Outline of your valuable immune system

 Your immune system is intended to protect your body contrary to unfamiliar or risky attackers. Such intruders consist of

Germs { bacteria, viruses, and fungi}

Scroungers (e.g. worms)

Malignant cells

All the more so transplanted organs and tissues

To protect the body against these attackers, your immune system must be able to differentiate between

What is familiar  to your body

What is strange to your the body

Any materials that are recognized as strange kindle an immune reaction in the body. Such materials are referred to as antigens.

A normal immune reaction involves identifying a possibly dangerous strange antigen, triggering and organizing forces to guard against it, and striking it. If the immune system is at fault and miscalculates familiar for strange, it may assault the body’s individual tissues, initiating an autoimmune disorder (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, thyroiditis, or systemic lupus erythematous).

 Ailments of your immune system happen when:

1.Your body produces an immune reaction contrary to itself (an autoimmune disorder)

2.Your body cannot produce suitable immune reactions contrary to attacking microbes (an immunodeficiency disorder)

3.An unnecessary immune reaction to frequently innocent unfamiliar antigens which harms normal tissues (an allergic reaction.)

Your body has a succession of resistances such as:

Physical barriers—These serve as the leading line of protection against attackers. Examples of physical barriers are as follows:

The skin

The cornea of  eyes,

 Membranes coating the respiratory, digestive, urinary and reproductive tracts.

 As long as these fences remain uninterrupted, many attackers cannot infiltrate the body. If a fence is damaged such as skin being damaged by widespread burns the danger of infection is amplified. Furthermore, the aforementioned fences are protected by exudations enclosing enzymes that can do away with microbes for instance perspiration, tears in the eyes, secretions in the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts, and exudations in the vagina.


These comprise the subsequent line of defense that journey through the blood circulation and into tissues, seeking and confronting microbes and other attackers.

This defense has two fragments:

Innate immunity: It does not necessitate a preceding chance meeting with a microbe or other attacker to function efficiently. It reacts to attackers instantaneously (without necessitating understanding to recognize them)

 Numerous kinds of white blood cells are involved such as phagocytes (macrophages, monocytes, neutrophils, dendritic cells) which gulp the attackers.

Some white blood cells discharge materials implicated in swelling and allergic responses, e.g. histamine.

Acquired immunity: In this case, lymphocytes (B cells and T cells) come across an attacker, understand how to bout it, and dredge up the particular attacker so that they can assault it even more efficiently the subsequent time. Acquired immunity needs time to mature after the preliminary meeting with a new attacker because the lymphocytes are required to become accustomed to it.

The lymphoid organs

The immune system consists of quite a few organs besides the cells spread all over the body. These include:

The bone marrow(itproduces all the dissimilar categories of white blood cells such as neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, monocytes, B cells and the precursors of T cells.)

The thymus

Your Lymphatic System


Lymph nodes



Peyer’s patches in the small intestine

Your immune system is a gathering of processes within your body that enables it to find and exterminate microbes and tumor cells. It performs as a protection mechanism against organisms that are capable of causing ailments in you.  Without a properly functioning immune system, your body cannot guard itself against hostility.

Several research studies have established that particular herbs, enzymes and vitamins boost your immune system.An emaciated immune system not only fails to protect your body, but is also able to attack inoffensive stuffs; it is a nasty circle. The outcomes of particular ailments, counting malignancy is more scornful when your immune system is frail. A deficiency of protein has an undesirable effect on the numerous constituents of your immune system which performs the most perilous part in your body’s capability to inhibit and treat malignancy.

The Contemporary therapies are generally focused at the following:

Achieving what the immune system has failed to achieve

They operate in association with your immune system in order to unshackle your body from unusual and strange cells.

Therefore your key focus ought to be on either improving or assistingappropriate immune function.The reality is that if your immune system operates suitably you wouldn’t develop malignancy. You tend to produce unusual malignant cells every single day. When your immune system is operating accurately, these anomalous cells are recognized by your body and smashed. If on account of some reason, you don’t have sufficient immune cells to put an end to the transmuted cells or somehow you are creating more cells than can be damaged, the end result is the origin of malignancy in you. Certainly, even one single designed erroneously and allowed to proliferate many times; it will definitely serve as the frontrunner to some type of malignancy.

