Wigmore diet with grain

If you apply large amounts of oxygen in the body that will represent a deadly blow to the cancer, and one of the carriers of this type of treatment is wheatgrass. There are many different ways for the destruction of cancerous diseases. Wheatgrass contains chlorophyll which is a compound that has almost the same structure as hemoglobin. These two compounds are linked together because with an enhanced concentration of chlorophyll in the body, increases the production of hemoglobin. The result is a greater distribution of oxygen to the body parts where the cancer is located. The stems and blades of wheat contain a very high concentration of later and selenium, which are also anti-cancer compounds.

Wheat grass

This herb contains a minimum of 13 vitamins that are very good antioxidants, also very many minerals and over 20 different amino acids with more than 30 different enzymes. One of the most important enzyme is super peroxide distimutazin or so-called SOD which contains two ions of superoxide, hydrogen peroxide molecules and one oxygen molecule. This compound as an antioxidant managed to purge the body of the most hazardous free radicals that exists, and that is ROS, and converts it into hydrogen peroxide, which is a very deadly compound for cancerous diseases, creating a single oxygen molecule. This chemical destroys cancer and oxidite our body.

Because of certain compounds in wheat grass we have a process that is very important. Some of the compounds reach their full potency immediately after squeezing the juice of cereal grass while some only after 4 hours after squeezing. It is recommended to drink one part of juice immediately after draining, and a part of the juice that is left should be consumed after 4 hours. It is also important not to enter the water which has chlorine in it. This method can be more successful if you, juice that you squeezed, bomb for 20 minutes with ultraviolet light. There are records that the research carried out in 1940, which lasted for the next ten years, in which people suffering from cancer were extracted a small amount of blood and the same blood was bombarded with ultra violet light. After this stage it was again returned into the circulation. There are claims that the same blood spreading through the bloodstream was destroying microbes that are one of the carriers and that are responsible for the emergence and spread of cancer. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp or lamps are used to sterilize air in large spaces with the help of UV radiation and are used mainly in health institutions. The juice of wheat grass can be made with about 150 – 200 grams of grass, half a liter of spring water and a lemon. Prepare two doses for consumption. Wheat is cut and collected when it’s approximately 4 centimeters high. To reach that height, takes about 2 weeks. When cutting, use a clean and very sharp knife and cut the wheat about one centimeter in height from the surface of the ground. Cut the grass with a knife into small pieces and wash them in chlorine-free water. This grass can also be purified with ozonizer. Put it in a blender or juicer and squeeze the sufficient quantity of juice of the wheat grass. Squeeze wheat grass a few times, as you are returning leftovers from the juicer and squeezing it again by adding a little water. You can repeat this process 3 times until the green mass is lighter and pale green. Then you will know if you have squeezed a sufficient amount of chlorophyll. Mix this juice with lemon juice and sweeten with stevia as needed. This mixture mix with half a liter of water. One half drink immediately, and leave the other for later.

The other half you can expose under ultraviolet light for the next four hours in the box which you make specially for these purposes and which is coated inside with aluminum foil in order to increase reflection.

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