What is autism

Autism is a developmental ailment that originates early in babyhood; it is frequently observed in kids by three years of age. It affects social collaboration and communication abilities.

Kids who demonstrate autistic characteristics fail to interact and enjoy themselves in the manner in which the typical kids do. Though the causes of autism are numerous and wide-ranging, yet with certainty the universal incidences in every cultural and community class is on the upsurge in the preceding thirty years. Data reveals that more boys in comparison to girls are vulnerable and majority of autism cases are hereditary. Some current investigation indicates a connection between hereditary and environs yet nil is recognized for sure.

Causes of autism?

It seems that as yet no single cause of autism has been recognized; however, the following risk factors seem to play some role:

GMO foods



Non— Immunization related causes such as mercury from immunizations

Environmental toxins


Monosodium Glutamate (if used by pregnant females)

Chemicals in cosmetics (used by pregnant ladies)

Food sensitivities

Response to proteins present in cow’s milk / wheat

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Soy milk initiated at very young age ( because this causes the surplus of a mineral),

Association between GMO foods and autism:

The source and management of autism have specified that several cases of autism are produced by GMO foods whereby the abbreviation GMO denotes Genetically Modified Organisms, which indicates any food merchandise that has been changed at the level of DNA. This term entails inherently planned nutriments which are ingested by kids or grownups.

Relationship between microbes and autism:

For unknown reasons, the following microbes can be found in greater numbers in autistic kids:

  • The rubella virus (begins generally in the mouth and throat)
  •  The cytomegalovirus is quite common and is frequently concealed.
  •  Dissimilar species of Clostridium bacteria which can usually be found in the bowels.
  • Borrelia burgdorferi microbes (that cause Lyme disease) can also be connected with autism, particularly if the mum of autistic kids is afflicted with this infection. These microbes are possibly passed on for the duration of birth in the birth canal. Continuing infectious illnesses, such as Borrelia burgdorferi infections may endorse other contaminations, and generate a destabilized and immunologically susceptible position during the embryonic growth as well as early stages of life, causing intensified susceptibility for acquiring autism.

Connection between vaccines and autism:

It has been explored and maintained that mercury (that was formerly used in vaccines) has been the source of autism. This type of vaccine has not been used since the nineteen nineties subsequent to the impairment it can do to individuals. Furthermore, the MMR Vaccine is a very debatable subject; this is a composite vaccine which immunizes against Measles, Mumps and Rubella. This vaccine is a damaged form of the living Measles, Mumps and Rubella viruses and defends against them totally.

The pleomorphic concept of biology:

Conventional medicine does not have faith in in the pleomorphic theory of biology; despite the fact that it has been prodigiously supported by several autonomous research explorations. Pleomorphism is the capability of some bugs to change their form or dimension in reaction to ecological circumstances.

This pleomorphic bug could be one of the following:






In its viral structure, it can effortlessly pass though the strainers used in the formation of vaccines, which are premeditated to obstruct the bacteria. As a matter of fact, numerous immunizations hold living viruses e.g. the MMR immunization can certainly hold living viruses of measles and mercury or aluminum, thus offering numerous abuses in one bang. These viruses can stay in the bowels, causing a whole time difficulty in your life in the form of autism.

 Mycotoxins and the heavy metals—–the root cause of autism:

The symptoms of autism are possibly not produced by the microbes as such, but somewhat by the mycotoxins (e.g. discarded products) of these microbes. These exceedingly acid mycotoxins move into the blood circulation and obstruct brain gesturing while flowing in the brain.

One more likely root cause of autism is microorganisms and bugs in the organs. They are frequently in the following organs:




Autism is connected with the process in which the mum-to-be is infected with rubella virus/cytomegalovirus/clostridium virus such that embryo /fetus in her womb so that when the baby is born, such bugs are existent in bigger numbers in the bowels of her autistic kids.

Treatment of autism:

One probable cure for autism is also the key treatment for numerous other brain ailments because numerous brain ailments have an identical core cause and generate long-lasting brain haze. Also, the amalgamation of orthomolecular medicine, nourishment (such as shunning gluten, curtailing sugar intake, elimination of synthetic colors in foods) magnetic remedy, etc. are disregarded by conventional medicine, but happen to be grim to treat autism and other inflammatory disorders of brain. Mineral supplements (This cure is worthy only when mercury is not the main cause; these products serve to bind the toxins such as mercury and aluminum from the colon.


Accepted treatments for autism consist of things such as learning support, therapy, and dietetic revisions. The important step while employing efficacious natural treatments for autism is recognized in applying the timeliest interference imaginable.

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