The proteolytic (pancreatic) enzymes and cancer

Enzymes are specific protein molecules that have been naturally strengthened to perform the following functions:

  • Support you with energy and vigor
  • Digest your nutriments
  • Clean your blood
  •  Purge excess items from your body
  • Perform many more functions in your body

You tend to mistreat your body when you nourish it with enzyme-lacking food. As a result, your body structures start to lose pace and decline; and ailments start to develop.

The proteolytic (pancreatic) enzymes

These are a specific category of enzymes that begin the breakdown of complicated proteins by hydrolysis of the peptide bonds (that connect amino acids jointly in the polypeptide sequence) to produce plainer ones, along with discharge of energy. Proteolytic enzymes adjust the performance of protein in your body. It is able to sufficiently break down dietary nutrients, which the body needs. In addition, these enzymes have the ability to liquefy lifeless tissues without damaging the living tissues. There are in reality, numerous types of proteolytic enzymes and every single one is assigned with a specific category of nutrient to break down.

Your urinary bladder

 Your urinary bladder is in charge for storage of urine (the liquid excess expelled by your kidneys.) This organ is a part of your urinary tract and is located in the lower part of your belly. Malignancy of urinary bladder is available in three diverse forms; i.e.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma


Transitional Cell Carcinoma the most usual among the three varieties; it begins with development of tumor within the urinary bladder.

The Proteolytic enzymes are known to eradicate the transitional cell cancer of the urinary bladder.

The Gonzalez Regimen

The Gonzalez regimen is a multifaceted treatment design established on the function of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and other nutritional elements. The Gonzalez Regimen comprises the following:

Nutritive limitations

Consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits  

Intake of nutritional supplements e.g. pancreatic enzymes, vitamins and the dispensation of coffee purges.

 Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez the designer of the course of therapy, supported it as a management for radical pancreatic malignancy.Dr. Gonzalez established his work on the study of John Beard and William Donald Kelley. The pilot study is being sponsored and carried out by the National Cancer Institute of USA.  Investigators intend to equate patients on the Gonzalez Regimen to a simultaneously amassed set of patients being cared for by chemotherapy programs that contain Gemcitabine an anti-cancer drug.

While a medical student in the initial nineteen eighties, Dr. Gonzalez heard about the work of Beard and Kelley and pursued to develop their concepts. He went through the records of thirteen hundred and six patients suffering from malignancy who had undergone treatment with pancreatic enzyme therapy over a phase of twenty years. Dr. Gonzalez learned that a number of of those patients lived on for a period more than five years.

The deed of Dr. Wrba the German cancer authority

With around two hundred publishing in high-status medical periodicals, Dr. Wrba has silently and enduringly transformed the manner in which malignancy is being cured all across Europe. He has taught a peer group of European cancer specialists on the significance of oral enzymes in the management of malignancy. By hard luck, Dr. Wrba’s daughter passed away on account of malignancy. A few years subsequently, Dr. Wrba met Dr. Karl Ransberger a molecular biologist, while the former was the chief of the federally authorized Cancer Research Institute. The latter taught Dr. Wrba the rules of handling malignancy via proteolytic enzymes.

Performance of proteolytic enzymes

It is tough for the cells of the system of bodily resistance (i.e.the eradicator T-cells and the ordinary destroyer cells) to do away with the malignant cells for the reason that the membrane of the malignant cells is almost fifteen times denser than that of the ordinary cells. Similarly, the protein configuration of the membrane of malignant cells is unlike that of the ordinary cells.

 What the proteolytic enzymes do is that they chomp the membrane of malignant cells, so as to make it stress-free for the cells of the system of bodily resistance (immune cells) to put an end to the malignant cells.

Proteolytic enzymes for management of malignancy are hauled out from the pancreas of pigs.

The impact of pancreatic enzymes on malignant growths

Malignant growths propagate by generating an enzyme called Malignin; the latter assimilates the left handed active human tissue. With the progress in malignant growths, there is an increase in the manufacture of malignin; this further validates the progression of malignancy.

 Malignin is the carbon copy of the pancreatic enzyme Trypsin. The latter disrupts the right-handed active tumor tissue. According to Dr. Kelley, enormous amounts of Trypsin in the blood circulation terminate the process of speeding up of the development of Malignin. Several intermediary proteins are also generated when Trypsin dissolves the malignant growth.

Furthermore, the non-progressing tumor can now be identified by the human body’s protective troopers i.e.:

White blood cells


 These protective troopers swallow up the melted, defunct non-progressing malignant rubbish. As stated by Dr. Kelley, the blends of pancreatic enzymes in the Kelley Metabolic Program abolish and peel off around ninety-seven percent of the dense outer protein coating of the malignant cells and in so doing facilitate tumors to be identified, dissolved and detached from  bodies of patients through blood circulation.

More than ninety-three percent patients suffering from malignancy, who firmly abide by the Kelley Metabolic Program for a minimum of twenty-four weeks, have experienced vanishing of their malignancies, in line with Dr. Kelley’s archives.

 For certain patients, one and a half year or more is needed to make them cancer-free. Dr. Kelley lays emphasis on the fact that a modification in nutrition as well as pancreatic upkeep needs to be observed (even after the malignancy has vanished) if a patient desires to stay in good physical shape for the rest of their lives.

Just the once, patients commence the beneficial package, their malignant indicators increase briefly on account of the fact that the indicators arrested in growths are discharged into the blood circulation when the malignant tumors get disrupted. The magnitude of white blood cells heaps on, and tumors may enlarge when the immune system assaults them. When the rubbish from the tumors is discharged into the blood circulation, patients frequently experience symptoms suggestive of influenza:




 Bad temper

Raised body temperature(fever)

Aches and pains

A word of caution

 Since substantial meat consumers are vulnerable to malignancy, therefore while observing the Kelley Metabolic Program, one should avoid eating meat or else the proteolytic enzymes are inclined to disrupt the excess meat protein rather than disruption of malignant cells.

The bottom line

In the contemporary years, there has been a cumulative tendency towards acquiring unconventional natural remedies for malignancy. It is been  counseled by doctors and malignancy experts that the patients afflicted with malignancy must integrate the intake of proteolytic enzymes for the purpose of maintaining good health and as an accepted antidote to malignancy. It has been demonstrated by reliable clinical investigations that the proteolytic enzymes assist in taming the state of affairs of patients afflicted with any type of malignancy.

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