Plant sweet wormwood cure for tumors and cancer

Today, great chances might exist that you have cancer or you know someone who has it. In Canada, millions of citizens who lived in 2009 had cancer in period of 10 years.  Two out of every five citizens will eventually develop cancer and one out of every four will die, analysis has shown. In America, one out of every three women and one of the two men will become infected with cancer. Although these rates are on the rise, still only approved treatments for cancer such as chemotherapy, surgery and radiation are being used.

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Slowly but surely, we are approaching a new period in which the medical community will be forced to open up new options when it comes to the manner and methods of treating cancer. Scientists have found that chemotherapy accelerates cancer growth and kills the patient and in many cases any improvement could not be seen at all. It was also discovered that this type of treatment is extremely toxic to the human body.

Little known to the public, a Chinese herb dominates the list of cancer cells killers, which have recently been extremely expanded. According to studies published in many magazines artemisinin is a derivative of the Chinese plant called sweet wormwood, which is used in Chinese medicine and which selectively kills cancer cells.

Henry Lai and his team of researchers from the University of Washington synthesized this compound and used it in a research as a tool to destroy cancer cells. The great thing is that this compound is attacking the cells in which large quantities of iron are concentrated or in which there are at least elevated levels of iron, and it selects and only attacks cancer cells while healthy remain intact.

In previous studies it was noticed that people who are suffering from cancer in very advanced stage, had the reduction in tissue infected with cancer by 10 percent within the first month. It was also established that effective treatment should be followed by some other compounds and proper nutrition, diet although basically artemisinin with iron is primary bearer of this treatment. It has been noticed with patients that due to the start of therapy with artemisinin pains occur in the areas where there are cancer cells and tissues affected by cancer. The conclusion was that the reaction was caused by the destruction and the active involvement of artemisinin in infected cells. It was also noted that, in practice, for long-term results between 4 and 7 months of treatment with artemisinin or sweet wormwood is needed.

Artemisnin 100 times more selectively kills infected cells as compared to the healthy ones. This compound was 34,000 times stronger at killing cancer cells than those  normal and healthy ones. “- Said Dr. Henry Lai.

“We call it a Trojan horse because the cancer cells recognize trasferin as natural and harmless protein. Cells infected with cancer accepts this protein, not knowing that it was actually a bomb.” said Henry Lai. This extract has been used for thousands of years in China. It kills 12,000 cancer cells as opposed to one healthy cell which is highly selective method of destroying cancer with minimal side effects. This product is licensed from Washington University to Artemisia Biomedical Inc. Company, which was founded in Newcastle, Washington and part of which was sponsored by Dr. Laia and Dr. Nerande Sighn to develop products for the treatment.

Product sweet wormwood is already available in the basic form as highly concentrated compound of artemisinin and it is produced in some companies. It is known that in comparison to other drugs and therapies used for curing cancer this one is very affordable for both  producers and patients in many countries where the development, production, sales and complete therapy treatment with this compound is still developing.

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