 Vitamin C and your immune system

Countless research studies have emphasized depleted strengths of Vitamin C in the blood of individuals tormented with any sort of cancer. Insufficiency of vitamin C not only damages phagocyte function but also the cellular immunity. This takes account of hindrances of neutrophil movements, which, in turn, impedes the creation of inflammatory reactions. Attentions given to extra-large dose vitamin C supplements in healthy individuals have found that these supplements tend to reinforce cellular as well as humoral immunity {the immunity connected with flowing antibodies, in conflict to cellular immunity.}Vitamin C assists your immune systems operate more resourcefully by intensifying the production of your T-Cells or T lymphocytes {types of white blood cells that play a central role in cell-mediated immunity. It also slows down the development of microbes in your body and simultaneously, it booms the process of disunion of cells that has been decelerated by infection. Mounting the production of manufacture of antibodies is also one of the remunerations that it offers.

Enzymes are smidgens that perform as facilitators for all chemical reactions within your body and are essential to withstand life. A long-lasting insufficiency of enzymes not only deteriorates your immune system, but also subsidizes to ailments and eventually stimulates ailments e.g. malignancy.
Around 22 diverse types of enzymes are created in your body, mainly by the pancreas, and this manufacture reduces with your aging. The three elementary digestive enzymes are amylase, lipase, and protease which interrupt carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Furthermore, cellulose and lactose serve to disrupt fiber and dairy. These enzymes make an effort in your stomach during the passé of pre-digestion; nevertheless, when food is prepared or refined, its biologically befalling enzymes are smashed.
When unsatisfactory pre-digestion takes place, the body produces a surplus amount of stomach acid attempting to counterweigh the discrepancy. Incompletely assimilated proteins decompose in the intestines creating noxious stuffs. Just the once these poisons arrive in your bloodstream, they deteriorate your immune system and subsidize to various severe ailments as they collect in tissues all through the body.
Adding to the work of digestive enzymes are metabolic enzymes which expedite almost every chemical reaction and cellular job of the body. A debilitated immune system due to enzyme insufficiency permits for the buildup of microbes and carcinogens and your body’s powerlessness to overpower the development of malignant cells. Just about all microbes counting malignant cells are sheltered by a protein-based covering—the fibrin membrane, which makes it tough for the immune system to recognize and terminate them. This gummy covering can be as much as fifteen times denser than the membrane of normal cells. This is the crux where metabolic enzymes are required. The greater part of these enzymes are proteases, which are proteolytic (they speed up the disintegration of proteins.) In appropriate amounts, they assimilate the protective fibrin membrane and uncover the malignant cells to the immune system.
Seeing as the pancreas creates most of your body’s enzyme provisions, complementing with metabolic enzymes helps this frequently hackneyed organ and helps hold off malignancy. Owing to their protein-digesting proficiencies and health-augmenting features, salutary doses of metabolic/pancreatic enzymes are being efficaciously used for treatment of malignancy.

It is evident from widespread clinical knowledge that pancreatic proteolytic enzymes have an intense anti-malignant effect. It is alleged that these enzymes are likely to slaughter malignant cells when they are present in appropriate quantities. They do so by confronting the proteins on the malignant cells, which shows the way to the death of cells. They appear to execute them, and assimilate them like a piece of meat.

Marvelous mushrooms with magical medicinal properties

Realizing how to construct a tough immune system is one of the most vital things you can do for your health. There is nothing more authoritative than the human pattern and your immune defense is the marvel of life that guards against destructive germs, viruses, and unfamiliar attackers. The power of your immune system essentially depends on you and the selections made by you. There is an entire group of mushrooms known as medicinal mushrooms, and these are frequently consumed in tea form, tinctures, and distillates and in capsules as powders. These are powerful immunity boosters and have been well-regarded as mystic medicines. Medicinal mushrooms apportion much in common with human beings as far as their chemical and genetic organization is concerned. Many scientists claim that heritably mushrooms are nearer to human beings than virtually any other plant.

