The fruit of this plant protects from cancer, renews blood and keeps the liver healthy

Schisandra or scientifically known as Schisandra chinesis, “Wu Wei ZI” Chinese grape is a vine 10 meters high from north-east and central China. Schisandra berry was used more than 2000 years for treating various diseases in Chinese and Japanese traditional medicine. The fruit of this plant is recommended for lung diseases and for preventing cough.

If you use Schisandra you are wholly protected from the cancer. Studies published in “International Journal of Molecular Medicine” in October 2009 showed some extraordinary anti-carcinogenic abilities of two compounds- schisandrine and schisandrine C which can be found in the fruit of Schisandra plant. In this study, schisandrine and schisandrine C prevented the growth and spread of cancer cells. This lead researches to conclude that these two compounds could serve as promising anti-carcinogenic products.

Cure for cancer, adriamycin stops the growth of cancer cells and prevents them to spread throughout the organism. This medicine can cause cardio toxicity presented as decrease of the heart function, pathological accumulation of liquid in venter and hepatic congestion. Study, which occurred in January 2006 in edition od magazine “Chang Gung Medical Journal”, estimates the protective effects of Schisandra on cardio toxicity with rats. Rats were treated with adriamycin which inhibits proteins and synthesizes itself with nucleic acid, encourages production of free radicals and increases the oxidation of lipids. Free radicals are unstable molecules which can damage not only carcinogenic cells but also the healthy ones. Schisandra decreases oxidation of lipids, increases the activity of antioxidants and reduces mortality with rats. Study has concluded that adriamycin is directly linked with cardio toxicity and deficit of antioxidants and schisandra during this way of treating, improves heart functions and increases concentration of antioxidants.

Schisandra protects liver from carcinogen which is called carbon tetrachloride, according to the study published in the magazine “Food and Chemical Toxicology” in May 2013. In this study mice were treated with carbon tetrachloride so that liver damage is increased. With treatment with Schisandra plant the activity of antioxidants is raised, the increase of the level of enzyme in liver was prevented and production of free radicals in liver was reduced. Results have shown that Schisandra causes the powerful antioxidants activities and provides protection from liver damage.

Adding Schisandra to your diet can protect you from various inflammations in organism. Study published in magazine “Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology” in 2013, was examining the protection and easing the inflammation of white blood cells by consuming Schisandra extract. Results have shown that Schisandra decreases the inflammation of white blood cells which was significantly emphasized with use of chemotherapy.

This plant also reduces nervousness and prevents depression, successfully cures insomnia and improves mood with people who drink it. It was also detected that people suffering from hepatitis C who consume Schisandra have decreased concentration of virus by 70%. This plant cures both many cardiovascular and kidney diseases, but it can also be added that this plant is one of the well-known sexual tonics for both woman and man.

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