Vitamin B-17 / Laetrile/ Amygdalin The unconventional cure for malignancy

Malignancy is an expected course of action that takes place in your body when it is dispossessed of necessary nutriments. You can re-establish those nutriments and you sanction your body to restore to health. Though conservative remedy asserts to be indebted to science-established medicine, yet it defies and disagrees with unyielding science-established confirmation over again.

A word about Laetrile

In 1924, Laetrile was manufactured from amygdalin and put forward as a therapy for malignancy.

Laetrile is the original preparation prepared from the unprocessed compound called amygdalin. The latter holds cyanide, glucose, and benzaldehyde. Of these, cyanide is supposed to be the dynamic cancer- lethal constituent in it. Various advocates of Laetrile maintain that it is more poisonous to malignant cells than to ordinary cells.  Loads of latest research explorations substantiate that Laetrile demonstrates prospective in dipping the distribution of malignancy, even though it is not a treatment. Laetrile also has remuneration for other therapeutic problems, like renal ailments, propagation of malignancy of urinary bladder, fibrotic renal ailments, malignancy of the uterine cervix, and malignancy of the prostate gland.


The manner by which Vitamin B-17 works:

Here two enzymes are worth being mentioned i.e.

  1. Rhodanese an enzyme located all over the body excluding for malignant cells.
  2. Beta-Glucosidase an enzyme located simply in and around malignant cells.


Vitamin B-17 comprises two parts glucose, one part Benzaldehyde, one part Hydrogen cyanide.

The glucose present in Vitamin B-17 transports this vitamin to the malignant cells (which are deficient in the enzyme Rhodanese.) In its place, they hold the enzyme Beta-Glucosidase which liberates Benzaldehyde and cyanide from the glucose thereby generating a besieged toxin that exterminates the malignant cells.

The various sources of Vitamin B-17:

B-17 is offered in more than twelve hundred foods loaded with Nitrilosides e.g. astringent foods such as sour almonds, seeds of untreated apricots, quince and cherries, pears, pits of peaches, plums, seeds of apples and nectarines. Unprocessed nuts are also rich in B-17.

That is the reason lots of health specialists categorize a deficiency of indispensable nutriments such as Vitamin B-17 and a protein assimilating enzyme, as causative of malignancy

Significance of B-17

Everybody is well aware of the fact that a well-adjusted diet is crucial to a hale and hearty life. Not many of you use adequate vitamins and minerals from the foods you consume. As a consequence you need to use dietary add-ons for finest function of your body and B17 is simply one of the many nutriments needed by your body.

The amount of B-17 needed by your body:

The all-purpose principle with broad implication is to commence with one or two seeds for every ten pounds of body weight for each day. That means a person weighing 150 pound necessitates 30 each day.  It is suggested that you should initiate them to your structure progressively. Begin with five to ten on the earliest day and make progress gradually.

Sooner or later you can consume bigger amounts. If you exceed this limit, you might get a bit nauseous, particularly if you consume them on when you have an unfilled tummy. If this comes about, you should munch them with food.

However, those of you who are unable to consume this crucial Vitamin in the form of seeds, pips and pits have the option of using them in the form of tablets. Yes you can readily purchase these online in the following forms:

  • 500 milligram Amygdalin per tablet
  • 500 milligram Amygdalin per capsule
  • 100 milligram Amygdalin per capsule
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