Nutritional Protocol for weak people

Cancer patients who are weak are required to use special protocols to improve their state, eradicate cancer cells and restore healthy energy.

In this particular article I will also explain how the body loses energy and why people suffering from cancer are extremely weak and look undernourished even though they consume sufficient amounts of protein. In the following I will focus on the preparations which help weak patients restore their energy.

Are people who are weak allowed to eat meat and fish?

Numerous times I’ve had contact with patients who thought they were not allowed to eat meat and fish. I always explain that they can and should use them until they are strong.

This is a successful method for restoring energy and preparations which are used and combined are:

One, the most important one in the nutritional protocol which returns power to the patient is Low-Dose Naltrexone, or LDN and alpha lipoic acid, or ALA. These two compounds, in very short time, return energy to the patient.

ALA and LDN should be used together.

LDN dose ranges between 1.5 mg and 4.5 mg per day. Larger doses are generally the best. ALA dose is 100mg once or twice a day and it is taken with the vitamin B-50. 800 mg dose can be taken in a very critical condition. If the dose of ALA is too high it can lead to the lack of thiamine.

Two, another good product for greater energy in the cells is Eniva Vibe Liquid.

Three, product Cellfood. This product contains 78 different mineral, 34 enzymes and 17 amino acids. It is incredible energy producer.

It should be used carefully up to 20 drops twice a day. Higher doses can be used if needed.

Four, MSM and vitamin C. The weakness is almost always directly associated with high levels of lactic acid in the blood caused by the circle of lactic acid. For in-depth understanding of this definition and many others related to the formulation of the problem with people suffering from cancer you can read the article How cancer starts.

Vitamin C is used to clean the germs from the bloodstream. Vitamin C can pass the lactic acid blockade and bring greater amounts of good materials to weak cells which are not cancerous.

Read a good article on the use of MSM preparations

Five, one of the things you can buy in stores of sports supplements is D-ribose, which is an energy bomb. It can also pass the lactic acid blockade. It is the building element of the energy molecule ATP.

Six, it is very good to ingest quality mineral supplement with liquid magnesium and phosphorus. The recommendation is product Real Salt

Seven, the use of iodine 5% concentration. One drop for every 50 kilograms.

Eight, honey with plants is a great way to feed the healthy cells. Honey in this case is the food to the cells while the plants are affecting the cancer.

Recommended combinations are recommended:

1. Honey with curcumin

2. Honey with ginger

3. Honey with cinnamon

All three mixtures can kill germs that create cancer and live in the cancer cells.

When it comes to honey, the darker it is the better  and more quality product it is.

The highest quality cinnamon is Vietnamese. Also, when it comes to cinnamon, cinnamon oil may be used as well.

Nine, pressed vegetables and vegetable juices are still one of the best ways to increase energy. The juice of carrots and beets, by itself,  cured many people. This combination can also help weak people to restore energy.

Ten, is quercetin. This preparation combined with green tea kills cancer cells. It has antioxidant properties.

All previously mentioned products influence the circle of lactic acid and are not connected with the production or processing of lactic acid in one and at the other end.

The most important characteristic is that they do not fall into a vicious circle of lactic acid, to kill cancer cells or to transform them into healthy ones by cleansing and destroying large amounts of microbes.

The water will always pass the blockade of lactic acid. All homeopathic products “pretend”  that they are water and thus pass the blockade of lactic acid which thinks that these products are water.

DMSO and MSM help the body get rid of the excess of lactic acid.

More about the preparation DMSO you can read in the article DMSO and its anticancer properties.

The main cause of the patient’s weakness is a closed circuit between cancer cells and liver which consumes incredibly large amounts of energy and releases large amounts of lactic acid in the bloodstream. Cancer cells consume enormous amounts of glucose, up to 15 times more than normal, and release lactic acid that builds up in the body. The liver processes lactic acid, and  convertes it into glucose which is used again by the cancer cells. This vicious cycle consumes a lot of energy and exhaustes the body of the patient.

The best drug for blocking this circuit is hydrazine sulfate.

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