Science is smartly watching the worth of medicinal mushrooms in treating dangerous medical conditions counting autoimmune disease, nerve disorders and malignancy.
Mushrooms are valued natural foods which have fewer calories but are abundant in vegetable proteins, vitamins, minerals, chitin, iron, zinc, fiber, essential amino acids etc. They have a far-reaching account of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Their well-known effects on sanctioning good health and intensifying your body’s adaptive capacities have been reinforced by modern-day research studies. These studies propose that Mushrooms are probiotic {they assist your body to build up itself and ward off ailment by upholding physiological balance.} In the realm of biological health, medicinal mushrooms are identified as a number of the most powerful promoters of immunity as well as fighters of sickness.These remarkable and commonly ignored, nutritional vitals improve the tastes of foods, and convey various health benefits such as:

Lessening the size of a lump and by this means remedying any type of malignancy.

Controlling the immune system

Toting necessary vitamins and nutriments to the food

Over the bygone decades, there has been mounting exploration on mushroom for treatment of cancers. The mainstream investigations have been performed in Japan and other countries of Asia. However in the bygone years, American research scientists have commenced to look into the influence of mushrooms on patients afflicted with various sorts of cancers.

 Some of the essential mushrooms for treatment of cancer (from across the globe) are Maitake, Reishi and many more. These are all accessible online, at natural pharmacies and at local health food stores

Maitake—The King of Mushrooms

 It is drawing a lot of responsiveness from medicinal and neutraceutcal companies for the reason that early reviews display it to be quite efficient as a medicine which prevents or inhibits the formation or growth of tumors particularly in cases of liver and breast malignancy. Not only has it had anti-microbial characteristics but features of immune system support which assists in prevention of viral infections. One of America’s leading cancer investigation services, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York has been carrying out clinical trials on this mushroom. Even now, research is in progress to assess its ant malignant effects in humans. Maitake is fit for human consumption and is extensively used in old-fashioned medicine in Asia as a nutriment as well as to treat diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Its distillate is available across the counter as a dietary add-on to improve immune function and as a remedy for HIV and cancer. Beta 1, 6-glucan (a polysaccharide bounded to a protein) has been recognized as its energetic component. Maitake distillates displayed low blood sugar effects in a small number of research studies. Maitake validated antitumor effects, heightened bone marrow colony creation, lessened noxiousness of doxorubicin {an anticancer chemotherapy drug} and subdued tumor metastasis (distribution of cancer from the part of the body where it began to other parts of the body) in a non-natural man made environment outside a living organism.

In a minor non- controlled observational study, tumor worsening or noteworthy improvements in symptoms were observed in fifty percent of the persons using Maitake distillate. In a research study of postmenopausal patients, who were plagued with breast malignancy, oral intake of Maitake distillate was revealed to have immunomodulatory effects (meaning thereby that it had an immunosuppressant or an immunostimulator effect based on its influence on the immune system)

Oral Maitake also boosts neutrophil and monocyte(the professional phagocytic cells that are able to ingest and put an end to infectious agents) function in patients with Myelodysplastic syndrome (a condition that takes place when the blood forming cells in the bone marrow are impaired leading to a lesser number of one or more types of blood cells.)

Reishi——The life-giving mushroom

In 1990 the Japanese government formally registered Reishi mushroom as an assistant herb for treatment of malignancy. Reishi is being used with approving results in cancer investigation foundations across the globe. Reishi is accessible in the complete form, and also in the form of extract, powder, and pill.

