This is a plant which cures cancer within only 16 hours – sweet wormwood

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The plant sweet wormwood, or in scientific language ”Artemisia annua”, and its active ingredient artemisinin have shown remarkable results in a way that during the scientific research were discovered anti-carcinogenic effects which destroyed 28% of the breast cancer cells in as little as 16 hours.

This experiment was carried out by scientists at the University of Washington who artificially sustained the breast cancer cells in laboratory conditions.

The formation of cancer cells is very complex and depends on many factors. In some cases, artemisinin has shown an exceptional ability to destroy cancer cells in a very short period of time. How cancer starts and what initial stages cancer has at systemic and cellular level, you can read here

Carcinogenic cells are rich in iron which is collected in particular receptors that help the spread of cancer. Number of those receptors is much higher than in normal ones therefore the concentration of iron is enlarged.

Artemisinin, an active ingredient of the sweet wormwood plant, effectively cleanses the body from cancer cells selectively liquidating them. Discovery of the sweet wormwood plant and its reinstatement in medical applications represents one of the greatest discoveries of the 21st century. It should be pointed out that artemisinin has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effect and destroys a wide range of parasites that live in the body so it can be used preventively as well.

According to recent research that were brought out in many scientific journals, artemisinin – a derivative of sweet wormwood plant which was used in ancient Chinese medicine – can kill 98% of breast cancer cells in less than 16 hours, when it was tested on a small sample of cells. In scientific research was also affirmed that  this product destroys more aggressive cancerous diseases likewise, and even some that chemotherapy does not affect at all. Scientists have shown that in severe cases, it takes between 4 and 7 months to stabilize patients with a strict diet. It has been found that the effect of this preparation is a lot stronger when combined with some other compounds, such as DMSO, MSM and saponin. DMSO and MSM open the cell membrane of cancer cells, which has very low permeability and wider pores that allow a greater inflow of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, proteins, oxygen and also artemisinin which destroys cancer. It has been proven that good oxidation and hydration of cells by removal of coat protein, the cell can be converted from cancer to totally healthy one.

It’s a good example of a man who, with regulated food and diet combined with artemisinin intake, diminished lung cancer by 70% and malignant tumor has become benign and harmless. In some cases, the artemisinin was successfully used to stop the spread of cancer, for cleaning metastasis and changes in various organs. Artemisinin has been successfully used for treating the brain cancer because it has the ability to bridge the blood-brain barrier and combined with DMSO, this ability is greatly increased shooting directly to cancer cells at the same time. More about treatment with DMSO preparation and its mode of action on cancerous diseases can be read here. Vietnamese scientists have carried out research on people who were diagnosed with cancer and their observations were notified to the general public. Out of the 500 people who were treated with artemisinin, 92% of them showed surprising results in terms of improving the general condition of the body in a very short period of  time. During the usage of very high doses of sweet wormwood there has been no negative side effects at all. After several months of therapy the withdrawal of malignancy was affirmed and the progress of the disease was stopped. After a long period, in some very difficult cases, successfully complete detoxification of cancer was recorded without recurrence.

Artemisinin does not affect the normal cancer cells while the cancerogenic ones, in some cases,  destroys even better than chemotherapy would do. In the past artemisinin has been used as a powerful antimalarial agent, but now it proved that is more effective against cancer over and above. In a study on patients who suffer from cancer, iron was added to artemisinin and it actually turned out to be even more successful because an iron addition increases the effect of artemisinin as a matter of fact. Cancer cells accumulate large amounts of iron so the are able to function normally. Artemisinin in contact with iron releases free radicals. Free radicals are negatively charged oxygen particles that destroy carcinogenic cell. Since the carcinogenic cells have an increased concentration of iron, when entering the cell artemisinin creates a very stormy reaction that destroys cancer cells. Artemisinin selectively destroys cancer cells because they have increased concentrations of iron a few times and even up to 1200 times compared to healthy cells.

Also, cancer cells have a large number of bacteria in themselves that let loose large amounts of toxins and lead to deformities in the microprocesses of cells. Artemisinin destroys those bacteria and helps the immune system and the body to fight against other foreign bodies that threaten the health of cancer patients. Artemisinin is immunomodulator and helps the body to rebuild and strengthen the defense against foreign bodies including the cancirogenic cells.

More about research on sweet wormwood and its derivative – artemisinin and usage in medicine, you can read here. There have been a lot of experiments that prove that artemisinin or sweet wormwood extract can effectively eliminate the disease in the presence of iron. This extract was used in China for thousands of years against malaria. Malaria parasite has a large concentration of iron and when in contact with artemisinin this parasite is actually dying and the body cleanses itself of its presence and at the same time, further propagation of this parasite is being prevented. Some research has shown that the efficacy of the product may increase the MSM which increases the permeability of the cell membrane of cancer cells. Article about the preparation MSM and its impact on cancer cells can be read here

The active derivative of the sweet wormwood – artemisinin, can be found in several different forms such as artesunate, artemether and paytoartemisinin. The latter is the best for people who are suffering from cancer because it contains substances saponins which open pores in the cell membrane of cancer cells allowing greater permeability of the membrane and automatically a greater transfer of proteins that carry substances for cancer cells curing, in our case that is artemisinin. Production of artemisinin is well underway and one of the most famous French manufacturer Sanofi announced the production of several tens of tons, which should satisfy most of the markets in Europe. Very favorable results artemisinin showed in the treatment of lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, leukemia.


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