Raspberry Seed Oil and its use

A word about Herbs and Seeds:

The terrain of health and medication has observed various landmarks accessed, momentous inventions made and newer and better protective measures appear with movement of time. With the dimension every so often oriented towards medication and pills, man has virtually disregarded the usefulness of innate medication dealings until contemporary science has once again started commenced probing into the strengths and weaknesses of natural herbs and seeds.


Raspberry Seed Oil:

Raspberry seed oil is one of those lavish, sugary and gorgeous oils which signify images of juicy spanking new raspberries on a summer day.  The botanical name is Rubus idaeus, and the oil proposes the following profits for skin:

  • As a moisturizer
  • As a barrier
  • As an anti-inflammatory
  • As an anti-aging (for the reason that it perks up the softness, flexibility and elasticity, softening the appearance of creases, fine lines and flabby skin.)
  • As an antioxidant


Why use Raspberry seed oil?

Repeatedly used in beauty goods for its hydrating, antioxidant and lipid-obstacle creating features, raspberry seed oil creates a pretty toting up to facial formulae like serums, face oils, lotions and creams for desiccated, dried out, susceptible and ripe or wearing out skin.  Raspberry seed oil also performs as a lavish supplement to lip creams and other merchandise, because it creates an obstructive barrier to block deficit of dampness and shelter skin from harmful factors. Furthermore it carries out the following functions:


  • Sucks up Ultraviolet B and C rays, therefore helpful as a broad spectrum sun block lotion
  • Anti-inflammatory (owing to elevated ingredients of alpha linolenic acid (an essential fatty acid) and phytosterols(steroid compounds similar to cholesterol) and for that reason useful for eczema(a skin condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed with blisters that cause itching and bleeding and psoriasis (a condition marked by red, itchy ,scaly patches)
  • Anti-aging remuneration owing to the presence of ellagic acid (a natural phenol anti- oxidant found in numerous fruit and vegetables.) Ellagic acid serves to lessen the annihilation of collagen and inflammatory reaction—– both being the chief causes of creases and crow’s feet. It also safeguards against ultra violet smash up.
  • It holds an elevated amount of vitamin E– an antioxidant which puts a stop to oxidative mutilation, which in turn can show the way to untimely skin aging and skin malignancy.
  • It embraces elevated levels of phytosterols that can assist in curtailment of trans- epidermal water loss and in that way serving to maintain dampness of skin.
  • Phytosterols also aid to mend skin smashed by ecological factors counting the harm inflicted by sunrays.


Constitution and nourishment of Raspberry seed oil:

  • Raspberry seed oil is stuffed with essential fatty acids, chiefly linoleic and linolenic acids.  It encloses a very high level of Vitamin E as well as Vitamin
  • Owing to its constitution, raspberry seed oil holds advanced anti-inflammatory qualities, as well as sunscreen traits.

Utilization and payback:

Red raspberry seed oil is time and again used in beauty products as a toting up to the following:

  • Face creams
  • Liniments
  • Creams
  • Serums
  • Oils


Sourced and Processed:

Raspberry seed oil is cold-pressed and acquired from the seeds, and it may come in processed or unprocessed varieties.

Subsequent to processing, the oil’s tint is somewhere between lucid to a glossy-dark yellow with green- hue, and the innate aroma is frequently depicted as dull, spanking new, radiant and just about cucumber-like.   A few of you may find the usual aroma of raspberry seed oil unappealing; therefore you may select to make use of it in infusion instead of as a foundation constituent.


How to use Raspberry seed oil?:

Raspberry seed oil is captivated into skin at an average- normal rate, and is gentle, dried out, slender oil, which may leave a somewhat greasy, smooth feel to the skin.  Owing to its insignificant slippery-deposit, it is finest to use as a suspension in your prescription, instead of a base component.

Raspberry seed oil can occasionally be exchanged with pomegranate oil in formulations, as they are both moisturizing, occlusive, antioxidant agents, offering potent anti-inflammatory and anti-aging traits.   The shelf life of raspberry seed oil is more or less two years, and the adding of vitamin E, along with appropriate depository in a chilly, dehydrated milieu at a distance from sunlight, may result in extended life.  It is recommended that the oil be cooled after unpacking.


Why should you purchase our product?

  • Ours is beyond doubt superb raspberry seed oil which is pressed from the seed of fabulous fruit. It soaks up quicker than any essential oil. It actually permits your skin to hold dampness without becoming greasy.
  • 100 percent uncontaminated and undiluted
  • Innate ,Virgin, Cold pressed
  • Vegan
  • Paraben-free
  • With no animal experiment
  • Is under warranty
  • Used topically only(not for internal use)
  • Has a very stable shelf-life
  • 60 ml glass bottle with dropper
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