Treating cancer and methods of treating

Influence of the environment and many other changes existing due to the modernization and fast progress of technology as well as modification of the nature including greater and greater increase of pollution due to the high emission of gases and development of economy, slowly but surely is pushing the limits of endurance of the human organism.  All these factors are adversely affecting the health and well-being of all of us humans, because they are sudden and they are not allowing our organism to adapt. Even though the scientific branch, genetic engineering, has brought us many benefits for the purposes of adapting species and speeding up the process of evolution, this scientific branch hasn’t, due to the fear as well as the various banns, adapted its modifications to the human genetic structure. These changes, which were conducted on many animal and plant species for the purposes of increasing productivity and emphasizing certain genetic properties so as to increase the yield or enhance some protection mechanisms of certain species or simply accelerated development, have, in some cases, very negatively affected the whole ecosystem including the humans as its integral part. By polluting and affecting evolution flows as well as many other factors, we started inevitable reactions of, on the first place, human organism which manifests manly through some chronic diseases. These triggers have started great epidemic of changes on the human organism, cell mutation and changes on the genes and thus the hormonal, protein and enzyme disorders in organism which caused carcinogenic diseases. In the further text I will focus on explaining one alternative approach to treating some carcinogenic diseases, as well as the influence of some compounds on mechanisms which are tightly connected to the development and onset of the cancer, as well as its development in the organism.

Cause of the cancer is highly important, i.e. the very foundation of the treatment of this disease should be the diagnosis of the onset of carcinogenic disease. It is very hard to diagnose the cause of the cancer and, in some cases, modern medicine has an entirely wrong approach to treating this disease. In the light of not understanding this disease, many myths were started, myths about alternative treatments with medicines which, in a very short period of time, cure this severe disease.

To clear this out, cancer starts because of the long-term exposure of the tissue and cells to some chemical or organic influence or some other factor which forced the organism to change its condition from normal to mutated, and which led the whole system in the condition in which it cannot fight this disease. Since the organism was exposed, for many years, to various negative influences, the long-term influence on certain processes in the system is needed, for the purpose of returning some mechanisms, which affect the further development and spread of cancer, into the normal flows. It’s easy to say, we have the cure which solves all the problems. How can we know which one is the cure if we don’t know the source of the disease onset?

In many cases, doctors, due to the lack of answers on the question of cancer cause, claim that it started due to the stress. Of course, if it’s entirely like that, and other factors didn’t affect the patient such as, for example, asbestos in old constructions, genetically modified food or bad air, that we have to exclude the factor of the carcinogenic disease onset in the sick man and thus affect the further development of the disease. For determining the real onset and cancer development factor, if there actually is the only one, it is needed to conduct many trials for which, because of the great epidemic of this disease, medical institutions don’t have capacities and, in some cases the knowledge as well.

By destroying carcinogenic cells with radiation, chemotherapy and operation one is starting from the middle part of the problem even though the real source of the cancer onset is not isolated and which can, to a high degree, affect its reappearance and further development of the disease. 

Diagnosing the disease, due to the need for many information and tests, can be facilitated by storing huge amounts of data and tests, data processing, analyzing long-collected data and this sort of analysis can be done with the software system called SAP which automatically performs the data processing and based on all the cases so far it gives detailed diagnosis with certain drug combinations which vary depending on the structure of the organism and metabolism of certain processes, and it perfects itself as the database is growing. SAP is software which already exists but it requires high level of expertise and responsibility of those who put in the data for analyses.

You can notice from the text listed above, how many scientific branches and methods are required for finding a solution for one extremely complex problem such as cancer, and which started due to the carelessness and irresponsibility of the man towards the nature and unconsciously towards himself. One of the cures can also be raising the awareness on the higher level in the aim of decreasing harmful factors which affect cancerous disease, and this action must be present on the level of whole society. This is the topic which will be discussed in some other article concerning sociological and psychological approach to this problem. In further text I will focus on some side effects and processes concerning people suffering from cancer and certain products for the purpose of repressing these factors and better quality of life of the people suffering from cancer. 

