Modified Citrus Pectin blocks metastasis and cancer

Maryland School of Medicine researchers have announced information after their studies on the way of how specifically modified citrus pectin affects cancerous diseases. Mentioned studies examine the operation of the MCP as well as chemotherapy, also adapting and boosting the immune system, purifying the organism from toxins and heavy metals and blocking protein galectin-3, as well as its influence in stopping the development and creation of metastases in the organism.

Modified citrus pectin possesses extremely strong activity against numerous mechanisms which are related to metastasis of cancer, pollution and purifying the organism from heavy metals, and with the operation of blocking galectin-3 protein which represents the cause of various severe diseases – said Isaac Eliaz the leader of research team. The basic concept of the mentioned composition is that it has way too long fibers and a complex molecular structure and, as it’s like that, it could not be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Even though it had extremely good results in getting rid of the digestive tract problems as well as the immune system ones, it could not be assumed how many novelties will bring its new modified version in which the fibers are way shorter and which therefore has been provided with complete absorption in the human organism. A modified version of the citrus pectin successfully stopped and controlled metastatic melanoma, prostate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. The results were published in several recent studies which also confirmed that this preparation directly affects angiogenesis. With angiogenesis blocking was achieved the stopping of development of metastasis in the body.

This product has successfully induced apoptosis in cancer cells. Apoptosis is a programmed death of cancer cells. In one study, it is demonstrated that this compound supports the apoptosis of androgen-dependent and androgen independent prostate cancer disease. Scientists have proven that this product makes chemotherapy more effective. MCP makes cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapy, and also when exposed to body radiation, this medicine makes the body more durable and more resistant to the effects of radiation.

This is a natural blocker of galectin-3, a protein that is directly associated with the progression of metastases in the body and their development. This protein is also associated with various cardiac abnormalities and problems of the heart muscle, liver problems, kidney disease. Galectin-3 protein helps cancer cells to literally hook on the tissue and thus to metastasize, multiplying uncontrollably. Modified citrus pectin reduces the concentration of the protein and blocks its production. In this case there can be no attachment of cancer cells that literally float in the body and bloodstream until their final extinction, and cannot lead to the formation of metastases.

This preparation also demonstrated the influence during the development of the immune system and during the activity of the immune system. Also, it successfully helps the body to cleanse itself of heavy metals. The therapeutic effects of this preparation proved to be very important during the treatment of many chronic diseases and cancer. Operating multiple mechanisms, this preparation has shown remarkable results even in the most sustainable types of cancer. Worldwide, this preparation is successfully used by 12 million people suffering from various forms of cancer with a successful outcome. Combined with other preparations, for example with products that kill cancer cells directly or indirectly affect the delivery of energy to cancerous diseases, the composition is one of the carrier in order to stop the spread and progression of cancer.

The preparation can be found here: Modified Citrus Pectin

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