Pau d’Arco – South American Indian Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a painful and terrifying disease, leading to several thousands of deaths around the world. The treatment modalities for cancer themselves are very harmful for the body. Both Chemo and radiotherapy weaken and damage the body as they harm the healthy cells as well as the diseased ones. Therefore, a lot of research and effort is made towards different modalities of treatments, including treatment through natural herbs and plants.

Pau d’ Arco:

This is a South American Indian treatment that uses the herb named Pau d-Arco. This herb is used to treat several forms of cancer, including leukemia. These herbs are derived from trees known as TabebuiaImpetiginosa or TabebuiaAvellanedae.

Pau d’Arco History:

Pau d’Arco has been used for a very long time in the South American region, with the first report having been written in 1873. This was by a physician by the name of Joaquin Almeida, who described the benefits as well as uses of this herb. However, back at that time, the known uses of Pau d’Arco were limited. It was mainly used for fever, ulcers and different skin conditions. Its use in treatment of cancer was not known at the time.

Other than medicinal uses, the bark of the tree that grows Pau d-Arco was also used in making furniture. In fact, it is used for this purpose to this very day.

Properties of Pau d’Arco:

This herb has active ingredients known as lapachol, quercetin and flavonoids. These have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties while also having properties that can treat and cure various types of cancer.

The First Use Of Pau d’Arco As Anti-Cancer Treatment – A Historical Perspective:

The story of how the anti-cancer properties of this herb were discovered is quite an interesting one. The discovery was made in 1960s in Rio de Janairo. There was a young girl who was a patient of cancer. Her ailment was termed untreatable by the doctors of the time and her parents were told of the dire prognosis of her disease.

Disappointed and looking for another way to save the girl’s life, one of her relatives met with an Indian doctor who mentioned to the man the benefits of Pau d’Arco. He managed to convince the girl’s relative that the herb really did work and could completely cure cancer. The relative relayed the news to the girl’s parents, who were in despair over their daughter’s health. They talked to the Indian doctor and according to his instructions, made a drink from the bark of the herb tree. They started giving this concoction to their daughter, hoping for the best.

Miraculously and much to the surprise of everyone, after drinking the herbal drink every day for a month, the girl started to improve. Her pain lessened and then completely vanished and on subsequent visits to her doctor, she was declared free of cancer.

The girl’s doctor, Dr. Orlando deiSanti, was so impressed that he took the Pau d’Arco bark home and brewed tea with it. He then gave this tea to his own brother, who was also suffering from terminal cancer. Against all hopes, his brother also started to improve and eventually regained perfect health and was declared free of cancer. This was the beginning; Dr. deiSanti was completely convinced that Pau d’ Arlo was an amazing curative herb for cancer and started prescribing it to his patients as a natural cancer remedy.

With time, this finding was further validated by other doctors who started using the herb as a cancer treatment. Now, it is known that Pau d’Arco indeed does act as a cure for certain types of cancers in the body.

Uses and Benefits of Pau d’Arco:

Since its discovery, Pau d’Arco has been widely used in cancer treatment. The herb works wonders and is really amazing; its effects start pretty much as soon as it is used. The herb acts very fast, with patients reporting that they no longer suffered from pain caused by cancer as soon as a few hours after the herbal tea was given to them. Even more importantly, it takes round about a month for the cancer to completely vanish from the body, leaving the previously cancer-stricken patient healthy and cancer-free. The herb has other benefits as well, including reduction in diabetes as well as viral diseases.

A trial done in Japan in Taheebo Japan Company proved the benefits of Pau d’Arco. The study states that herbal tea made from the plant bark inhibits growth of 23 types of cancer, which include breast, lung, thyroid, cervical cancer as well as leukemia. This herbal tea also kills the cancer cells of twelve other types of cancers.

Pau d’Arco also has anti-viral, anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties, making it useful for more than just cancer. The herb should best be consumed as a tea which can be made as follows: in 8 ounce of water, pour one table spoon of bark and boil for 20-30 minutes. Drinking this tea from two to eight times per day is of a lot of benefit.


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