Scheme for the safe result does not exist, and if somehow does exist it’s not publically published so it remains the responsibility of teams of experts to find solution and cure for carcinogenic disease. In the last 100 years many researches were started with various pharmaceutical cocktails or single substances which, in some cases, gave results but because of the broad spectrum of lines of carcinogenic cells in some cases they didn’t prove effective. Especially because of its adaptability and resistance as well as the accelerated evolution of this disease, we have the problem in determining the real therapy. Its modifications in structure cannot be successfully followed by the development of medicines and methods for treatment. That’s the main reason why I devoted my attention to our organism and stimulators of certain processes for the purpose of self-healing. Human organism is a very powerful mechanism which, with the right timing and stimulating certain mechanisms of action, has all the tools needed for fighting carcinogenic diseases. There are many of these triggers and it is nearly impossible to modulate them all, but the main ones which are responsible for starting all the major changes in organism can be adjusted while the organism is doing the rest of the job. I would like to note that the phases of natural treatment which are listed in the further text are not listed by the order, because, due to the specificity of certain diseases and conditions of patients, some phases must be skipped because of the urgency of their condition. It is also needed to start some preparations before the therapy so the organism can adapt to the alternative method of treating and some compounds with extremely high percentage concentration.

Cleansing the organism in terms of cleansing the organs is the starting point of the complete protocol for lessening carcinogenic disease towards its final eradication from the organism, as well as adapting the entire physiological state of the organism to the further healthier and normal way of life, without reappearance of the disease. Cleansing begins with cleaning of the colon which can be mechanical or chemical.  Chemically, colon can be cleaned with some natural compound such as castor oil. After that, cleansing of the liver, the filter of whole organism, is in order, and this can be successfully performed with juices that can be made at home and you can find that juices in the article Recipes for juices which clean the liver.  Complete detoxification and cleanup of the organism is recommended as the last phase and this one can be applied in the initial phases of the disease onset because of the sufficient amount of energy and greater physical strength of the patients in whom the disease has just emerged. Complete cleansing can be found in the article Cleansing the organism in 10 days. 

Cleansing the blood and blood vessels is highly important for people who, for example, are suffering from hypertension or have received chemotherapy. Chemotherapy, in some cases, increases the blood thickness and creates the thrombi, plaques which often can be fatal for the person starting any kind of therapy and as well by the change of the complete structure of the atmosphere in the organism. In those cases, anticoagulants are being used such as Bromelain or the products for cleansing the blood from high cholesterol, triglycerides and thrombi. Older people who have some of these diseases and additionally because of the age itself, elasticity of the walls of blood vessels is greatly reduced so it can be affected with some products such as Rutin.  

Increasing the energy in the organism is highly important factor, especially for people with advanced phases of the carcinogenic disease. In those cases, increasing the energy of healthy cells is primary goal and it can be achieved with several natural products which include D-ribose, B 50 vitamin complex, oxygen in drops, and alpha-lipoid acid which is used by the cells in the process of burning. By increasing the energy, the life span is greatly prolonged and thus the more time is gained for further fight against carcinogenic diseases.

 By increasing the alkalinity of organism and automatically reducing concentration of the lactic acid which is released by carcinogenic cells, several highly significant successes are being achieved. The most important of all is, certainly, increasing the life quality of those suffering from cancer through increased concentration of oxygen in the organism. Acidly body has the lower concentration of oxygen while alkali organism has higher one. Only by that the greater oxidation of cells is achieved and thus the smaller possibility for cancer spread. Also, alkali environment is not good for carcinogenic cells for they cannot survive in it, and it is also very bad for creating metastasis. By increasing alkalinity the energy is also increased, while decreasing the concentration of lactic acid the production of glucose is reduced as well, which is the product of the process of regulating acidity of the organism, acidosis through the natural mechanism- homeostasis.  Optimal pH span which it maintains is between 7.35 and 7.45. None of its mechanisms of action is processing lactic acid in liver from which we, as a product, get the glucose. This is very unthankful process because of the fact that glucose is than being used again for feeding the carcinogenic cells and its need for glucose is 15 times higher in comparison to normal cells. Protocol of increasing pH value should be started in the same time as the protocol for increasing energy in people who are in very critical conditions, and it should be continued to the moment of increasing pH value of the organism, which is being monitored continuously for the whole time of the global treatment.  Products which can be used are various alkali microelements and some compounds such as cesium chloride.

