The use of alternative medicine in health care of western countries

Latest reports show that three out of every four health professionals in USA use some kind of complementary or alternative medicine so they can better their health. Doctors, nurses and their assistents, medical technicians and health administrators in practice, increasingly use some of the methods of alternative medicine including massage, yoga, acupuncture, pilates and herbal remedy treatments. Penny George, Executive Director of Institute of health and treatment with Allina Health system form Minneapolis, said: „ Nobody has never made such analysis until now, but when the results of the poll arrived, i was quite surprised“. She also mentioned: „It is very pleasent to find out that our health professionals realize the need for alternative methods in order to improve health status of all of us“.

According to the data collected by American National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, about 38 percent of Americans currently uses some sort of alternative medicine which include dietary supplements, meditation, chiropractic, Pilates and Chinese traditional medicine.

In this research, while determining the national representative sample, 14300 respondents older than 18 years, were included. Out of total number, 1300 of them were professionals in providing health care and workers in the hospital and ambulance. Sample consisted of 36 options, including therapies such as manipulation of the body, both mind and body, therapies on the biological basis and energy therapies. While defining the results of the doctors and nurses, it was discovered that mentioned professionals use alternative medicine twice as much as the non-medical workers. They were almost three times more convinced in the successfulness of these methods than were their administrative colleagues. In summary, it was discovered that health professionals are more dedicated users of alternative methods in opposition to the workers out of the health industry. So, 76 percent of the health professionals claimed that they were users of such methods unlike people out of the health industry, of which only 54 percent said the same. Even when diet, vitamins and herbal supplements are excluded from possible options of alternative therapy, health professionals are still far ahead of anyone else (41 to 30percent).

“ In western culture, up until recently it was believed that the field of alternative medicine is relatively unexplored as opposed to the conventional medicine” said Dr Knutson, one of the members of the team who conducted the poll. “But in this moment, that is no longer a case. Now, health professionals and patients are exchanging experiences related to exploiting the potential of alternative medicine, which is extremely good.” further on he concluded.

Judy Blatman, PR of the Washington centre for nutrition declared:” These results are surprising, so are the information of the use of alternative medicine and herbal supplements in treating some diseases and also the use of herbal products as supplements to nutrition by our health staff. This is a good guideline in which direction the development of our nutrition should go, in order to improve the overall health picture of our population.”

In light of this research, we can conclude that it is much better, contrary to hitherto traditional opinions, to share our ideas related to the alternative treating with our doctor, because it is most likely that the physician is familiar with some of methods of alternative treating and that he can implement mentioned methods in standard therapy which is used to treat certain diseases with purpose of better and more effective treatment for his patient. Although broad public is not familiar with these details and thinks that conventional medicine has no flexibility when it comes to alternative one, but from personal examples of health professionals in the USA it is proven quite the opposite.

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