Ruta graveolens cure for brain cancer

The cell-assassination activity of a homeopathic medicine, Ruta, has been explored in case of brain malignancy. It is segregated from a plant known as Ruta graveolens.  Human brain malignancy, HL-60 leukemia cells, normal B-lymphoid cells, and murinemelanoma cells were taken care of with diverse strengths of Ruta in amalgamation with Ca3(PO4)2 in a controlled artificial environment, outside the human beings.

15 individuals detected with intracranial tumors were dealt with Ruta 6 and Ca3 (PO4)2. Among these 15 patients, 6 out of the 7 glioma patients exhibited absolute degeneration of tumors. Normal human blood lymphocytes, B-lymphoid cells, and brain cancer cells treated with Ruta outside the human beings, were examined for the following:

Telomere dynamics: Intrinsically dynamic structures, with multiple biological processes operating to create sizeable length heterogeneity

Mitotic catastrophe


The aim of the study was to be aware of the likely procedure of cell assassination, utilizing conformist and molecular cytogenetic practices. The outcomes of try outs using a whole living human being as well as the techniques of performing the procedure in restricted situations, illustrated the introduction of endurance indication pursuits in normal white blood cells of the lymphatic system and the introduction of demise- indication pursuits in cells of brain malignancy. Demise of malignant cells was initiated by telomere corrosion and accomplished through mitotic disaster events. It is thus proposed that Ruta in mishmash with Ca3 (PO4)2 could be utilized for successful management of malignancy of brain (chiefly glioma.)

In this exploration it was established that a blend of Ruta 6 and Ca3 (PO4)2 consumed orally can either obstruct the development of or completely regress human glioma brain cancers, with minimal or no side effects. The patients afflicted with glioma, (when taken care of with Ruta 6) illustrated better results in comparison to patients afflicted with other kinds of intracranial malignancies.

Ruta/ Rue/ Jackman’s Blue, is a strong herb of ancient lineage, nurtured generally as an ornamental plant. Research studies on malignancy have confirmed why and how Ruta decoctions function in placing the intracranial glioma tumors into reduction. The key effect of this chiefly diluted solution is to instantaneously reinforce the chromosomal DNA fragments referred to as Telomeres.

The Telomeric fractions operate like armed attendants of Chromosomal DNA, to which they are generally connected like unique display fixtures. If these Telomeres are damaged by inherent / other off the point destructive causes, they can no longer defend the chromosomes. These destabilized and wrecked chromosomes then peculiarly connect with each other and in so doing, create innovative types of anomalous cells which either expire / begin to proliferate. The latter experience furnishes tumors and malignant growths.

 Contrasting chemotherapy and radiotherapy (which erratically slay normal cells, bone marrow cells alongside malignant cells) the Ruta action functions in a dissimilar way. Just the once the Telomeres cells are reinforced by Ruta, the body’s own resistance methods assume control and assaults not only the atypical intracranial glioma tumors but appears to bring on healthy cell splits in the normal blood. This causes the patients to recuperate their potency and feel better very swiftly.
Research scientists uphold that there is an achievement of widespread remission in such tumors. They also sustain outstanding victory with malignancies of breast, throat, lung and stomach.

Ruta 6 and the patient afflicted with malignancy

 Though Ruta 6 has been used to take care of several types of malignancies, yet the best sustained statistics appear from cases of brain tumors.

 This treatment is economical, non- interfering, non- lethal, and devoid of side effects. Ruta 6 is able to constantly overturn and eradicate glioblastomas.
Moreover, there is no contraindication specific against Ruta 6 concurrently with any other conformist or unconventional medicines. Ruta 6 is a titanic reward to patients afflicted with a lot of malignancies counting leukemia, brain tumors etc. However, despite being a grand medication, which is a promising factor in a widespread malignancy modus operandi, Ruta 6, doesn’t help every patient.  

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