Oil-protein nutrition as a cure

Dr. Johanna Budwig, a German well known biochemist, in the 20th century fifties has created oil-protein nutrition which can aid the healing various severe diseases. This scientist wrote more than 10 books and two of which were translated to our language – “Cancer – problem and solution” and “Oil-Protein cook.” Because of her research, Dr. Budwig was nominated for six Nobel Prizes.

It’s all nutrition’s fault

Dr. Budwig believed that cancer, like the majority of diseases, was in general caused by improper nutrition, actually by the improper processing of food and oil, the most of all is oil overheating. This story dr. Budwig began after she had discovered that the blood of cancer patients is missing some essential ingredients for the human body, such as phosphatides and lipoproteins. She realized that these components should be replaced for disease to withdraw. Lack of phosphatides and lipoproteins is directly related to the lack of oxygen in the cells, so Dr. Budwig started the searc for a method which will bring back the oxygen to the body. She realized that this can be accomplished by combination of certain foods and she created a special diet, which is now called ‘’The Budwig diet’’ or ‘’The Budwig protocol.’’

Linseed oil and fresh cheese

The diet consists of taking flaxseed oil with a fresh non-fat cheese. It is important to take them together in order to achieve its full effect. This seemingly simple nutrition activates the vital functions of cells. This is achieved by taking the natural unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, which contains linseed oil. They, when mixed with fresh non-fat cow’s-milk cheese, become soluble in water. These two main ingredients are combined with other healthy food – organic fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains such as rice, buckwheat and millet, spices, teas and honey.

The Budwig protocol

The daily amount for those with severe disease is 40 to 50 grams of flaxseed oil mixed with 100 grams of low-fat fresh cheese daily. The mixture can be eaten at once or spread out in several meals. If you choose a meal, it is necessary to prepare the mixtureevery time again , because as the time is passing by, they lose beneficial properties. If you do not like cheese, you can use yogurt or kefir, but they need to be put three times as much. Oil and cheese must be blended really well so it is good to use a hand blender. Once you mix them, for better flavor, you can add fresh fruit, ground hazelnuts or a teaspoon of honey. Furthermore, it is important to also eat freshly ground flax seeds because they contain some ingredients which oil doesn’t. Dr. Budwig with her oil-protein diet recommends sunlight therapy, avoiding stress and toxins, and usage of Eldi oils (electrical lean oil). The combination of all of those should help our body to heal from serious illnesses.

The diet for sick and healthy people

Her protocol has been used to treat cancer, heart disease and blood vessels, diabetes and other diseases. Where conventional medications didn’t help, her therapy has proven to be successful. But this kind of nutrition is not reserved only for people with serious diseases. The dr. Budwig diet also acts as a preventive measure and is recommended for healthy people who are exposed to the efforts, and also everyone else.

Some of the important rules in Budwig protocol:

  • drink lot of fluids, even three liters a day
  • eat raw fruits and vegetables
  • drink freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables
  • eat nuts,  without frying!
  • sweet food is forbidden!
  • red meat is forbidden!
  • eat a moderate amount of wholemeal pasta and whole-wheat bread
  • daily time in the sun is very important (up to an hour)
  • walk 30 to 60 minutes every day

What is not allowed

When it come to fat, you may only use coconut oil and flaxseed oil which must be cold pressed and unrefined. Coconut oil can be heated, because it does not produce harmful ingredients that way, but not flaxseed oil; it can only be added at the end of the meal preparation. Avoid meat and meat products, sugar, cakes and pastries, pasta, canned foods and animal fats. Sugar is expressly prohibited and sweetening can be achieved using stevia, honey or fruit juice. Diet defends also seafood because it’s full of toxins, and all pesticides and chemicals should be avoided, even those in products for the home and cosmetics. Instead, for the cleaning you can use natural ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda. Do not prepare food in the microwave or on teflon or aluminum cookware, but use stainless steel, enamel and glassware.

When the results appear?

The results should be felt after a few weeks, and serious illness should subside within one to five years. Budwig recommends that after the withdrawal of the disease we should continue with this diet to prevent relapse. Two books of Johanna Budwig have been translated and are available to us. In the book “Cancer – problem and solution,” Dr. Budwig explains her theory of way of treatment and in the book “The Oil-Protein cook” you can find many of her recipes. Johanna Budwig’s books can be purchased in bookstores.

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