With anti-carcinogenic products such as artemisinin, we destroy carcinogenic cells, in which reversible process is not possible, the process of returning in the natural healthy state which is being achieved with DMSO and MSM. These two products are particularly interesting because of the several properties and one of them is increasing the permeability of the cell membrane of carcinogenic cells. This property is increasing the possibility of taking in nutrients and healthy ingredients such as oxygen which can affect the cancer cell to go back to normal. At the same time, by taking MSM powder, the intake of Artemisinin as an anti-carcinogenic agent, is drastically increased into the carcinogenic cells. MSM powder is increasing the concentration of hemoglobin and thus the amount of oxygen in organism is also increased, so it is recommended to use it in combination with alkali microelements and pH regulators. DSMO can be used as an injective product because it puts in the matter which mixes with it directly in the blood stream as well as the cancers which are situated near the place of application. By this property, not only the permeability of the membrane of carcinogenic cells is increased, but we also increase the intake of some anti-carcinogenic compounds, which is, in our case, artemisinin.

Artemisinin is commonly known because I gave numerous information about its mechanisms of affecting the cancer which are direct and indirect. This product, as an extremely good anti-carcinogenic agent, has successfully reduced the volume of cancers, in some cases even by 70%, while in some cases it has turned the malignant disease into the benign. Other products which are recommended are B-17, cannabis resin and others. At the same time, in this phase we can include the process of the organism oxidation which is directly associated with the process of increasing pH value of the organism. 

Hormonal disbalance and increased concentration of estrogen leads to metabolic changes in cells and, at the same time, to the emergence of malignancy. Hormonal regulators of natural origin are in many ways better than artificial regulators which cause great number of side effects. Indol 3 Carbinol, DIM, Maca, Korean Ginseng are several great hormonal regulators, which affect them to go from their aggressive state to the bearable state and to automatically prevent stimulant for further development and advancement of cancer. Onset and hormonal source of the malignancy onset, in great number of cases, can be noticed in uterine melanoma, breast cancer, ovarian and prostate cancer.  

Regulating immune system is one of the very important things in the path of self-healing. The market is full of various stories about very efficient products. For products based on the regulation of immune system, as for the others which are mentioned in this text, the quality is highly important. Price and quality of the product, brand and company that produces it are very significant. On our market, greatly widespread network of low quality products exist, products which go by the price even lower than the very price of raw materials which are supposedly used to produce it. Question arises, what is actually in those products? Companies with wide known brand in nutritional world are taking care of the quality control of their product as well as the quality of their content, suppliers and of the truthfulness of all declarations which are placed on the products. Many immune-regulators such as cordiceps, AHCC, graviole are of very poor quality but when you find the right one, note this, it can be felt in the organism in a very short time. When we’re talking about sick people, the specification and inscription is not that important. The most important thing are the results which are provided by the product. Immune system is highly complex and there are various factors affecting it. Enhancers of the immune system can be various mineral and vitamin complexes, products from medicinal mushrooms and some other formulas for enhancement of the immune system.

Proper nutrition and the lifestyle change is 50% significant as all the aforementioned items together. People suffering from cancer must hold up to the special diet regimen. As for the changes in the way of taking in products as well as their timing depending on the metabolism and the type of disease, it is the same thing for diet. Depending on individual properties of the organism and disease progress level, the protocol for the diet of the cancer patient is going to be timed and adjusted. Complete all-conquering plan for nutrition/diet you can find in the article Diet for treating cancer, while for the single plans, timed and adjusted for special types of diseases you should consult you nutritionist.

Although it may seem in some situations that there is no cure for cancer, as it was thought as well for the recently considered lethal diseases, it represents a very complex disorder of the whole organism which is caused by the one or more factors. New, encouraging information are coming into the light every day, which are in favor of those people suffering from cancer and, medical studies of many scientific teams are aiming, for quite some years, towards exploring abilities of the organism to, due to the motivation of certain mechanisms, systems and organs, heal and cure it own self. 

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