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Body Rescue Alkaline pH Protector Drops


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Promoter of alkalinity

Biological Alkalinizer

Composite of minerals : 12.25 pH

Reverses your body in coordination with a vigorous Acid/Alkaline Equilibrium 

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The importance of pH in your body:

The notion of acid/alkaline equilibrium is relishing a prodigious revival amongst the health-aware patrons of the current era.  It is being displayed in the greatest-selling books around the whole lot, ranging from better-quality strength and intellectual precision to improved general health.


The significance of pH in creating or stopping malignancy:

All across the globe, a plenty of exploration is going on, which indicates the association between acidic pH and malignancy. Malignant cells flourish in an acidic setting and are unable to stay alive in an alkaline setting. These cells cause your body to become a lot more acidic as they create lactic acid. So those individuals who are tormented with malignancy have low pH levels and also their body is excessively acidic. Wisdom demands, adoption of steps and actions to make the body (of such individuals) more alkaline so as to enable them to win their fight opposed to malignancy.

Regrettably, the bulk of foodstuff and beverages ingested by you are acidic in nature e.g. sugar, grains, meat, soft drinks etc. Subsequently if you have not been consuming a nourishing and wholesome nutritional regime (comprising the season’s vegetables and fruit) there is a likelihood that your body will become markedly acidic, offering the impeccable milieu for malignancy to develop. Truly, lopsided, considerable acidity is a primary issue in countless wasting ailments such as diabetes mellitus, arthritis, fibromyalgia etc. A straightforward saying is ‘Stabilize the organic environment, subsequently the whole thing will restore to usual.’

As soon as the blood of an individual commences to turn acidic, his/her body begins accumulating acidic constituents (classically contaminants) in its cells so as to permit the blood to persevere slight alkalinity. This triggers the cells to turn a bit more acidic besides becoming noxious and the ultimate outcome is a diminution in the amount of their oxygen, resulting in impairment to their DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid.) and even cell death. These lifeless cells come to be acidic. Nevertheless, a number of these acidified cells may adjust to that situation by turning out to be atypical. These unusual cells are referred to as malicious cells because neither do they match up with the brain performance of an individual nor do they relate with the reminiscence encryption of DNA. For that reason, malignant cells propagate in an undefined manner, deprived of any pre-defined path; and this state of affairs is identified as malignancy!

 Alkaline water (counting the water in cells) embraces loads of oxygen as compared to acidic water which clenches a slight amount of oxygen. Therefore, the more acidic the cells of an individual are, the lessened volume of oxygen, they embrace.  To add to this agony, it so happens that the malignant cells employ the procedure of fermentation to generate power and vitality for themselves. During this process, lactic acid is produced; this also upsurges the acidity and diminishes the quantities of oxygen. If the blood of an individual is overly acidic, contaminants will not be unconfined from his/her cells into the blood. Subsequently, his/her cells are unable to be cleansed. This accumulation of contaminants in his/her cells not only sets off acidity but also promotes inadequately oxygenated cells, which can become carcinomatous. 

Almost every individual, tormented with malignancy has downcast pH levels which trigger our body to:

Stockpile more contaminants in the cells

Decrease the intensities of oxygen inside the cells

 Both the aforementioned factors are essential to the promotion of malignancy. When malignant cells develop, they create more and more acid, so that the pH levels can’t be elevated anymore.

Therefore, the only way out is to concentrate on alkalizing the body so that it can uphold a peak pH equilibrium, as a result of which an individual will feel an obvious intensification in his/her vitality and general well-being.


How to check the pH of your body

The most correct method to check your pH is to test it as the initial thing in the morning. Prior to cleaning your teeth or imbibing water, splatter on a pH strip and document the interpretation. Preferably, the pH of the saliva ought to be more than 7.

 Collect your first morning urine in a little cup and determine its pH. Idyllically, the pH of the urine must be in the middle of 6.4 – 6.8.

Note: Evaluation of your pH is a straightforward way of checking the inner dynamics of your well-being as well as the intensity of cells of your body.


 Composition of Peelu Body Rescue Alkaline pH Protector Drops, 1.25 fl oz (37.5 ml)


Catalyst Altered Water micelle (Sodium Meta silicate, sulfated castor oil, Calcium chloride, magnesium sulfate) calcified organics from processed lignite.



Daily dosage of Peelu Body Rescue Alkaline pH Protector Drops, 1.25 fl oz (37.5 ml):

Use six to eight drops in 8 oz. of disinfected water or drink as desired.

Jiggle well prior to usage



Cautions for use:

Never use it, if the stopper is damaged

Stock in cool, moistureless location

Keep out of grasp of kids

Seek advice of your doctor prior to using it, if you are in the family way or feeding a baby, or if you were/are afflicted with liver ailment, kidney ailment, raised level of homocysteine, or malignancy.

Don’t use full-strength pH Protector Drops (without addition of water)

Why choose Peelu, Body Rescue, pH Protector Drops, 1.25 fl oz (37.5 ml)?

Quick results

Totally biological components

Negligible side effects

Non- genetically modified

It is gluten free

Last but not least,these drops serve as a biological cure for protection of your body against increased acidity. These could be recommended as a modest yet operational solution for almost any condition that involves a pH inclination towards acidic side.  This management methodology is actually an alkaline remedy based on straightforward scientific ideologies. 

These are some of the reasons why Peelu, Body Rescue, pH protector drops are existent.

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Body Rescue Alkaline pH Protector Drops

Body Rescue Alkaline pH Protector Drops

Promoter of alkalinity

Biological Alkalinizer

Composite of minerals : 12.25 pH

Reverses your body in coordination with a vigorous Acid/Alkaline Equilibrium 

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