The medicinal plants that treat malignancy

Artemisinin is the leading one among the whole lot. By meticulously appraising it, you conclude that artemisinin rubs on powerful noxiousness against cancer cells. The impeding action of Artemisinin and its by-products towards cancer cells has been found to be in the scale of nano to micro molar(where micromolar denotes a concentration of 10-6 mol/L.)In recent times it was testified that not only Artemisinin but its antitumor activity; its by-products also have antitumor action in contradiction to melanoma, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostatic malignancy, cancer of central nervous system and kidney cancer. For the purpose of rapid division, malignant cells have a requirement to hoard iron. On the cell surface they have a transmission system to convey the required iron from the blood and into the malignant cells. The latter have an anomalous number of these receptors and the antagonism of the malignant tumor can be regulated and by scrutinizing the number of receptors it carries, Artemisinin conveys an endoperoxide part or an internal double-oxygen link, which establishes uncharged molecules (which are exceedingly responsive and transitory and have unpaired valence electrons) when exposed to iron. These free radicals can put an end to cancer cell membranes. Transporting artemisinin to malignant cells results in demise of malignancy cells. Therefore we can arrive at a generalized statement that extraordinary strengths of iron turn out to be  a distinguishing feature of dividing malignant cells.

Artemisinin can be used to handle malignancies of leukemia, colon, lung, breast etc even when they are at their terminal stages. Artemisinin may also be used to decrease the size of solid tumors, in combination with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and in Babesia Lyme disease (Tick borne diseases.) This sort of treatment is usually provided as IV infusions on a daily basis. The research scientists all across the globe have established that a compound extracted from the wormwood plant hunts for and terminates the cells of breast malignancy and leaving healthy cells unharmed. The bioengineering researchers state that the compound slays almost all human malignant cells exposed to it in the test tube within a period of sixteen hours, in laboratory investigations leaving almost all the normal cells active.  Furthermore, Chinese scientists have revealed Artemisinin to have noteworthy anti-malignant features and have a substantial influence on human malignant cells. This is owing to the peroxide lactone group present in the arrangement of this herb. When the peroxide interacts with very extraordinary concentrations of iron (which is common in malevolent cells) the molecules become insecure and as a consequence discharge the type of oxygen which is reactive.Iron is necessary for cell division, and it is well known that many types of malignant cells carefully collect iron for this purpose. The majority of malignancies have prodigious quantity of iron enticing transferring receptors on their cell surface contrasted to normal cells. The research laboratory reports of breast cancer cells {which are resistant to radiations and have a great tendency for collecting iron} exposed that artemisinin has seventy-five percent cancer cell slaughtering features in a period of eight hours and practically hundred percent killing features within a period of twenty-four hours when these malignant cells are pre-burdened with iron after preparation with holotransferrin. On the contrary, the normal cells stayed almost undamaged. According to a different report displaying the efficiency of artesunate in treatment of malignancy, the very information that iron matter of malignant cells is extraordinary has also been employed in another anti-malignancy therapy called Zoetron therapy, where iron enclosing malignant cells are prompted into motion  using a magnetic mechanism to persuade reverberation, which in turn produces heat.  Malignant cells are more susceptible to heat in comparison to normal fit cells. When malignant cells are heated up to a specific temperature, they perish while normal cells still persist.

 Even though artemisinin is unsolvable in water, yet it is capable of crossing the blood brain barrier and may be predominantly appropriate for alleviating brain tumors, together with Poly-MVA —- a complex endorsed as a non- lethal substitute to chemotherapy to
treat malignancies, mostly those of the brain, lung etc.

In research laboratory investigations, iron needs to be supplemented to improve the validities of artemisinin. Inside the human body, no such toting is needed, because iron already occurs in the body. Given that it can also be taken by mouth, consequently unusual doses are not essential. Some people believe that for the reason that nitrogen (tertiary amine) is lacking in artemisinin, malignant cells cannot do away with it as soon as it arrives into the malignant cells. As a consequence, artemisinin dwells in the cell much longer. Besides the extraordinary attraction for iron the malignant cells are also deficient in the enzyme Catalase and Glutathione peroxidase. The former serves the function of disruption of hydrogen peroxide. A small amount of Catalase denotes a greater consignment of hydrogen peroxide, which can discharge superoxide free radicals when suitably inspired to do so. This is one joint process among chemotherapeutic mediators as well as vitamin C. These behaviors make malignant cells more liable to oxidative impairment as compare to normal cells in the presences of hydrogen peroxide. For this reason, dispensation of vitamin C in extraordinary dose is tolerable, even though an interruption of two or three hours is desired.

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