Sweet wormwood – utilization

Artemisinin is the only active ingredient in sweet wormwood, which is used for the destruction of malaria parasites, and also very helpful with carcinogenic diseases, based on a high iron concentration. Artemisinin or sweet wormwood in contact with iron releases free radicals that destroy cancer cells.

In the sweet wormwood plant artemisinin concentration is extremely low 0.04%, so for many years it was extracted by multifarious methods.

More about research on artemisinin you can read in the article by Dr. Michael Lama and how the treatment is manifested in certain forms and types of cancer. Artemisinin and its semisynthetic derivatives – Artesunate and Artemether should be taken in oral dose with yogurt, cheese, olive oil or fish oil to maximize absorption and to reduce the burden on the stomach. Omega 3 also should be taken – 3 grams. Artemisinin should be taken on an empty stomach. Evening dose of artemisinin is important because cancer is most active at night. Artemisinin should not be used by no means a minimum of one month after radiation therapy or chemotherapy due to impaired cell structure and the reasons displacement of iron from cells in the intercellular space. It is also good to stop smoking 6 months when using artemisinin.

Some researchers believe that users of artemisinin experienced auto induction whereby the body metabolizes the drug so rapidly that blood plasma level decreases. Automatically decreases the effectiveness of artemisinin. For this reason, the artemisinin or sweet wormwood is used 8 days and then should be taken a break for 3 days.

The protocol of using sweet wormwood: Take on an empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast 150 mg artemisnina with Omega 3 fish oil – 3 grams and one gram of vitamin C. Take 3.5 hours after dinner 150 mg of artemisinin with Omega 3 fish oil – 3 grams and one gram of vitamin C. These three days when a break is taken,  about 150 mg of iron from ferrous sulfate with about 2 grams of vitamin C should be taken. It may also be noted the increasing efficiency of oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber which can be found in the aforementioned article. Ginsenosides, which enhance the absorption of artemisinin, increase the concentration of oxygen in cells and in the drops and  increases the oxidation of the body, are also very recommended.

Preparations that increase the efficiency of artemisinin recommended by dr. Singh:

Bitrata capsules – one capsule a day

Recommended by doctor Hoang:

Lymphasol 3-4 capsules twice daily with artemisninin.

L-Carnitine 1 capsule twice a day with artemisninin.

Germanium 132 1 capsule twice a day with artemisninin, especially important for pulmonary diseases.

Minecel 3 capsules 2 times a day.

Fumacell and Mitosol, very important in brain tumors.

Also, each method of alternative treatment must be accompanied by a specific diet. About the basic principles of a diet you can read more here

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