Juice recipes for liver cleansing

The liver has very important role during the food digestion. It is located on the left side of the abdomen below the ribs. Liver is responsible for the maintenance of many functions in the body. It produces the bile that helps in body fat reduction. It has a very important role in maintaining normal blood sugar levels, keeping the fat and iron in the body. It’s also included in the production of proteins in the body. Liver diseases represent a wide range of disorders, infections and conditions which can affect the tissue and cells of the liver. These disorders can also affect the liver structure and lead to stopping of body functionality because of poor living and can lead to the aggregation of toxins in the body that are not refined. Juices detoxifiers help during overcoming these problems and they are also of great help during liver cleansing. For  blood count improvement and the impact of the fruit of a plant for treatment and cleaning of the liver read this article.

Grapefruit juice for liver cleansing:

– Boiled and cooled water 500 ml

– Fresh lemons 6 pcs.

– Ginger root 10cm

– Grapefruit 3 pcs.

– Linseed oil 3 tablespoons

– Cloves of garlic 4 pcs.

– Cumin powder 4 tablespoons

– The leaves of fresh mint 5 pcs.


Squeeze the lemon and grapefruit and put the juice aside. Grind the ginger and garlic and add a little water. Combine these two juice with flaxseed oil and the cumin and stir it for one minute. Stir all of this with the rest of water. Pour the juice into a glass and decorate it with fresh mint leaves.

This juice supplies the liver with all the necessary vitamins and ejects and cleans toxins from the liver.

Liver cleansing juice made of vegetables:

– Fresh cabbage 125g

– Lemon 1pc.

– Celery 25g

– Fresh pears 250g

– Ginger root 5cm

– Purified water 500ml

– Fresh mint 5 leaves

Chop the cabbage, celery, ginger and pears into small pieces and squeeze juice from them together with a glass of water. Add lemon juice into formerly squeezed juice and decorate it with mint leaves. Mix all of this with remaining water.

Cabbage, celery, ginger and pears are the best detoxifiers. And they help in the healthy development of the liver and stable maintenance of metabolism and also cleanse toxins from the body.

Ultimate liver cleanser:

– Distilled water 300 ml

– Large grapefruit 2 pcs.

– Linseed oil 2 tablespoons

– Lemon 4 pcs.

– Fresh ginger root 10cm

– Fresh garlic 2 cloves


Mix all these ingredients together. Previously clean them and put them in the blender to chop up. Blend them for one minute without stopping. Mix obtained content with distilled water.

In these basic enzymes are beneficial nutrients that positively affect the liver and also cleanse it of toxins.

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