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Up to now the most comprehensive survey of active artemisinin derivatives sweet wormwood as anti-cancer agents have carried out doctors Narenda Singh and Henry Lai of the University of Washington. Journal of Life Science published this study.  

Iron is needed in many cellular processes. It is known that many types of cancer cells collect iron. Various types of carcinogenic cells have great amounts of iron on their receptors which are covering the cell surface. In laboratory research concerning breast cancer, which has extremely high rate of iron accumulation in cells, it was found that artemisinin destroys 75% of cells enriched with iron in the first 8 hours and up to 100% in the first 24 hours. It should also be stated that healthy cells remain untouched and their function proceeds normally after this treatment.

Extremely high concentration of iron in cells is the fact which has also been used in the second method for the treatment of the so-called Zoetron therapy. On this occasion, with the help of certain electromagnetic devices, high-frequency shift of cancerous cells is performed. The resonance which happens during this process boosts the temperature radically. The fact is that carcinogenic cells have a lower resistance to high temperature as opposed to healthy ones and during the temperature increase, carcinogenic cells die while healthy ones prevail.

Artemisinin effectively act against a broad spectrum of cancerous diseases and this fact was confirmed through a series of successful experiments. The most successful was demonstrated during the fight with leukemia and colon cancer. The middle stage of activity and success artemisinin demonstrated in cancer melanoma, breast, ovarian, prostate and kidney. Although artemisinin is not soluble in water, it can cross the blood-brain barrier and in this way is very suitable for the treatment of brain tumors with poly-MVA (metal-vitamins). Some scientists claim that nitrogen spends a lot of time in cancirogenic cells and that those cells cannot get rid of it. Nitrogen binds artemisinin to itself, and thus allows artemisinin to remain longer in the cells. According to the doctor Rowen, who is oriented towards the natural treatment of cancer and who is also editor of the medical newspaper “The second option”, Hoang family doctors in Vietnam used artemisinin in therapies to cancer patients for many years. They gave a report that in 10 years more than 400 patients were treated with artemisinin and that 50-60% of them had long-term effects after the use of this therapy. On that occasion was also proved that there were no toxicological changes even when high doses of 70 mg per kilogram of body weight were used.

Artemisinin, a derivative of sweet wormwood, is not an independent agent in the fight against cancer. The combination of nutritional supplements such as green tea, CoQ10 and pancreatic enzyme with anti-cancer diet have proven to be excellent in the fight against this disease.


1. Artemisinin should not be taken 30 days after treatment with radiation or chemotherapy because there is a possibility that the iron could be moved in the tissue that surrounds the cells.

2. Before taking artemisinin a blood count test should be done and if it’s found that iron level is low then one should boost a certain amount of  iron before the start of artemisinin therapy.

3. Tumor markers may begin to increase in the initial stages though artemisinin destroys the tumor.

4. Vitamin E may affect the effectiveness of artemisinin therapy and activity of sweet wormwood.

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