With Ginseng the flu can be both prevented and treated

Ginseng can help with treating and preventing the spread of respiratory syncytial virus, the virus which infects the lungs, breathing passages. According to the data from World Health Organization, seasonal flu is serious respiratory disease which causes the epidemics worldwide, and the result of that are 5 million cases of extremely hard condition of the patients and between 250.000 and 500.000 death cases.
In the latest edition of International Journal of Molecular Medicine Sang- Moo Kang, it is reported about useful effects of Ginseng, famous herbal remedy, on human health.
Keng’s primary research is focused on projecting and developing effective vaccines against virus diseases such as flu virus. He engaged with University researches of University in South Korea, whose aim is to examine and prove positive effects of Ginseng on improving the health within some international projects, as well as the protection from the diseases. It is proven that Ginseng has anti-carcinogenic effect and that it improves the state of the immune system.
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Seasonal flu can be widespread very quickly, and also new forms of pandemic flu in any time and any place are occurring mutating in other forms of diseases. Flu virus H1N1, the new sort of virus know as the Swine Flu occurred in 2009 and spread with great speed throughout 74 countries. Challenges regarding the existing vaccines against the flu are present, such as annual updating against the pandemic strain and all forms of avian and swine flu.
Even besides that, there are no vaccines against RSV which directly affects millions and it is the leading cause of inflammatory bronchitis of pneumonia and death with the infants and even with grown men.
In his research study of nutrients, Kang examined whether Ginseng has the preventive effect considering the virus of influenza. He discovered that the extract of Ginseng improves the survival of lung epithelial cells infected by the virus of influenza. Also, the treatment with extract of Red Ginseng reduces the expressions of the genes which cause the inflammation.

With mice which are infected with influenza while orally receiving the extract of ginseng, it has been found that multiple immune effects are present, such as stimulating the production of antivirus protein which are important answer on lesser inflamed cells of bronchial walls. Study shows that there are useful effects of the Red Ginseng extract on preventing the spread of infection of influenza virus type A.
Kang also proved that extract of ginseng prevents the flu virus from inhibiting and replicating or to come to replication of this virus in the organism at all. Besides that, treatment with Red Korean Ginseng suppressed the expression of RSV induced inflammatory genes and formation of chemical reactive molecules which contain oxygen and which serve the role in destruction of epithelium in organism.
He also proved that mice to which he has given the ginseng has the lower level of flu virus in organism as opposed to the ones who didn’t get ii which, together with the previous facts shows many combined and modified effects of this product as the antivirus medicine of the future.

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