacing many strong drugs that have a large number of side effects. It should be noted that these two products are very good at problem solving and regulation of hormonal disorders and which in women can cause many problems such as heavy menstrual periods, outflow, cysts and disorders of the endometrial area.

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