This fungi cures lung cancer and helps with the use of chemotherapy

Cordyceps, scientifically known as Cordyceps sinensis, is one of the very important fungus in traditional Chinese medicine. The first use of this fungus was recorded in 15th century but it is very likely that it was used many centuries before as well.

This plant improves the life energy, strengthens the immune system, increases the longevity and the quality of life. Cordyceps is also used in Chinese traditional medicine for treating kidney diseases.

The substance is obtained in a very odd manner by the effect of fungi on insects living in the soil. The fungus itself is found on the heads of caterpillars and they live on the great heights in the mountains of Tibet. Unfortunately, because of the hard and difficult way of gathering the original substance and natural cordyceps, the majority of products sold throughout the world are artificially cultivated.

According to the latest researches of Memorial Catering Cancer Centre, cordyceps has pronounced anti-tumor effects. This research centre has published the study about how cordyceps is toxic for lung cancer cells and it is also confirmed that it can help the organism with fighting the infection of lymphocytes, it reduces the multiplication rate of carcinogenic cells and boosts the activity of the healthy ones. It was published that the results of many cancer patients had been improved, and also this product is recommended in case of using the chemotherapy because it increases the resistance of organism and tolerance to this way of treating and besides that it boosts the renewal of white blood cells.

Cordyceps is not toxic and it is recommended even for healthy people to use it for it is very nutritious. Fungi consist of numerous essential amino acids, vitamin B complex, vitamin E and K, fatty acids including the oleic acid, monounsaturated fatty acids which are found in olives as well.

The most important characteristic of cordyceps are nucleosides. Scientists believe that nucleosides mostly help the organism in coping with cancer. Nucleotide analogues are used in medicine as anticancer and antivirus substances.

Besides that, cordyceps contains nucleosides including guanosine and the strongest among them all, on which are performed extensive researches, 3-deoxyadenosine, called cordycepin by the scientists.

Although the resources for clinical researches were extremely limited, during the research on animals it appeared that cordyceps has substantially pronounced potential for destroying cancer cells, it normalizes the level of white blood cells while using the chemotherapy, and it has even proved to be better than many cytostatics.

In the study published in 2008, researchers were examining the effects of cordyceps on mice which had the infection of white blood cells in their marrowbone due to taking chemo and medicine Taxol. Cordyceps was given to the mice on a daily basis during the period of three weeks in a row. It was noticed that their white blood cells were returned on a normal level. The level of white blood cells with mice which did not use cordyceps was drastically lower, even up to 50% lower than normal.

One more product which reduces the side effects of chemotherapy such as hair loss, dry mouth and languor, while increasing the effect on cancer by many times is DMSO. More on DMSO product you can read in the next article DMSO/CD protocol for cleansing the organism from microbes.

Cordyceps improves the recovery and affects on forming and development of bones, affects the proteins which help with forming the marrowbone.

In the study published in 2007, cordyceps had the great effect on the tongue and mouth cancer cells causing the self-destruction with mentioned. It was also proved that survival of carcinogenic cells with other cancer diseases was greatly reduces due to the use of cordyceps.

Scientists are trying to isolate new useful ingredients from cordyceps.

In the other study published in 2009, scientists succeeded in isolating two new anti-carcinogenic agents from cordyceps and they named them gliocladicilinin A and B. These two compounds have reduced the growth of carcinogenic cells. Also, these two compounds are still under the research as the potential additions to other methods of treating cancer.

Cordyceps can use everyone and permitted dosage per day is between 2 and 3 grams. This product is safe for use but it is recommended to consult a physician before using it, especially people with diabetes. 

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