Plant which cures HPV virus

Contrary to the popular belief that HPV is an inevitable infection against which we have the only one defense- vaccination, it is proven that organism with its immune system supported by some ancient plants can resist this disease.

Revolutionary research on human papilloma virus with the local use of curcumin reviles that vaccinating and caution are not the only preventive and the cure for HPV virus. Scientists believe that the solution for this problem as well as effective and safe therapeutic intervention for destruction of HPV on the cervix is discovered. Moreover, study has confirmed that HPV infection is reduced by 73.3% on the group of patients who underwent this treatment in period of 37 days.

Researchers were estimating the effectiveness of two types of herbal interventions in eliminating HPV infections from cervix with women who were diagnosed with this infection by the means of papa test as well as HPV DNK tests, but whose condition yet did not progress from high stadium of this disease (stadium which precedes the cancer).

In the first type of intervention a polyherbal vaginal cream was used which contains extracts of curicum, Sapindus Saponaria plant and its fruits, alma and aloe vera also known by the name BASANT. Second intervention was with curicumin vaginal capsules. Other two placebo groups got the vaginal placebo cream and vaginal placebo capsule.

All subject, 287 of them, were instructed to use once a day one of the formulations for 30 days in a row except the days of period. Seven days after the last treatment HPV test was conducted.

Rate of cleansing from HPV virus with BASANT cream was 87.7%, placebo groups with cream and capsules 73,3% and with curicumin  81.3%. So in case with curicimin and BASANT cream the difference was not statistically relevant.

Vaginal irritation and itch were mostly of moderate type and they were considerably more pronounced after the use of BASANT cream. Serious adverse effects were not stated with any of these three methods.

Although the groups treated with herbal methods showed better results of cleansing from HPV virus, also observed placebo group has proven that the majority of HPV infections can be cleaned from the body as a result of immune system action.

Considering the fact that belief stating that HPV infection can only be eradicated with vaccine is widely spread, through this study we can be encouraged by the power of human body which with a little help of natural herbal ingredients can cope with this virus. Curicumin, anti-carcinogenic agent and curcuma polyphenol, besides the fact that destroys over 100 types of cancer cells, in this case it is proven that it also destroys HPV virus. Curcuma is a proven cervix cancer-fighter

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